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  1. Hello, So it is removed forever??
  2. Read carefull.. When you upgrading from KTS license doesn't cover your unlimited vpn see screenshot.. If you buy new license k plus then you recieve k vpn unlimited automatically. As I wrote there was cases which tech support allow users of KTS license use k vpn unlimited. Just contact them.
  3. Hmm don't think.. Because what is for the first time removed then forever.. But anti spam was great module for catching spam which I recieve often.
  4. Installed...Anti-Spam was removed Why?? Anti-Spam module works perfectly in my case.
  5. @Friend Возможно здесь популярен другой AV (eset, bitdefender)... В целом, Касперский популярен в Европе. У них также есть покрытие в Африке во всех странах мира.
  6. Например, Eset переведен на множество языков. Это просто Европа... Америка Африка Азия также...
  7. its funny... When i request for sms nothing when i request again after 1 min then i got sms but i cant type in my kaspersky ..
  8. 2FA activation from my.kaspersky not working (cant recieve SMS)
  9. Sorry but you are stubborn...why don't you want to understand that one AV is better? Are you smarter than engineers? Every beginer know that 2 AV is not good for your protection and also for pc resources. Its big overkill.
  10. @garioch7 no only in russian. It is unofficial kaspersky club especially for russian people.... or people who know for russian (for example i know but i am not russian)..
  11. Every second word about MBAM. Please stop. This is kaspersky forum not MBAM.. You wrote that you are experienced in many forums but you need learn basics on forum. If antivirus is not included in av comparatives test that means company of anitivirus dont want test it because they know that it is in poor shape (means bad protection, or mabye bad performance, many false positives etc).. I really dont want mentione a company bud i remember one german company was verry popular 20 years back... But now is missing in tests (still exists company but in tests is missing) why? Read above... As we wrote every antivirus have a special part (kaspersky have great detection behavioral, ksn cloud, Quick detection, anti ransomware detection etc)
  12. Thats good 🙂 I found in Google (still active in search) one of my suggestion which was successfully implemented into product. Kaspersky password manager Unlimited as part of kaspersky plus license.
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