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  1. I have a software which need to configure hosts. kaspersky prevent it to do so even after I changed Intrusion Prevention settings and I found: 1. change Intrusion Prevention settings 2. stop kaspersky protection and re-enable it 3. it work! the setting apply! 4. !!! But after reboot windows, it still prevent the software from changing hosts (Intrusion Prevention Settings stay the same which allow to change hosts)
  2. После установки Касперский блочит клавиатуру и мышь, перепробовал все способы, которые написаны на вашем форуме, но проблема таолько решилась путем переустановке windows 10. Вот не знаю есть ли смысл еще раз устанавливать ваш продукт ?
  3. I decided to test Kaspersky to see how effective it is at deleting files, and I was surprised to find that it can even remove files that are protected by Folder Guard after a restart. I believe it would be helpful if Kaspersky had a feature that allows users to select a specific file or folder for deletion. By implementing this feature, users would have greater control over which files are removed, which could be particularly useful in situations where a specific file needs to be deleted for troubleshooting or security reasons.
  4. У меня возникла проблема с установкой Kaspersky Standard поверх Kaspersky Internet Security (ошибка 1719) и нужно полностью удалять KIS через утилиту удаления. После установки Kaspersky Standard ключ от Kaspersky Internet Security будет принят новой программой или нет?
  5. As shown below, the kaspersky standard detected spam and marked the message (when clicking on the message header link) as spam. But in the inbox still not categorize (do not add the word "spam") to the original subject. Because of that, my thunderbird can't filter messages with the header "SPAM" into a separate "spam" folder. Please help. Thanks
  6. Hi Kaspersky users/staff since yesterday my pc with Kaspersky standard have been popped up with object detected as trojan.psw.powershell.discoteka.gen inside my Discord cache folder how do i make it stop detect it and completely remove it from my desktop
  7. Good evening and excuse my English, as it is a language that I do not master completely. I felt completely let down by K Standard 21.13. Earlier this week whenever I proceeded to delete traces of activity, K Standard would continually crash, restart, strangely at the same time as it crashed it automatically performed a database update at the same time. My Security Center always indicated that I had no anti-virus active and then K. Standard would restart again. During this process, a message to send data to Kaspersky's servers always popped up. Disappointed, I managed to buy the KIS because in my country it is still in stock in the form of a physical card with an activation code to scratch off. Already quite upset that the situation was repeating itself whenever I performed this action, I completely uninstalled K Standard from my desktop and installed KIS 21.3 (k), licensed for one year. In "My Kaspersky" is registered the K Standard that I bought by Automated teller machine with duration until 2025. K. Standard still seems to me to be a product with many bugs and not very mature. Another error that sometimes happens to me is that all the applications and programs running on my desktop registered by K. Standard disappear (like in the firewall, activity control and network applications) and then they return there according to the activity of my machine. Yesterday I spoke via chat with technical support but since I no longer had KS 21.13 (which, as I said, I completely uninstalled), obviously I didn't send a series of things that they asked me to do. Support then communicated to me that: "Thanks for sharing the issue we will pass it on to our development team." I hope that the problem is resolved soon or that K. Internet Security has a long life as it is stable (for some reason the new range of products is not yet for sale in Eastern European countries.) Excuse me for my outburst, but I think first of all that programmers correct and develop new products better or they will have to lose a customer, because support only knows how to resort to the user to carry out tests with traces, and due to the fact that they are large files size, I can't send them, because I don't master the technologies that ask to send them. Thank you very much. JP
  8. Много написано про новые подписки, какие они классные и крутые и т.п., но НИГДЕ не написано: 1. Можно ли сделать апгрейд? Да, вот тут написано, что с Тотала можно на Плюс перейти. А если я на премиум хочу, что делать? 2. Старые продукты будут продлеваться и поддерживаться и дальше или стоит отключить автопродление того же Тотала? 3. Может плохо смотрел, но не нашел информации: к примеру, Премиум подписка на 3 устройства на 2 года - менеджер паролей на всех устройствах будет один или можно будет создавать разные аккаунты?
  9. Good Day. I'm using the new Kaspersky Standard (Windows 10 Home) and so far everything is working. I just noticed a strange thing. Whenever I start "My Kaspersky" on my device (an desktop) that is linked to my account, in the reports in System Audit, the indication that I am starting My Kaspersky on another device always appears, which is not true. Is this a GUI error or something else. Attached screenshot of the notice translated from Portuguese to English: "Today, 12/04/2023 10:53:14 You signed in to your My Kaspersky account from another device Protection Today, 12/04/2023 10:53:13 Google Chrome Desktop Windows Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36" Thank you very much for any clarification.
