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  1. Interesting that most important feature stopped working (i see it on detailed reports). So blocked then deleted then was stopped system watcher etc... Next thing is when you see this : System watcher was stopped yesterday 1/28/2023 time: 5:11 while was stopped also detected threats from 5:11 to 5:12 (12 items was blocked or deleted) and after this 5:15 was system watcher finally started again. Can someone explain this illogical situation to me?
  2. Hi, Welcome. KISA blocking when you want or you are or want change sensitive protection on phone so KISA rather block and requested your PIN code. I had this when i was in settings on my phone and security section then automatically KISA locked my phone. Now not blocking in newest version.
  3. As @Berny wrote first disable traces and scroll down there is delete all traces. Thats it.
  4. Hi, @Berny By the way any word about czech version release? Also jan/feb?
  5. Hello, Yes this mail is legit and it is only notification mail.
  6. Hello @AshenOne Yes like @harlan4096 wrote above, new versions have included dark mode (you can set it automatically turned on if your system Windows is in dark mode then kaspersky will also etc)..
  7. Simply Turn off Windows defender real protection.
  8. Full scan is planed every 1st day in month and when i open outlook 2019 kis stopped scan, when i close then KIS will continue. It is not full screen program for example game.
  9. Hello, If not yet displayed probably is uninstalled... If not you can try kavremover ---> https://support.kaspersky.com/common/uninstall/1464#block1
  10. Hello, Which version you use? Also after installing kaspersky is better do manual update database and restart pc. After restart pc is fully funktional virtual keyboard. Without restart you can not run virtual keyboard. EDIT: you are using Kaspersky free and there is limited protection and features. Please see : https://usa.kaspersky.com/free-antivirus#compare-table
  11. Hello, As above was menoited if you stop syncing your cloud one drive etc and probably rebuild icon cache then you will not see any green icons.
  12. @joe47 I have same version but i dont have problem so far now few days without problems... I am on mobile data not on WiFi now. Maybe try turn off WiFi and try update via mobile data and let me know... If you still have problem with updating try reinstall kaspersky and update if not helpful then contact Tech Support.
  13. @Igor Kurzin hi also today i am facing problem with updating again. I ran update in 9:14 and update button (where i tap for update flashing Orange then Green - text) maybe 10 times and then i see databases cant update in messages is ERROR 2. I ran again and is showing 100% freezes more than hour. I have latest version
  14. @Igor Kurzin hi, and so what about newer version 21.5 or higher 21.8 still not yet released on czech website is latest 21.3 with patch (j).
  15. Which version of Ai Suite 3 you have? I have latest 3.01.10 without problems
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