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  1. Correct. - I would like to receive emails/notifications on new patches, software releases, an maybe also oncoming End Of Life reminders!
  2. Hi! The scope is patches and new version releases. The question is how to fullfill repeated task to either check urls about current versions or reading service mailbox (if automated notifications are possible) For example the latest version of KSC fixes a bunch of CVEs which may be undetected for too long time (in internal patchprocess).
  3. Hi! how can i get notifications on software updates for Kaspersky Lab products? especially for Kaspersky Security Center + Kaspersky Endpoint (Win+MAC). best would be some kind of email notification service // rss services or is there a static link pointing to newest version? the main reason is to fullfill patchmanagement strategies better, resolving open issues (espacially fixed CVEs) sooner and easier! regards
  4. Thanks, that solved it also for me. A better description/notification would be really good!
  5. Hello Guys! I receive some notifications but in fact i dont see anything happen. Here is the content in the mail: Event Threats have been detected happened on computer xxx in the domain yyy on Montag, 26. März 2012 03:27:30 (GMT+01:00) Detected I dont see any events on local computer. But I see critical events on AdminKit Event name Threats have been detected Severity: Critical event Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows Version number: Task name: Protection Computer: xxx Group: admin Time: Montag, 26. März 2012 03:27:30 Name of virtual Server: Description: Detected The event happens regularly every 6h with some randomization. Thats the same interval than the scheduled update task. But the Update doesnt log any errors. AdminKit Version : KSC 9.0.2786 KAV Version : ES
  6. Hello! I want for example one pc with allowed applications regularly scanned and updated all applications on this PC to be executed. Is this possible ? And if yes, how ? thanx in advance
  7. Wie kann man tasks erstellen die auch Benutzer ausführen dürfen ? Zum beispiel einen tasks für ein manuelles Update oder einen Vulnerability Scan. Generell ist der Schutz mit Passwort aktiviert, also kann ein benutzer nichts selbst erstellen. Ich habe nun einen Tasks für gewisse Gruppen erstellt und "schedule" auf manual gesetzt. Diese kann ich aber nicht starten. Auch vermisse ich das einfache manuelle Definitionsupdate mit rechte maustaste auf das Kaspersky Icon im Tray. Kann man das wieder aktivieren ?
  8. It also worked for me fine. Thx for the script. As mentioned before it would be really necassary to implement that as feature in AdminKit. (maybe also as scheduled task). regards
  9. I tried it, but i always get errmsg in task: Remote uninstallation finished on computer with warning: Application for removal is not installed. How can i choose to not use "local deinstallation" ? I dont find it in task settings.
  10. thx for information. very bad. it makes a poor performance and in default its enabled on startup wich makes a slow first impression. Does the WOL option supports VLAN in current version? As I started with Adminkit 6.0 there was no support / didnt worked with other vlans.
  11. The vulnerability scan takes a lot of disk I/O and its also with new office desktops a high performance penalty. Can i set the vulnerability scan to a lower priority or to operate in background ? regards
  12. my apv.exe (ES8.1.0.646) uses 40-70MB. my Browser uses more than 300MB... Have you tried to disable some components? Since you are using your clients as terminals, maybe not every feature is that important
  13. the host is disappeared. No computer is associated to this application.
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