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  1. Hi, @Neyzen Tevfik! What Kaspersky product do you use? According to snapshots it is not the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool. Thanks.
  2. Hi, @APK BUDY! What version of Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool do you use? The Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool does not have the "Trusted sites" option in settings. Did you have another security product installed on your computer? Thanks.
  3. Hi, @Jean-Marc! What Kaspersky product do you use? Thanks.
  4. Hi, @Partha! What version of KART did you use? Internet connection was enabled when you unblocked the malware scripts and run them again? These are windows executable files? How did you run them? Thanks.
  5. Hi, @Robb8411! What product of Kaspersky did you installed? Thanks.
  6. Hi, @Raj Suwal! What Kaspersky software did you use? The Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool does not have the functionality to delete malware files, it only blocks them. Thanks.
  7. Hi, @Partha! Thank you for your attentiveness. We removed the outdated information from help. You can install KART on machine with anti-virus application (only Kaspersky products is exclusion). If you will get an error during installation or product work than write here please and we will research it. Thanks.
  8. Hi, @SkyLifeLV! Notification about installed update and requirement for restart is important and cannot be disabled. You can press the Cancel button and restart the OS later. Thanks.
  9. Hi, @SkyLifeLV! Thanks for using our product. Did you restart the OS (not shutdown) after this requirement?
  10. Hi, @HelmutWinter! According to product documentation (Compatibility with other applications (kaspersky.com)) KART for Home "does not support compatibility with anti-virus applications for end users". KART for Home also has protection from exploits: Anti-ransomware (kaspersky.com) You can find this option in Settings menu of the product. This protection is enabled by default. Thanks.
  11. Hi, @Serial.com! Do you have another AV product installed on computer? It is clean install or upgrade of the previous KART version? What OS build number is installed? Thanks.
  12. Hi, @Scott Erickson! What Kaspersky product do you use? Is it Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool? Thanks.
  13. Hi, @Lorenzo97! Sorry for late response. Glad to see that suggested solution works. Did you have access to the internet on computer with product? Can you visit the "https://app-sj06.marketo.com/" webpage in browser? Thanks.
  14. Hi, @Lorenzo97! Thanks a lot for the clear steps and script. I reproduced the problem. You need to restart the computer again and after that the problem will disappear. Please confirm this solution. Thank you very much again.
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