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  2. I have the same problem, Password manager closes after a few seconds. Sorry I didn't see your post, but I have posted my issue here: Originally I thought my problem is that the Password manager signs out after each use when logging into website. But later I realized I can not even open the Password manager interface to change settings, because as you said, it closes after 3 seconds...
  3. I have uninstalled and re-installed the Password manager. I have uninstalled and re-installed tho whole Kaspersky Total Security. Whenever I log into the Password manager, it appears for a second and then disappears. I have been using Total Security for years. I recently got a new computer (with Windows 10 Pro). My Kaspersky licence is due for renewal in a few days. I'd like to know by then if I will be able to solve the issue with the Password Manager. Anyone had a similar problem? Thank you.
  4. @Mahfoud Ait OUGHARBIY Bonjour et bienvenu sur le Forum. Veuillez consulter https://www.nomoreransom.org/fr/index.html
  5. 我上传了之后显示:未检测到威胁 请问下一步如何操作 另:我已经按照此贴内容操作过,添加信任用也会继续报毒自动删除。
  6. Bonjour Merci Par avance en urgence mes serveur sont infecter par un virus qui ma crypté tout mes donné meme si que j'ai L'anti-virus installé sur mon serveur Merci .
  7. Hello, 请将有关文件上传到opentip.kaspersky.com,如果对结果有异议,请选择 重新分析,留下电子邮箱并描述有关情况后提交。 作为临时解决方案: https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/置顶-教程-当卡巴斯基产品发生错误检测,我该怎么办?-6265/?do=getNewComment
  8. 在某专业论坛下载的运行脚本,很多人使用,应该没有问题。最新版的卡巴斯基安全软件一直报毒,而且手动添加信任也没用,解压缩后就会自动删除,请问如何解决?
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  10. Hello, 检查下浏览器调试模式下的网络性能标签下,脚本的执行性能是否有问题。 禁用所有插件后重启浏览器,仅仅启用卡巴脚本的情况下看下问题是否存在。
  11. 如题,开启“对网络流量进行脚本注入从而与网页交互”后,如百度网盘登录页背景轮播图,卡饭论坛(https://bbs.kafan.cn/)左上角轮播图,52破解门户(https://www.52pojie.cn/portal.php)左上角轮播图图片切换速度变得极快,出现闪烁的现象。在MS EDGE中有时不出现,但是出现的概率很大,但在FireFox Diveloper 中暂未成功复现 Microsoft Edge 版本 101.0.1210.53 (正式版本) (64 位) 操作系统: Microsoft Windows 10 x64 Build 19044 数据库发布日期: 2022-5-28,13:16 应用程序版本 (i)
  12. Thank you for your response. I am trying to open Settings in Password manager (I assume there is the Autolock option?), but my Password manager immediately disappears after I type in the password. I tried to access it through Kaspersky Total Security, and also through the little key icon on my browser (Firefox)? Thank you in advance.
  13. Dear Friends how much size kaspersky events occupied for each categorized events such as info,warning,critical,functional failure or etc? From when I changed my policies on kaspersky security center send all of my event logs store on database and send them to syslog server, it increased my Disk space. would you please help me how to reduce it?
  14. turn off storage auto-lock https://support.kaspersky.com/KPM/Win9.2/en-US/85271.htm
  15. I sign into Kaspersky Total Security at Windows Start. I sign into Password Manager. I want to sign into e.g. my bank website. Again, Password manager requires passoword from me. And no matter how many times in one session I need to log into e.g. my bank, Password Manager requires a password from me to log in. How can I stay signed into the Password Manager?? Thank you.
  16. Продукт не оправдал мои ожидания. При покупке по глупости установил "Автопродление покупки". Не нахожу функции отказа от автопродления. Есть ли она вообще? Если есть, то где? Заранее благодарен за ответ.
  17. Hello 这是一个苹果系统的问题,请等待苹果系统更新解决这个问题。
  18. 有尝试在preference中添加信任网段192.168.0.1/24和192.168.1.1/24,均未成功
  19. mac电脑(m1 chip)打开network attack block后无法联网,无论是wifi还是lan都不行,关闭该功能就可以正常上网。
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  21. This is the second thing that I wanted to ask, that how do I recognise the proper certificate to remove there? The once concerned here is a Sectigo certificate, but there is a bunch of them there, and I have found no reference in them which one was responsible to safeguard the website in question. I am not even sure I am looking at the proper certificate group, because the same type appears in several other group too. Here are they from one of the groups, see the attachment:
  22. Hello @bencuri, Welcome. I think here several circumstances come into question. On a previous visit your browser stored the then valid certificate in the Windows certificate store. The certificate is valid for all pages that are stored by this provider and use SSL. The certificate has been renewed and is valid. The modern browsers try to reach a page via SSL first. They find the certificate and try to connect with it. This does not succeed, hence the various error messages, from the browser and also from Kaspersky. Can you remove the certificate from the Windows store? (If necessary it will be reloaded later).
  23. I noticed an oddity with some of the websites I built. I have one, that has been HTTP since 10 years. A few years ago when changing hosting, I accidentally activated SSL on it, but cancelled the SSL right away (I cannot run that site engine on HTTPS). The site is up and running, but sometimes when I visit it since then, I get an error message: "Your connection is not private" from the browser or a similar error message from the virus scanner. I noticed this happens when I empty the cache of the browser, and type "mydomain.com" only to the search bar. If I type "http://mydomain.com", the site loads fine. So it seems the problem is that the browser is trying to force HTTPS even if the certificate has been cancelled long ago. Recently I did the same mistake with another site, when moving to another hosting, accidentally ticked the SSL option, and even if I cancelled it later, now the same error is happening there too. I checked the error message carefully, and noticed an oddity. For the other site, where I cancelled the SSL years ago, the Virus scanner error message still displays the certificate as if it was valid. Check the photo attached. But it is not valid any more. It has been cancelled long ago, and my hosting provider confirmed it makes no effect. Yet, Kaspersky and Eset scanners are looking for it and report it as valid. How is this possible? For a while I thought this is a universal problem, but today I investigated that this error is only present on my own computers. That is: on computers where I visited the problem sites during the time when the SSLs were active. So I came to the conclusion now that something was saved on my computers that makes the Virus scanners still look for the certificates and consider the website HTTPS. Does anyone know why this is? Maybe Windows stores SSL certificates in the Certificate Inventory, and if the certificate of a site has problems, the Virus Scanner flags it as risky? Or it is the virus scanner itself that stores previous SSL info somewhere and is checking it against the recent state of the site to determine risk?
  24. hola buenas tardes recientemente compre una licencia para 3 pc mi duda es para instalar el antivirus en una pc ajena al mio es necesario dejar mi cuenta en el antivirus ?
  25. Здравствуйте, @Валерия, Рекомендую создать запрос через службу поддержки, приложить фотографии карты со всех сторон, чека и подробно описать ситуацию со скриншотами, там быстрее помогут, так как на форуме никто не имеет доступа к информации связанной с лицензией, кроме сотрудников компании.
  26. Por favor, abra um chamado clicando aqui.
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