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  1. @AntiTrust Thanks for the feedback. We have passed all information to our colleagues from support.
  2. @AntiTrust These settings can be left unchanged. The autoupgrade to version 24 will not be launched until the patch for version 24 is released.
  3. Try to use this build: https://box.kaspersky.com/f/cf2256b09dd24449a873/?dl=1
  4. @Master B please use build from global site https://www.kaspersky.com/downloads#update-product
  5. Hello, For version 24, the patch will be in September/October. For now you can roll back to version 23.
  6. Hello, Patch С for Kaspersky Mac 23 already published. Please update the product bases and reboot macOS. Check situation. Thank you.
  7. Главное, что есть возможность скачать теперь.
  8. @Maratka привет! Отключи инет. Нажми на ссылку в продукте снова. Скопируй ее полностью в адресной строке и пришли мне в личку. Спасибо. Нужна ссылка именно с твоего приложения + скрин с IP отсюда: https://www.maxmind.com/en/locate-my-ip-address
  9. Hi ALL! On 08/22/2023 we plan to release patch C for Kaspersky 23 with changes to the Kaspersky app that can improve situation and, as a result, macOS 13 specifics with our application installed, will not affect the system boot speed.
  10. Hello, Apple introduced the concept of System Extensions (SysExt) as an alternate to Kernel Extensions (Kext). System Extensions / Network Extensions allow to extend the functionality of macOS without requiring kernel-level access. It's a component of our product. You do not need to do any additional actions with it if the product works correctly.
  11. Hello, Please check problem again. Everything should be working properly by now.
  12. Hello, The new product line is already available in Eastern Europe (except Poland (dates not yet known)).
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