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  1. Everything I do in my browser my kaspersky makes the request for the route "gc.kis.v2.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/". I want that to stop!
  2. As I can see, the new plans (Standard, plus, premium) aren't available for most of the eastern europe countries, when will they be available there? I want to switch from other antivirus to kaspersky, but I'm waiting until the new versions come out to Poland, which hasn't happened yet of course.
  3. Os recordamos que ya está disponible para su descarga la nueva versión de productos Kaspersky Estándar, Plus, Premium y VPN, que podréis descargar en: Instaladores Kaspersky v21.17.7.539: Kaspersky Standard, Plus y Premium v21.17.7.539 España: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-es/Kaspersky4Win/ Kaspersky VPN vv21.17.7.539 España: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-es/KSDE/ Kaspersky Standard, Plus y Premium vv21.17.7.539 Latam: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-mx/Kaspersky4Win/ Kaspersky VPN v21.17.7.539 Latam: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-mx/KSDE/ Saludos.
  4. When using my computer, at apparently random times, the icon disappears from the taskbar, and the PC tells me Windows will be taking over. Sometimes the avpui.exe process is still running, sometimes it's gone. But it seems pretty much that the system runs unprotected from that time on. Only thing that helps is reboot the PC, after which the icon reappears. Since it seems random, i can't reproduce it happening, but would love to have a solution. Oh, the usual suspects are already eliminated, like bad sectors, corrupt windows files, that sort of thing... eternal + 2 days of gratitude for the winning solution!
  5. So my Kaspersky Protection extension seemed to be lagging (I changed my Data Collection Blocking settings in the app, but nothing changed in the extension, even after I had turned my PC off and on again), and I decided to uninstall and then reinstall it. The problem is that the extension is no longer available for installation in Chrome Web Store, while in Kaspersky Plus app the indicator says the extension is working, so I can't install it from there too. In this case, how do I get it back?
  6. Title: "Kaspersky Plus Slow Scan and High Memory Usage on Windows 10 Pro 22H2" Hi everyone, I'm facing an issue with Kaspersky Plus on my system. During full scans, the process is slow, and there's a significant spike in memory usage. System Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro 22H2 CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K 4 cores 8 threads RAM: 2x4GB 2133MHz GPU: Radeon RX 6600XT SSD: XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB HDD: Hitachi HGST HTE541075A9E680 SATA (750GB) Issue Details: Full scans are slow, with noticeable memory consumption increase. No conflicting software or processes detected. Updated Kaspersky Plus to the latest version, but problem persists. Request for Help: Seeking advice on optimizing Kaspersky for efficient full scans without compromising system performance. Total space to scan is 815GB. Thank you for your assistance! Best regards, Mathias Bak Sørensen
  7. Is there a way to open Kaspersky Plus, straight into Application Activity(Running) tab? I use that quite often and would like a shortcut if possible. This is on Win11 Thanks
  8. Здравствуйте. Пару дней назад я купил подписку Standart на 5 устройств на 3 года. Сейчас хотел бы поменять эту подписку на Premium на столько же устройств и такой же период. Можно ли это как то сделать? Или нужно опять покупать а деньги за эту уже не нужную мне подписку просто пропадут? Есть ли какой то инструмент для такого случая? Или, если переходить, то нужно например оформлять возврат денег, пока 30 дней не прошло и покупать заново? Если это вообще сработает... Какие есть варианты?
  9. I have an application that I run daily at my PC startup, every time Kaspersky pops up, and shows that the application with restrictions is attempting to receive sound... No matter what I choose, Remember my choice for this sequence or Trust this application, this pop-up will be there the next time I boot up my PC. It's been 2 years now and it's annoying. Is there any way I can stop this from appearing? I don't use mic in that application so doesn't matter if it was blocked or not.
  10. Is there an offline installer for Kaspersky Plus? I have downloaded the 4 MB application from My Kaspersky, and presumably its going to connect to the internet to download the acutal flies. I need to install AV on my new computer and don't want to connect to the internet without AV.
  11. But above functionality available in Kaspersky Plus Is there any way I can get to install this version Kaspersky Plus Really need help.
