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KIS 2013 won't Install on Windows 8 Laptop

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I'm trying to install KIS 2013 on a relatively new Samsung laptop running Windows 8 x64 from CD.

It checks for and finds an updated version, then downloads it for the install. It appears that the installation is going OK, until the end (what appears to be the end) and just says that the installation was not successful.

I have checked via control panel and no other AV programs appear there.

Norton came pre-installed, but I uninstalled it and used Norton's special uninstall app to make sure.


I installed KIS fine on my Win7 x64 machine from the same CD, although it told me I had to uninstall Windows AV software. No problems.


My GetSystemInfo is here: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...106cd045a71a3cb


I'd really appreciate some help since I have already shelled out for a 2 year subscription!




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Welcome. Brand-new, nice, bright shiny computer, with the same old greasy, grimy yucky Adobe Host file. :at: Some things never change.


Please revert the PC to fully nice, bright, shiny status again, then try to install Kaspersky. If still no go on the fully nice, shiny PC, then please contact Tech Support, so they can review your installation logs.

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