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  1. Hi, @HelmutWinter! According to product documentation (Compatibility with other applications (kaspersky.com)) KART for Home "does not support compatibility with anti-virus applications for end users". KART for Home also has protection from exploits: Anti-ransomware (kaspersky.com) You can find this option in Settings menu of the product. This protection is enabled by default. Thanks.
  2. Hi, @Serial.com! Do you have another AV product installed on computer? It is clean install or upgrade of the previous KART version? What OS build number is installed? Thanks.
  3. Hi, @Scott Erickson! What Kaspersky product do you use? Is it Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool? Thanks.
  4. Hi, @Lorenzo97! Sorry for late response. Glad to see that suggested solution works. Did you have access to the internet on computer with product? Can you visit the "https://app-sj06.marketo.com/" webpage in browser? Thanks.
  5. Hi, @Lorenzo97! Thanks a lot for the clear steps and script. I reproduced the problem. You need to restart the computer again and after that the problem will disappear. Please confirm this solution. Thank you very much again.
  6. Hi, @Lorenzo97! Please run the script again and write the result here. Also list the content of your script please, so I can to reproduce the problem. Thanks.
  7. Hi, @Kasra serpak! What Kaspersky product did you use? Thanks.
  8. Hi, @Marc5! This problem was fixed, please see the following message: I want to say a big thanks for users from this forum, without your support it was impossible. Thanks.
  9. After reboot the problem (gui is not responded) exists?
  10. We have several hypotheses about the cause of the crash and we need some more information: 1. What OS Input Locale is installed on your computer? Please, write here the output of commands: systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"System Locale" systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"Input Locale" 2. Does the os username contains non-English symbols? 3. Please, write here the output of the command: if exist %userprofile%\Downloads (echo exist) else (echo not) 3. Did you have another anti-virus program on your computer? Thanks.
  11. Hi, @posapiano and @dhyogo! Please make sure that the %userprofile% system variable is set in the system (you can do it by executing "set userprofile" command in the command prompt). If not then you must create it. After that please check if the "%userprofile%\Downloads" folder exists and if not then create it (execute "set pth="%userprofile%\Downloads" && mkdir %pth%" command in the command prompt). When all these checks is done then reboot the computer. Thanks.
  12. Thanks again! Now download was successful and we opened an issue. We need some more information: what did you do in product before it crashed? You have clean installation or upgrade (automatic or manual)?
  13. Hi, @KFan10086! After crash the GUI is ran again? Thanks.
  14. Hi, @KasperskyFans10086! Thanks for your message. What your actions in product led to this problem?
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