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  1. Hi, @LucasPestana! For further investigation of the problem we need the following information: 1. What windows build number do you use? Please write here the output of the 'ver' command. 2. What KART version is installed (you can find it on Support page in product GUI)? 3. After what this message began to be displayed? Thanks.
  2. Hi, @qzlqz! We already saw that when we reproduce issues from your first message. This bug also will be fixed. Thank you again!
  3. Hi, @qzlqz! I am sorry for delay with answer. We reproduced these issues on our side and confirm them. These bugs will be fixed in upcoming product release. Thank you for report!
  4. If after updating the product and restarting the computer you can no longer open the network shares and sites in the browser, then make sure that the application is running and restart the computer again. To avoid this in the future: after you see the balloon “Update installed”, do not exit the app before restarting the computer. If you are faced with the same issue and the described solution did not help you, then please answer in this topic. Thanks.
  5. Hi, @sandy98g ! There is no way to automatically accept EULA after updates. The text of EULA agreement is changed and it must be reaccepted. We will consider your question as feature request and will discuss it inside dev team more exactly. Thanks.
  6. Hi, @oswaldochacon Sorry for delay. What version of “Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business” do you use? What version of OS is installed? Thanks.
  7. Hi, @sandy98g ! You can use the following parameter in command line: REGISTRATION_CODE=code Thanks.
  8. Hi, @Carlos O 71 You should use the EN keyboard layout. Only this keyboard layout is supported in this form. You can use on-screen keyboard if hardware keyboard does not contain EN layout. Thank you for feedback, in upcoming product update we will automatically notify the users about supported keyboard layout. Thanks!
  9. Hi, beritogove! In this situation you can use the “Kaspersky remover tool” (Removal tool for Kaspersky applications (kavremover)). It is free tool for removing Kaspersky applications that cannot be removed completely using standard Windows tools. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Mutahhar! We were able to reproduce the problem and will be looking for a way to fix it. I'll keep you up to date. Workaround: you can download the latest version of product from the site (Free Ransomware Protection | Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool), uninstall product from computer and then install it again by downloaded installer. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Mutahhar! I communicated with developers and waiting answer from them. Can you please wait a little bit? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Mutahhar Sorry for delay with response. What product version is installed? You can find it on “Menu → Get Support” page. Thanks.
  13. Hi, Mutahhar Can you check the behavior when you close, not minimize, the main window - it will shows again or not? Thanks.
  14. Здравствуйте, mickle! Галочка “Не показывать больше ” будет добавлена в ближайщих обновлениях продукта. Выбор языка интерфейса в настройках - я отправлю эту опцию на обсуждение. Спасибо.
  15. Здравствуйте, mickle! В каком сейчас состоянии программа? Попробуйте на время обновления отключить (выгрузить) сторонние антивирусные решения - они могут блокировать изменения в системных папках. Спасибо.
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