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  1. Olá, boa tarde. Eu reparei que desde que passei a assinar o Kaspersky Plus e usar o VPN ligado a todo momento, meus emails enviados começaram a ir para a caixa de spam dos destinatários. Não sei se tem algo a ver, mas foi algo que pensei. Será que o fato de usar o VPN na hora do envio possa prejudicar assim? Fiz varios testes de envio de email e em cada teste aparecia um IP diferente. Eu tenho um email com domínio proprio e uso a plataforma Google Workspace.
  2. I decided to test Kaspersky to see how effective it is at deleting files, and I was surprised to find that it can even remove files that are protected by Folder Guard after a restart. I believe it would be helpful if Kaspersky had a feature that allows users to select a specific file or folder for deletion. By implementing this feature, users would have greater control over which files are removed, which could be particularly useful in situations where a specific file needs to be deleted for troubleshooting or security reasons.
  3. The vpn which can be availed through the kaspersky app is faulty for me ....it keeps disconnecting.i have the kaspersky plus plan so its not Like I've exhausted my quota.Please look into this. Device name: Samsung Tab A7 App version :
  4. I suspect my #MSI laptop has been altered. Windows crashes without warning. Kaspersky scans are not finding the irregularities. Maybe here is why: https://www.pcworld.com/article/1812981/alert-msi-and-intel-software-keys-are-in-the-wild.html?utm_date=20230513154407&huid=f2d3ca8a-386b-4112-986f-b67d18f135a9
  5. Bom dia a todos, eu utilizo os dados móvel da Tim quando ativo a vpn do antivírus não consigo navegar pode ser a operadora ou não?
  6. Много написано про новые подписки, какие они классные и крутые и т.п., но НИГДЕ не написано: 1. Можно ли сделать апгрейд? Да, вот тут написано, что с Тотала можно на Плюс перейти. А если я на премиум хочу, что делать? 2. Старые продукты будут продлеваться и поддерживаться и дальше или стоит отключить автопродление того же Тотала? 3. Может плохо смотрел, но не нашел информации: к примеру, Премиум подписка на 3 устройства на 2 года - менеджер паролей на всех устройствах будет один или можно будет создавать разные аккаунты?
  7. Hallo, ich habe bis jetzt immer Kaspersky Internet Security verwendet und den Sicheren Zahlungsverkehr Browser benutzt, wo ich auch Lesezeichen angelegt habe. Nun ist die Lizenz ausgelaufen und ich wechsle auf das normale Kaspersky Antivirus Abo. Nun kann ich nichtmehr auf den Firefox Sicheren Zahlungsverkehr zugreifen, wo noch meine Lesezeichen waren. Wie kann ich diese einsehen und in den normalen Firefox Browser übertragen?
  8. Merhaba, Kullanmış olduğum Lisanslı Kaspersky Total Security, işletim sistemi Win 11 Pro 64-Bit Lisanslı. Laptopımı 2012 de satın aldım. Win 11 desteklemiyor ama ben yinede kurulum yaptım. Ancak 10 gündür tam tarama yaptığımda taranan nesne dosya sayısı 2 milyon çıkıyor ve tarama 1 saat 20 dakika sürüyor. Krd removal tool da ise 365.000 çıkıyor 40 dakika gibi bir sürede tarama yapıyor. Windows' un taramasında farklı sonuç çıkıyor. Acaba her hangi bir zararlı virüs, trojan vs mı bulaştı yoksa HDD mı bozuk veya Laptopım eski olduğu için Win 11 uyumsuz olması mı sorun? Ancak daha 1 veya 2 hafta önce her hangi bir sorun yoktu, her hangi bir riskli bir siteye girmedim, indirmedim veya tıklamadım. Yardımlarınızı bekliyorum
  9. So, I just got Kaspersky Plus, and the problem is that whenever I enter a new website in Firefox, I have to add the URL in the exclusions, because it gives me an error in the scan, and when I try to access the website without adding the exclusions, Firefox says the connection is not secure and won't let me access the site until I add to the exclusions
  10. W10 Kasperky Plus vers. It seems like after the latest update my Kaspersky VPN won't work anymore, tried a reinstall but didnt work. Is it offline or something is broken?
  11. So I just activated Total security and Internet security, and I thought the internet security would only be activated after my total security expire? Anyway, after a crashed windows update caused by the application, both my KTS and KIS became Kaspersky Pure (picture below), and my android phone is still the free version of Kaspersky? Is there like a mobile and pc version of KIS? Also, the Security cloud application seems to be activated with a 3 years protection for 3 devices but my subscription is listed as free, and my current device seems to be expired. I'm lost here folks. What's the difference between Total security, Kaspersky Pure and Security cloud free? Is KSC better than Kaspersky Pure, or is it like Kaspersky SC Paid>Kaspersky Pure>Kaspersky SC Free>Kaspersky Total? What are the differences and capabilities? TA
  12. Estou usando o Kaspersky no celular (android 13) e fiz o bloqueio de alguns apps pelo Kaspersky, visando a proteção em caso de roubo de celular. O problema é: qualquer um consegue simplesmente desinstalar o Kaspersky e tudo volta a ser liberado. Existe alguma maneira de impedir isso? O bloqueio fica meio "inútil" se qualquer pessoa consegue desinstalar o Kaspersky. Procurei em alguns lugares, mas não encontrei nada muito claro.
