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  1. Finally, in my case it's freezing from nvidia card when he wakes up - and no, "it doesn't sleep".
  2. Finally the problem remains when I close the lid, unfortunately. Again, I'm not saying it's kaspersky's fault.
  3. I will see it again because a while ago I left it for some time and it sleeped and now it woke up normally. I will do some more testing. I'm not saying it's kaspersky's fault, I just read the issue here..
  4. Still same problem. Hibernation is disable. Bios is Default - OK. Fast Startup is disable. The two sleeps seem to be different. I'll look into disabling kaspersky and see if that makes a difference. Even when I close the lid (sleep command) it sleeps but not completely and does not wake up like in the balance power plan.
  5. Kaspersky Premium Now i manual update to final version and i will check the issue again.
  6. Laptop Lenovo Legion win11 23H2 Kaspersky Premium. Trouble waking up after sleeping. Sleep state: Standby (S3). Only one power plan that is Balanced (and after powercfg -restoredefaultschemes). Sfc /scannow OK Note: I have an external mouse and keyboard that allow the system to wake up. The strange thing I have noticed. When I put it in sleep mode, it wakes up normally. When I leave it alone without work (Balanced option), and it "sleeps" it does not wake up. Perhaps I notice that this is a different sleep. In force sleep everything turns off and the Power button flashes. In the second case it's like the fans are running and the Power button is solidly on. (Here it does not wake up and is forced to power off). (Hibernate is OFF)
  7. I reset all app permissions - notifications. I'm watching it ... the percentage has dropped. Don't forget that it runs non-stop. I'm closing the topic for my part unless someone wants to add something. Thanks the team.
  8. Kaspersky Premium ( battery high usage around 50% of total drop. Is normal? Android 13. Kaspersky Premium have no background restrictions - always running. Some thought .. Thanks
  9. Finally, everything is fine. Thanks Kaspersky Experts Support. They blocked on "Plus" old license and added 4 months to "Premium" new license. Thanks again. Premium VPN is available on all licensed devices, just like Kaspersky Premium.
  10. Briefly support answer "We were stating that we can block the old license and add 4 months to the newly purchased Kaspersky Premium". So all good. When I transfer all my devices to the new license I will request that the old one be blocked and continue with the new license for about 16 months. (Premium + Safe Kids) Thanks Kaspersky Experts!!! Can you tell me what about the VPN Premium. Is it for one device on the license or all of them. And if it is for one device, how do I choose which one it will be?
  11. Support Answer "We've forwarded your inquiry to our experts, we will get back to you as soon as we hear from them." I am waiting for the result
  12. I wish the Premium activation + Safe Kids to start at the end of Plus . Then, a day before I switched the devices from one license to the new one.
  13. I asked if it is possible to cancel the start of the license until the end of the plus. Indeed, all the free vpn under the license premium have come by themselves. ... . That is, like suites they belong to plus but they pass the unlimited vpn of premium. Curious I wrote to him. They asked for my proof of purchase and activation code
  14. Support answer: We've checked and the Unlimited VPN from Kaspersky Premium was activated across all your devices after adding the code to your account. You also have multiple licenses on your account. Please verify the activation code for the Kaspersky Premium in question.
  15. I await the reply and will update when I have it. Thank you very much
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