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Found 10 results

  1. I am using Kaspersky security center v14 and would like to know how I can generate a key file from my existing license. I tried going to https://keyfile.kaspersky.com but it redirected me to another site. I also tried to export it from the console but it only gave me a text file with my license details - not a key file. Additionally, I have two servers that need to be activated but the Add Key task keeps failing for them. I think this might be because they are not connected to the internet. Please advise how I can activate them offline using a key file.
  2. I am writing regarding an issue I am facing with my Kaspersky Security Center v14 installation. Some of my endpoints get stuck in a "waiting" mode while windows is starting. The affected devices show a "Please Wait" message and become unresponsive. I have about 350 endpoints with Kaspersky Endpoint Security installed, managed by Security Center on Windows Server 2019. The problem happens on around 10% of the endpoints intermittently when running tasks across all devices. So far I have tried: Unchecking "Start installation at device restart or shutdown" in the "Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities" task settings The issue stops occurring after completely uninstalling Endpoint Security as a test on some affected devices. Uninstalling Endpoint Security resolves the waiting mode problem.
  3. Hi every one, I just have been confused!! my license is Kaspersky endpoint detection and response Expert but I can add this into KATA platform(KEDR section). KATA platform is OK. In Endpoint Agent part of product I can not use it to activate KATA component in KES. It only activate Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert but I can see this client in KATA platform! Can you help me?🙏
  4. Dears, kaspersky endpoint cloud is not blocking end users from changing settings, I added password protection in the "interaction with users" but still users able to change settings how I can resolve this? thank you
  5. 🔔 У нас состоялся релиз Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12.1 (версия 🔧 В этой версии: — Мы добавили встроенный агент для работы с компонентом Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response, который входит в состав решения Kaspersky Anti Targeted Platform. — Добавили возможность настройки доступа пользователей к мобильным устройствам в приложении iTunes или приложениях аналогах. — Kaspersky Security Center 11 больше не поддерживается. ❓ Вы можете найти подробную информацию в базе знаний и справке. Скачать < Предыдущая версия || Все версии KES12x || Следующая версия >
  6. I have a email server in where i work. They worked well on "windows defender". But now we bought Kasper endpoint security, and i running some problems. I need to "know" return codes of "avp.com" to create a script to protect email accounts. I found for MAC, Endpoint Security for Mac: https://support.kaspersky.com/KESMac/11.0_adminguide/en-US/26827.htm But i need return code for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows 12.1.0, i do not found any information. Need the return codes to create automate script to use in mail server.
  7. Доброго дня, коллеги. в KSC пишет, что агент не установлен, а по факту установлен. И не обновляются базы, прошу совета
  8. Добрый день. Переходим на Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud. Соответственно из кабинета скачиваем KES Машины видны в клоде. Задача обновления баз настроена на клиенте на обновление через интернет. Компьютеров порядка 50 и хотелось бы обновляться из локальной папки по сети. Скачивание в баз в папку сделали, но вот клиентов перестроить нет возможности. Настройка в задаче UPDATETASK неактивна. И на веб консоли CLOUD тоже нет такой возможности, только время запуска. Не подскажите что не так?
  9. Prezados, bom dia, Temos a necessidade de criar uma política bem rigida para "Controlados de Domínio" que utilizam o KES 12.1. Essa política deve bloquear a escrita de comando maliciosos. Existe algum passo a passo para contruir essa política?
  10. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 12.1 for Windows offers the following features and improvements: A built-in agent for the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Platform solution has been added. You no longer need Kaspersky Endpoint Agent in order to use EDR (KATA). Kaspersky Endpoint Security can perform all Kaspersky Endpoint Agent functions. To migrate Kaspersky Endpoint Agent policies, use the Migration Wizard. After updating the application, Kaspersky Endpoint Security switches to using the built-in agent and removes Kaspersky Endpoint Agent. Kaspersky Endpoint Agent has been added to the list of incompatible software. Kaspersky Endpoint Security has built-in agents for all Detection and Response solutions, therefore installing Kaspersky Endpoint Agent to integrate with those solutions is no longer necessary. Azure WVD compatibility mode is now supported. This feature allows correctly displaying the state of the Azure virtual machine in the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform console. Azure WVD compatibility mode allows assigning a permanent unique Sensor ID to these virtual machines. Now you can configure user access to mobile devices in iTunes or similar applications. That is, you can, for example, allow the mobile device to be used only in iTunes and block using the mobile device as a removable drive. The application also supports these rules for the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) application. Kaspersky Security Center version 11 is no longer supported. Upgrade Kaspersky Security Center to the latest version.
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