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  1. Yes because secure folder is isolated. So you need install also into secured folder. KISA doesn't see secured folder because it doesn't exists (it is hidden etc) - security....
  2. Kaspersky plus is equivalent of Kaspersky total security. Because KAV, KIS and KTS are older products. And will be replaced with new range of products (see bellow). So KAV, KIS is Kaspersky Standard KTS is Kaspersky PLUS
  3. Hello, 1. You wrote into ENGLISH forum section. 2. Contact Tech Support
  4. You are still same but :D this has no meaning... This was my as well as my overall assessment of new range products - new settings, new gui etc! please do not reply with your notification on taskbar
  5. I know but i am glad that i have this For many years, I was used to a different control (settings) of Kaspersky. Now a change has come and you have to get used to other modern settings. Bugs when they will be fixed, then it will be great program
  6. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife I Like to read the news 🙂 i have no problem with this.
  7. Hello @whygoogle Please see https://usa.kaspersky.com/blog/zip-mov-domain-extension-confusion/28351/
  8. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife When was updated to the newest version? Ehm something after update is corrupted reinstall needed i think.
  9. After update KISA to unable to connect to the VPN provider. Please try again later. 😠😠 Whats going on? K Plus not reliable KISA after update also something wrong like Windows after each update is worse and worse. I really dont want solve everyday some problem. I have many INC issues opened with tech support. Can someone check this? Or only i have this problem? App was updated few minutes ago.
  10. Hello @Mikhail Shakhov And so what about for Chrome? It is same fix for firefox and Chrome?
  11. Hello all! 1. In Windows smart Home Monitor (enabled Orange light) but if i click yes show devices connected in network then my IPTV television via internet stopped working. For now is solution stay only connected without see devices in network (solving with tech support). Can you try reproduce someone who have iptv (set top box)? 2. In MR13 i saw parental control after while after some time is not here anymore. In MR14 is parental control always visible in K Plus under security (tab in left). So also solving with tech support. They replied that it was replaced with safe kids (it is true i had KTS and was replaced). But now i saw it in Mr13 and also is in MR14. So parental control is included or not? 3. In K Plus in guide i saw in Security > Protecting email > Blocking unwanted email (spam)Blocking unwanted email (spam) there is Anti-Banner and not Anti-Spam. This is only in czech (čeština) guide, in english guide is okay. It is cosmetics but... 4. In K Plus is frame in right is not white. I reported in BETA versions but has been not fixed. This is not a big issue but cosmetics still persist here in new BETA version MR14. If you have monitor with high resolution 2K or more and you maximize window of kaspersky (full screen) 5. KISA after activation K Plus on Windows on same license i have enhanced KISA now (new features added automatically like smart Home Monitor, password safety, social Privacy). In password safety is Not checked 4 times probably bug. In social Privacy and Google account and dáta tracking and Google maps cant disable tracking kaspersky says unable to load data or cant disable. Also czech version of KISA is not available sometimes only (on Slovakian language of android) changed to english and sometimes to czech. If i change android system language to czech then KISA is in czech. But if it is in slovak language sometimes is in czech or english. All of these are solving with KL tech support team. Pictures below you can see with describtion of smart Home Monitor. Would be nice if you can reproduce these some problems which i wrote about this above for example check smart Home Monitor on Windows (show devices) and check internet connection on your pc or TV. Also in mine case is not stable when i allowing show devices still connecting and disconnecting from smart Home Monitor. Also you can check in KISA password safety (not checked) it is 4 times here see screenshot. And parental control? Check please. Give me feedback.
  12. @Ufuk Scan it here : https://opentip.kaspersky.com/ Wait for detailed analysis.
  13. Hi, Did you tried reinstall product? If yes and still you have issue then contact Tech Support --> https://my.kaspersky.com
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