  12. After subscribing since 2018, and for the last couple of years just sucking up the auto-renewal, I was determined this year to put it to an end, and I have finally succeeded! I hope this information helps anyone else who is struggling to get rid of this payment. Please note this may only work if your payment is collected by Digital River... check your bank for last year's payment and if it is marked 'DR' or 'DRI' in the payment reference, this should hopefully work for you. When you get the renewal email reminder which provides an order number and password, click on the link for amending your payment details. You'll be taken to a page with your billing address and payment info. Underneath the 'reset' and 'Submit' buttons, there's a link for 'Back to main help page' - click it. This will take you to a FAQ page - select the cancel auto renewal heading. Now you'll be taken to another page where you need to re-input the Order Number and the Password from the email they sent. Once in there, click the cancel button (not manage subscriptions) and this will allow you to cancel the auto renewal. Seriously, the most ridiculous process ever, but it worked for me (after 2 years of unwanted renewals!). I've added screen shots to this in the hope I can help others who are struggling, and like me have ended up just letting the money go out each year. Good luck all.
  13. Selam Ben Kaspersky Plus kullanıyorum. VPN Bağlanamıyorum Dün öğlene kadar çalışıyordu ama dün akşamdan beri böyle hata veriyor Diğer VPN Sağlayıcılarında denedim yine aynı hatayı aldım Windows Güvenlik duvarını kapattım belki Kaspersky kendisi ile alakalıdır dedim ve onuda kapattım ama sonuç aynı
  14. Hallo, seit ein paar Tagen dauert es "eine gefühlte Ewigkeit" bis mein Browser eine gespeicherte Seite aus dem sicheren Zahlungsverkehr öffnet. Ist dazu etwas bekannt oder woran könnte es liegen ? VG
  15. Eu tenho a assinatura do kaspersky plus e o aplicativo constantemente fica reiniciando. Todos os dias ele deve reiniciar umas 3 vezes sozinho e nesse intervalo o computador fica exposto e dai eu recebo notificações da segurança do windows para ativar a proteção. Além disso, quando isso acontece, a extensão do kaspersky protection no google chrome para de funcionar e me deixa exposto.
  16. Adquiri uma TV Box Micool KM7, e como é comum o uso de pendrivers ou transmissão de mídias pelo Chrome Cast achei bom por um antivírus, porém como não tem uma versão para Android TV resolvi usar a versão mobile, não foi feito para o aparelho então a navegação não é muito boa, mas esta dando pra usar, acho que não tem problema né!?!?!?
  17. Plus üyelik satın aldım fakat başlıkta belirttiğim hatayı alıyorum ayrıntıda ise "İşletim sisteminde yapılan değişiklikler otomatik olarak geri alınacak." bilgisini veriyor sorun nedir ? (Windows 10 kullanıyorum herhangi bir güncelleme mevcut değil.)
  18. Hi, If I want to go (upgrade) from Kaspersky Standard to Plus on my device, is there a way to export application rules form Standard & then import it later to Kaspersky Plus? Or at least via Manage Settings? (Exported Kaspersky Standard settings can be imported to Kaspersky Plus?) Thanks
  19. Kaspersky Android Antivirus Version: Force close after downloading the file and cannot detect Malware and when it is scanned it also gets forced close repeatedly and after deleting the Malware file Kaspersky returns to normal after deleting Is there a possibility that after downloading the file it can bypass Kaspersky Android Antivirus? because I use Kaspersky opentip is also detected
  20. 1. Hello I downloaded the app and bought a license. At first, when everything went smoothly, now I get the connection cannot be checked error. When I click on this notification, nothing happens. 2. I've been having problems with the internet since I founded Kaspersky. Both my mobile data and Wi-Fi connections have slowed down a lot. Although I am connected to the internet, the applications are not working properly. Kaspersky VPN improves when I turn off and restart the phone. ( I'm using iphone 14 pro max iOS 16.5.1(c) )
  21. Что делать если Касперский удалил данные с рабочего стола в прошлом году?
  22. When I am connected to the VPN, my Ubuntu OS's connection, that was installed under the Windows Subsystem For Linux, does not work. If I disconnect the VPN, it starts working again. I have tried to set up the split tunneling feature for this software unsuccessfully. How can I fix this?
  23. Buenas. Tengo actualmente Kaspersky Plus (migrado desde un KTS) pero en la renovación me voy a pasar a Kaspersky Premium. ¿Vale con añadir la clave de licencia y se activan los componentes que tiene Premium que no tiene Plus o tengo que descargarme otro instalable? Gracias
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