  10. So I just activated Total security and Internet security, and I thought the internet security would only be activated after my total security expire? Anyway, after a crashed windows update caused by the application, both my KTS and KIS became Kaspersky Pure (picture below), and my android phone is still the free version of Kaspersky? Is there like a mobile and pc version of KIS? Also, the Security cloud application seems to be activated with a 3 years protection for 3 devices but my subscription is listed as free, and my current device seems to be expired. I'm lost here folks. What's the difference between Total security, Kaspersky Pure and Security cloud free? Is KSC better than Kaspersky Pure, or is it like Kaspersky SC Paid>Kaspersky Pure>Kaspersky SC Free>Kaspersky Total? What are the differences and capabilities? TA
  11. Good afternoon. I just bought Kaspersky Standard🙂 I'm finding it great, the installation and adaptation is being painless!👍 But I can't find where to enable hardware virtualization in K. Standard even though I've consulted the following article🤔: https://support.kaspersky.com/help/Kaspersky/Win21.9/en-US/82967.htm Does this option not exist in K. Standard, or is there another problem? I'd be grateful if anyone could enlighten me about this option that I can't find.🙏 Many Thanks.
  12. Actualmente pase de kaspersky internet security, a kaspersky standard, y he notado que cada vez que uso firefox el sistema se pone a consumir mas recursos, lo noto porque aumenta la velocidad del ventilador de la cpu, como que estuviera haciendo algo todo el tiempo, lo corrobore mirando el monitor de recursos, yo creo que es kaspersky que por alguna razon no le gusta mucho el firefox, y esta todo el tiempo buscando amenazas, o le resultan sospechosos los procesos de firefox quizas. A pasado de quedarse congelado firefox viendo youtube, y de escuchar el audio del video y lo demas todo congelado, y luego vuelve a la normalidad, por el momento estoy buscando el responsable de esos congelamientos de firefox, a veces lo ocasionaba el driver de nvidia en ciertas versiones, y justo ahora se actualizo el firefox, windows, los drivers de nvidia y pase a kaspersky standard, asi que son muchos cambios en el sistema y quizas alguno de esos cambios esta ocasionando algun problema de rendimiento. Nota aparte, kaspersky standard me informa que tengo instalada la extensión de kaspersky en chrome y firefox, pero no en edge, sin embargo si esta instalada, kaspersky no se da cuenta, la desisntale e instale la extension en edge, y kaspersky sigue sin detectarla, me dice sin activar. Ya encontrare al culpable del aumento de consumo, quizas es algo de nvidia o un bug en firefox que lo arreglaran en el proximo parche, de momento esos son los unicos inconvenientes que he tenido al pasar a la nueva version de kaspersky, me gustaria tambien que se vuelva a indicar la fecha y hora de la ultima actualizacion de las bases de kaspersky, en kis si lo hacia, ahora solo dice que estan actualizadas, por no se hace cuanto tiempo fue la ultima actualizacion. Estoy usando las ultimas versiones de todos los softwares mencionados, ya sea windows 10, kaspersky, firefox, edge chrome, driver de nvidia etc.
  13. Bin dabei meine HW Infrastruktur von KIS auf Kaspersky Standard umzustellen. Sieht alles gut aus, nice features (CClener is dead)..ABER... Frei nach dem Motto "When we knew all the answers they changed all the questions" bin ich am verzweifeln, mich in den neuen Strukturen zurechtzufinden. Kann an mir liegen aber, die Help Seiten die zu einer Frage verlinkt sind, sind eigentlich „of no help“. Sie verweisen immer auf ältere Versionen und SW Pakete die in der neuen Version völlig neu strukturiert sind und nicht passen. Aufgrund der Erfahrung, dass es auch an mir liegen kann (shame), dass ich die Seiten nicht finde, frage ich nun vorsichtig: Wo sind die Helpfiles, MenueStrukturen und Anweisungen für die neuen Kaspersky packages? Mein Zeigefinger ist vom klicken taub und ich habe noch immer nicht gefunden wie ich eine SW, die in Quarantäne bewegt wurde, wieder re-aktiviere. Ich wurde garfragt und habe "Beheben" gedrückt. Nun will ich es rückgängig machen. Mir war in KIS immer klar in wo ich hin muss wenn z.B. eine SysInternals SW, versehentlich, als „Gefahr“ in die Quarantäne verschoben wurde und ich sie wiederherstellen oder von einer Untersuchung ausnehmen will… nun finde ich diese Funktion einfach nicht. Es wäre schön wenn hier nicht nur eine Anleitung „how to restore from quarantene“ kommt sondern eher der Hinweis ...“here are the helpfiles for he new Kaspersky packages“… Danke für Hinweise
  14. Здравствуйте. Сегодня антивирус нашёл HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic в расширении браузера UltraSurf VPN. Прошу, исправить ложное срабатывание антивируса. Версия антивируса 21.9.
