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  1. @Igor Kurzin Thank you for this feedback So the behavior indicated in this post is normal since 21.17 ? The process for scanning, updating, etc... is still "present" even if there is no task
  2. Hello No worries and thanks for your feedback
  3. Hello Thanks for your reply and your help, But until version 21.16, there was only 1 "launcher" process, with 21.17, there are 2 If there is no difference with 21.17 about processes, strange that there is an additional process with 21.17 21.15 (screen of 21.15 but same thing with 21.16) : 21.17 : What we noticed, when K does an update, scan, etc... a new Launcher process opens and closes at the end of the operation until version 21.16 With 21.17, this process is still present (no additional process during an update, scan, etc.) Those who have the VPN, the VPN processes are still present even when the VPN is closed Example with scan: and without scan : And those who use the VPN for example have 3 or 4 more processes even if it is closed Until version 21.16, the process was only launched when it was "necessary" No need to have processes “unnecessarily” launched 🙂 So, why did K adopt this “behavior” with 21.17 ? Thanks
  4. Bonjour Ok, avec la version 21.17 de Kaspersky (AV) il y a un bug avec les VPN des navigateurs, etc... Peut-être le cas avec VPN Secure aussi il faut désactiver l'analyse du traffic chiffré de l'application dans les paramètres de Kaspersky Emule dans votre cas (moi je l'ai fais pour Microsoft Edge en attendant le bugfix) Si vous pouvez faire des réglages dans l'application, regardez de ce côté là Je ne connais pas VPN Secure
  5. Bonjour Avez vous un Kaspersky (Standard, etc...) version 21.17 aussi ?
  6. Inded strange 😅 @Danila T. would you have any information on these additional processes that appeared with this 21.17 ? Thanks
  7. Hello The developers seem informed of this bug, but need more information, so they are waiting.... 🙂 If those who are in contact with the developers can provide the necessary information Thanks
  8. Indeed, if I did a scan, update, etc..., a new process appeared and disappeared when it was finished (until 21.16) With 21.17 the process is present all the time and during a scan, etc... there is no new one The best is to have the process launched when requested via scanning, etc... But not all the time For 3 or 4 (related to the VPN it seems), probably the processes which are not closed when the VPN is closed Unnecessary use of resources I think If it's related, of course If a developer comes by here to explain this behavior to us 🙂
  9. Ah non désolé, je n'avais pas fais attention, mais c'est la version Free
  10. I looked on Windows 11 and the 2 processes are grouped Now, if this "new" process is not linked to any feature or other, it should not be present
  11. Bonjour J'ai essayé et les liens semblent bon maintenant, non ?
  12. Ok thanks, waiting for your feedback I also have K Standard, so new feature, a bug maybe then
  13. You don't have this additional process with 21.17 ? Afterwards, it doesn't matter in itself, if it corresponds to a new feature (which one ?) Or if it's a "bug" and has been fixed
  14. Yes, with 21.16, the process framed in red is not present 😉
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