  13. I have been using KTS for years now, and I still have ~100 days left in my subscription. I would like to switch to Kaspersky Plus for the VPN. I saw in the FAQ section that KTS and KP are backwards-forwards compatible. Does that mean I can retain those 100 days in my Kaspersky Plus subscription if I switch right now or do I lose the days?
  14. How can I disable the Kaspersky keyboard prompt in password fields using browsers on Windows 10 PCs? Nick
  15. Me gustaría saber cómo puedo evitar que kaspersky vpn se actualice automaticament, ya que la nueva versión no funciona tan bien como esta versión antigua
  16. I have purchased Kaspersky Plus 3 devices for 2 years subscription. How many devices can i connect for each user where all features (VPN, password manager, security) will work properly????
  17. Dear, Kaspersky i have seen a lot of test videos and websites that have tested your product but what all the tests show me is that pup detection is not soo good so please improve the pup detection for any kaspersky products please.
  18. Hi, I am looking to purchase a version of Kaspersky. I am currently running the free version. What I am wondering is what is the difference between the four in the title. It looks like 2 completely different lines of software. I am used to the internet security and total security line, but then there is this (new?) free, basic, plus and premium suite. What is the difference between the two lines of software. Is premium comparable to total security.
  19. Auf der Download Seite von Kaspersky Plus: Download wird zur Zeit die Datei "kaspersky4win202121.9.6.465de_35815.exe" heruntergeladen! Beim Start dieser Datei auf meinem Win 11 Rechner versucht das Programm den Service Pack von Win 7 zu installalieren!! Ende Januar war auf der Download-Seite die Datei: kaspersky4win202121.8.5.452de_35815.exe verfügbar. Diese lässt sich auch problemlos installieren. Daher die Frage: Habe ich das Problem oder hat Kaspersky ein Problem?
  20. i wonder which is better Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) Behavior Detection or Kaspersky Standard System Watcher in detecting runtime malwares?
  21. Hola, recientemente he formateado mi PC y he instalado Kaspersky, pero estaba muy indeciso a la hora de instalar, y he cancelado la instalación 2 veces antes de instalar el programa completamente. Cuando se abre el primer instalador, genera un instalador con la versión más reciente de Kaspersky en la carpeta ProgramData, luego este se abre y al cancelarlo, este se queda allí también dejando un acceso directo en el escritorio para realizar la instalación más tarde, no me había dado cuenta de esto, y por cada instalación utilicé un nuevo Setup descargado. Debido a que cancelé la instalación, estos archivos se quedaron en la carpeta ProgramData, ya la tecera vez instalé completamente el programa y es el Kaspersky que tengo ahora. Al limpiar los datos temporales en Kaspersky y reiniciar se borró el instalador utilizado, quedando solamente las dos carpetas de instalación anteriores que nunca realicé, las cuales posteriormente borré. Me preguntaba si el hecho de haber cancelado la instalación antes de la instalar Kaspersky podría tener consecuencias o si afectan la seguridad. La verdad es que soy una persona bastante perfeccionista, ya había formateado 4 veces seguidas hace poco y no quisiera hacerlo nuevamente. (PD: Utilicé el instalador de la versión Free, aunque aún me quedan 7 días de Plus)
  22. As I can see, the new plans (Standard, plus, premium) aren't available for most of the eastern europe countries, when will they be available there? I want to switch from other antivirus to kaspersky, but I'm waiting until the new versions come out to Poland, which hasn't happened yet of course.
  23. Is there a way to blocking starting Quick Scan or Full scan from website?
  24. Buenas. Actualmente tengo KTS en varios equipos, 2 PCs (uno con W10 y otro con W7) y un móvil Android. Tengo pensado actualizar estos días que me toca renovación de licencia (la licencia nueva también es de KTS ya que la compre justo antes de que lanzaran los nuevos productos) Mis dudas son: - ¿Para pasarme al nuevo Kaspersky Plus basta con instalarlo o hay que hacer alguna cosa mas? - ¿Hace falta desinstalar el KTS o el instalable lo hace automáticamente? - ¿La configuración se puede exportar del KTS al Plus? - Mi versión de KTS es 21.3, me ha parecido leer que ya iba por la versión 21.8 o 21.9. En caso afirmativo, ¿es recomendable actualizar primero a esas versiones? - ¿En caso de que tuviera algún problema/incompatibilidad podría volver a KTS? - ¿Para el móvil, hay que descargar también nueva aplicación? Creo que no me dejo nada. Un saludillo.
  25. olá, recentemente adquiri o kaspersky plus, e vi que não tem extensão pro navegador opera gx. eu queria saber se mesmo com a proteção web no app do windows ativada, estou segura acessando o opera gx.
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