  15. Dear, Kaspersky i have seen a lot of test videos and websites that have tested your product but what all the tests show me is that pup detection is not soo good so please improve the pup detection for any kaspersky products please.
  16. Hace unos días que no puedo entrar a aplicaciones que requieran conectar una cuenta mediante un browser, como Figma desktop, Github desktop, Whatsapp desktop, etc., pero una vez que suspendo mi protección de Karpersky todo vuelve a funcionar como antes y no me da errores de autenticación. Ya probé desactivando proxy y firewall, poniendo exclusiones de protección a sus respectivas paginas web y aplicaciones, pero sigue sin funcionar hasta que suspendo la protección por completo.
  17. Bonjour, J'utilise le site "https://www.capitalkoala.com/" pour avoir un peu de cash back pour mes enfants lors de mes achats sur le net. Quand j'active l'option anti-bannières dans Kaspersky Standard il m'est impossible de bénéficier des cash back car tout est bloqué par kaspersky. Pour résoudre mon souci je désactive l'option puis je la réactive une fois mon achat avec cash back fait, c'est source d'oubli ! Voilà ma demande : Le site Capital Koala propose une api avec les sites qui sont en partenariat avec eux pour les cash back : "https://www.capitalkoala.com/api/adblock" Cette api est à l'origine prévu pour les bloqueurs de pub comme Adblock afin d'y créer les exclusions pour Adblock automatiquement et les maintenir à jour. Est il possible d'utiliser cette api dans l'anti-Bannières de Kaspersky ? ça serait très pratique ! A vous lire cdt Francis
  18. Hi When i check the app update it say that everything is up to date but when i check whit this software (https : // patchmypc . com/home-updater) it find a couple of updates. Way is not Kaspersky picking up the updates? I include a screenshot that is showing the update and Kaspersky that say that everything is up to date. Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 22H2 Installed on ‎2023-‎01-‎18 OS build 22621.1343 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22639.1000.0 Kaspersky Standard
  19. i wonder which is better Kaspersky Endpoint Security (KES) Behavior Detection or Kaspersky Standard System Watcher in detecting runtime malwares?
  20. As I can see, the new plans (Standard, plus, premium) aren't available for most of the eastern europe countries, when will they be available there? I want to switch from other antivirus to kaspersky, but I'm waiting until the new versions come out to Poland, which hasn't happened yet of course.
  21. After app update, the app window appear after windows starts Microsoft Windows 11 Version 22H2 (Operating System Build 22621.1194) App Version:
  22. Instalei o teste do need for speed unbound em meu pc pelo EA APP e o NeedForSpeedUnboundTrial.exe estaria infectado PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a5f69a829d6b348d4bfff2976bdcd90b10305d1bf779a8da37f736a94d2a617a?nocache=1
  23. Eu tenho uma assinatura de 1 ano no Kaspersky Standard pra 1 dispositivo ainda válida, só que ontem eu desconectei da minha conta e formatei o PC. Agora no meu "novo" PC, eu baixei o Kaspersky Stantard pelo site do My Kaspersky, eu não consigo conectar na minha conta da My Kaspersky no Kaspersky, ele fala que a senha é invalida ou algo do tipo, e quando eu conecto via Google, ele fala que minha conta não está ativada. Eu também tentei ir no My Kaspersky e remover o meu antigo Dispositivo, só que quando eu clico em remover, ele pede a senha da My Kaspersky, e quando eu coloco a senha ele diz ser invalida, sendo que eu coloco a senha certa, ainda anotada, e eu to perdido eu não sei mais o que eu faço. Eu tentei ainda clicar em "Esqueci minha senha" no Kaspersky Standard, porém ele leva pra uma pagina da My Kaspersky com nada relacionado a "esqueci minha senha".
  24. Hi. I'm on Windows 10 using Kaspersky Standard. I wanted to set the File Antivirus to ask me for what to do with detected malicious files, rather than automatically decide, which I know was a feature on previous versions. I can't find it on this one though. Please help. Thanks. Attached is a photo of where it looks like it should be.
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