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  1. Блокируется шифрованный трафик расширения VPN в браузере Edge 124.0.2478.51 при активном антивирусе Kaspersky Вчера обновился антивирус до версии 21.17 и заметил данную проблему (на версии 21.16 такой проблемы не было) в браузере. Если антивирус выключить или в настройках антивируса для браузера активировать параметр не проверять зашифрованный трафик, то расширение начинает работать, то есть пропускать зашифрованный трафик через себя... Разработчики, прошу, решить данную проблему.
  2. Got absolutely frustrated with my Lenovo Yoga Slim laptop. Everything started to run especially slow one day and even occasional screen freenzes happen. The laptop went over-heated but memory and cpu usage was actually quite low. Couldn't properly load Youtube video in full screen. Everything is lagging hard. I full scanned my laptop using Kaspersky Standard and a malicious objected was detected. It was a kind of Trojan named HEUR:Trojan.Multi.Runner.l But Kaspersky seemed to do absolutely nothing about it. No disinfection, no quarantine, no deletion? And the next time I full scanned it, Kaspersky simplied told me that No threats are found. Please help me. I have got work to do and I have even tried restoring Windows but in vain. Details are as below: Event: Malicious object detected User type: Active user Component: Virus Scan Result: Detected Result description: Detected Type: Trojan Name: HEUR:Trojan.Multi.Runner.l Precision: Exactly Threat level: High Object type: File Object name: powershell.exe Object path: proc:\C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0 Reason: Expert analysis
  3. 反病毒软件21.3更新到标准版21.17时Edge浏览器插件无法使用(灰色图标)
  4. постоянно выводит это сообщение и блокирует нужные мне сайты и закачки пробовал добавлять в исключения но и это не помогает подскажите как исправить
  5. 事件: 检测到恶意对象 应用程序: Clash Verge.exe 用户类型: 发起者 组件: 系统监控 结果说明: 检测到 类型: 木马 名称: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic 威胁级别: 高 对象类型: 进程 对象路径: D:\Program Files\Clash Verge 对象名称: Clash Verge.exe 原因: 行为分析 数据库发布日期: 今天,2024/4/30 下午6:34:00 MD5: FBFFDC90C81E29CA3826BD1D642D26F6 软件来源https://github.com/clash-verge-rev/clash-verge-rev/releases/tag/v1.6.0
  6. As I can see, the new plans (Standard, plus, premium) aren't available for most of the eastern europe countries, when will they be available there? I want to switch from other antivirus to kaspersky, but I'm waiting until the new versions come out to Poland, which hasn't happened yet of course.
  7. Os recordamos que ya está disponible para su descarga la nueva versión de productos Kaspersky Estándar, Plus, Premium y VPN, que podréis descargar en: Instaladores Kaspersky v21.17.7.539: Kaspersky Standard, Plus y Premium v21.17.7.539 España: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-es/Kaspersky4Win/ Kaspersky VPN vv21.17.7.539 España: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-es/KSDE/ Kaspersky Standard, Plus y Premium vv21.17.7.539 Latam: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-mx/Kaspersky4Win/ Kaspersky VPN v21.17.7.539 Latam: Instalador: https://dm.s.kaspersky-labs.com/es-mx/KSDE/ Saludos.
  8. Recently, I bought 3 users 1 year KS Standard. But, the problem is that I can't use it for 3 separate My Kaspersky accounts but rather 3 devices connected but under one My KS account. What did this happen for? Can it be solved?
  9. I have observed this happening with Gmail with Firefox. (Don't know about other sites yet). I see the browser getting stuck at this portion with this site being called. Gmail does not open at all. How can I stop kaspersky labs being called every time I open Gmail or some other trusted website?
  10. I am using this Chrome / Edge Extension called Harpa AI and Kaspersky seems to be messing around with it across all my machines using Kaspersky (different versions). Steps to Replicate problem: 1) I have to EXIT Kaspersky FULLY for Harpa AI Extenstion to work with the paid version of ChatGPT. Remember, I have to EXIT Kaspersky and not just "pause protection". 2) VERY Strangely, with Kaspersky enabled, Harpa AI is working fine with the FREE version of ChatGPT but not with the paid version. Which leaves me in a quandary. What setting do I tweak within Kaspersky? @Flood and Flood's wife Any advice my friend? I want to use it with the PAID Version of ChatGPT.
  11. Здравствуйте. Пару дней назад я купил подписку Standart на 5 устройств на 3 года. Сейчас хотел бы поменять эту подписку на Premium на столько же устройств и такой же период. Можно ли это как то сделать? Или нужно опять покупать а деньги за эту уже не нужную мне подписку просто пропадут? Есть ли какой то инструмент для такого случая? Или, если переходить, то нужно например оформлять возврат денег, пока 30 дней не прошло и покупать заново? Если это вообще сработает... Какие есть варианты?
