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  1. @Xeno For privacy reasons we don’t request system Logs, for further investigation please contact Kaspersky Technical Support, the link is located at the top of this Webpage.
  2. @Xeno You are welcome , for a second opinion please see this Topic
  3. @Not2nite Welcome. Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support, the link is located at the top of this Webpage.
  4. @Dzomlija Are you on FF extension version - May 12, 2023 ? Did you try disable/enable - remove/install ?
  5. Hi @Xeno I moderated and closed your previous Topic because this community couldn't handle your issue. Kaspersky Technical Support is your only option , the link is located at the top of this Webpage.
  6. @Southern Belle Welcome. Above IP numbers 192.168.x.xxx are pointing to local network devices, you shouldn’t worry about this issue. Please run a Kaspersky scan and no detections means your system is clean. Did you view the PDF message ? For a second opinion you can always contact Kaspersky Technical Support. Also please see → Read before you create a new topic!
  7. @Ufuk @tahoeg Please see comments above from @Mikhail Shakhov.
  8. @Brande Arnett Welcome. Please check your Kaspersky reports and post a screenshot from the detection with the full path.
  9. @JEANFRANCOIS72 Veuillez consulter le Support Technique svp.
  10. @SRAnderson Also, without detection details we are searching in the dark 😞 , your next option is submitting a ticket to Kaspersky Technical Support who will request a System LOG.
  11. @Shayllon Welcome. This is a known Bug 6343716 due to a protocol modification on the Samsung SSD drive, Kaspersky developers are working on this issue.
  12. @jessica09 Bonjour et bienvenu sur le Forum. Voici quelques suggestions : → Comment graver l'image de Kaspersky Rescue Disk 18 sur un support USB ou un disque CD/DVD pour démarrer l'ordinateur → Comment démarrer l'ordinateur sous Kaspersky Rescue Disk 18 → Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool → Comment supprimer des Adware (Not-a-Virus) ⚠️ Avant de procéder veuillez prendre soin de sauvegarder vos données personelles !
  13. @Crowolf Bonjour et bienvenu sur le Forum. Pouvez-vous poster une capture d’écran de l’avertissement svp. En complément → Problème de mise à jour des bases de données
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