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  1. Yes exactly one file should have more files or processes inside which kaspersky deeply extract and scanned it and you see only one file... What was the answer from tech support?
  2. Thanks for info. I am on 21.16.6 and today was restarted random... I remember i had runed rootkit scan and i did sometihing in intrussion prevention (cleanup) and after this main gui closed (from taskbar icon also). And i see starting screen loading kaspersky. Restarted automatically..
  3. @Xzz123 this i had there. Did it run again without any problem and detection. No detection hmm soo i need some sample to test system watcher now if it really working fine....
  4. Okay and then test virus sample again... I will try.
  5. Something is not okay ... it also on BETA. You not testing SAME sample as me. You must click on disinfect and restart if kaspersky not offering this then your sample is nothing. System Watcher must be involved. I mean your detailed reports of system watcher but history for example last 7 days etc or more... I wanted check if system watcher starting proces and stopping proces as this screen showing from FEBRUARY 2024
  6. @Guilhermesene4096 Hi, Please check detailed reports of system watcher. I have video... Also this happens on MR17 BETA!!!
  7. Hi! I noticed right now when I click disinfect and restart pc... during advanced disinfection open main GUI window and here I see system watcher is off... But if I check it go to system watcher settings there is on. EDIT : Reprots of System Watcher stopping and starting. So what? On or off?
  8. @Sothyro I have Brave without problems many years. Can you add screenshot of issue?
  9. @qmehmetThis is solution... But you marked your reply BTW you're welcome!
  10. You did restart phone and now working in chrome right? Then I am happy that is solved for now. For other apps it is better contact Tech Support and tell them about app issues...
  11. This was only basic example... Not only two brands exists... There are so many brands and classification in mid range, high end etc... Sometime restart phone will solve a lot of problems with apps. Try restart phone. I turning off phone every week for 5 min... It is much better than use 365 days in a year without restart or turning off. Try restart or turn of phone completely and wait 5 min. Turn on phone and check the problem.
  12. I know but you are comparing Android with Windows. Also Phones are different phone by phone also brands etc... For example I have Phone brand XXY and you have phone brand XXZ. In my phone everything is ok but in your not.
  13. In my case KPM offering me fill password when i am writing text in app (chat app) :) too much offering me. 1. I would try remove in browser - cache and cookies If not helpful 2. I would try reinstall KPM. If not helpful or too many same problems I´d contact Tech Support and tell them about this problem.
  14. And it is original Google chrome? Not any mutation? I mean based on chromium?
  15. Hi @qmehmet Welcome. Please verify in your KPM settings if you have enabled --> Browsers - offer fill passwords in browsers
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