  12. Let's make it clear, as Kaspersky Security for Windows Server is not available for download anymore: Is Kaspersky Security for Windows Server v11.0.1.897 a deprecated/obsolete product and for new installations on servers we should use Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows, the same which we use on workstations?
  13. After subscribing since 2018, and for the last couple of years just sucking up the auto-renewal, I was determined this year to put it to an end, and I have finally succeeded! I hope this information helps anyone else who is struggling to get rid of this payment. Please note this may only work if your payment is collected by Digital River... check your bank for last year's payment and if it is marked 'DR' or 'DRI' in the payment reference, this should hopefully work for you. When you get the renewal email reminder which provides an order number and password, click on the link for amending your payment details. You'll be taken to a page with your billing address and payment info. Underneath the 'reset' and 'Submit' buttons, there's a link for 'Back to main help page' - click it. This will take you to a FAQ page - select the cancel auto renewal heading. Now you'll be taken to another page where you need to re-input the Order Number and the Password from the email they sent. Once in there, click the cancel button (not manage subscriptions) and this will allow you to cancel the auto renewal. Seriously, the most ridiculous process ever, but it worked for me (after 2 years of unwanted renewals!). I've added screen shots to this in the hope I can help others who are struggling, and like me have ended up just letting the money go out each year. Good luck all.
  14. today is my renewal day and when the service has been renewed i found that the service has paid me the full price and there is a 33% discount in my region, shouldn't i be paying the discounted price?
  15. I am an old user of KIS. It recently got changed to Kaspersky Standard on my MacBook Air 2017 (MacOS12) during my 3 year license. It is now about to expire, and I would like to know, if I want to shift to Kaspersky Premium (I like premium more as it is much more feature rich), will I have to reinstall Kaspersky, because we would like to continue to use it without interrupting the existing setup, and can we add the premium key in the activation page so that it activates itself once the existing standard key expires in the same software so that it updates itself to premium automatically?
  16. Hi, If I want to go (upgrade) from Kaspersky Standard to Plus on my device, is there a way to export application rules form Standard & then import it later to Kaspersky Plus? Or at least via Manage Settings? (Exported Kaspersky Standard settings can be imported to Kaspersky Plus?) Thanks
  17. Whenever I click cancel subscription it says "Sorry, an error occurred. Please try again later." I've tried to unsubscribe yesterday and today.
  18. Hi there Kaspersky, i wish you guys chould make a kaspersky product thats more specific for gamers, and the name for the product chould be Kaspersky Gamer security like McAfee have made one named McAfee for gamers
  19. Quiero usar la cuenta de un amigo de steam al mismo tiempo que el la usa, para ello tengo que crear una regla de firewall que desactive la conexión a internet de steam durante el tiempo que use la otra biblioteca. el problema es que al querer crear una regla de firewall desde windows, me dice que dicha configuración la esta manejando kaspersky. como hago para que esas cosas las pueda seguir manejando desde Windows?
  20. I need to create a firewall rule but I can't because Windows tells me that this configuration is handled by Kaspersky
  21. Bende şu an Standart sürüm var. Nisan ayında süresi bitiyor. Plus'a geçmek istiyorum ancak şimdi alırsam Plus'ın süresi şimdiden başlayıp 2025 Ocakta mı biter yoksa Standart sürüm bittikten sonra başlayıp 2025 Nisan'da mı?
  22. Yesterday, December 26, 2023, I had a problem with my Kaspersky anti-standard feature not being enabled. I reset the device and continued using it for a while but the problem continued to occur but I noticed one thing. It's Windows 10 anti that automatically reports viruses, so both Windows and Kaspersky antis conflict with each other, leading to serious errors in Windows, network connections are very slow, anti can't be turned on, you have to reset the computer. This morning I reinstalled Windows and continued to reinstall Kaspersky and now Windows 10 anti just reported a virus while I tried turning off all Windows 10 anti and only using Kaspersky. But it seems Kaspersky updated something that caused a conflict
  23. 搁那写代码呢,然后要引入rlua库,然后再RA下载库的时候卡巴就直接把我文件删掉了,之前还有mdbook和wasm-pack也是被报毒,并且即使加入排除项中也没有效果。
  24. После проверки ПК антивирус создал на диске C еще один раздел - диск D! Что антивирус перенес в доп раздел D? Так же хочу установить винду 11, но она не ставится. Пишет "Нет доступа к разделам памяти". Может этот раздел D и мешает ее установке?
  25. Good day. I have Kaspersky Standard (a) running on the desktop with W10 Home 19045. I noticed that in the task manager, as documented in the images I posted, I have avp.exe running twice, while avpui.exe only runs once. Is this normal or is there something wrong with my Kaspersky software?
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