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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have a question about license for 1 device but activated on 2 devices. Let me explain:

    I have 2 devices: 1 Android phone and 1 Windows-running laptop, both are installed with Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) and have 2 separate licenses (KIS for Android on my phone and KIS 2018 1 device/1 year on my laptop). The licenses were about to be expired in a few days, so a while ago, I bought 1 license for my laptop, the KIS 2019 1 device/1 year (which can also be activated on Android and Mac). After buying and got the activation code, I entered the code to the KIS on my laptop, and saw that after the current license expired in a few day, the newly bought license will be in effect.

    And then, I opened KIS on my phone, went to the "Account & License" section. I clicked on the "Activate" link at the bottom of the screen and was shown 3 options: Free license, The current license (which is expiring in a few day) and The new license (which I have just bought and activated on my laptop). I accidentally clicked on The new license option, and now it is also successfully activated on my phone as well, counting down the days left until its expiration in March 2020.

    So now, basically I have a KIS license for 1 device for 1 year, but is activated on 2 devices: my laptop, which is waiting for the current license's expiration to be in effect; and my phone, which is already in used. When I check MyKaspersky page, it shows that the new license is activated on 2 devices, the phone is shown as normal and the laptop is shown as "additional license" (pending, waiting to be in effect). I have attached 2 pictures below in this post.

    My question is, what will happen in a few days when the KIS license on my laptop expires? Will I have to buy another license for my laptop, since it is for one device only and already in used on my phone?

    Thank you for your replies! Have a nice day.


    Picture 1: My soon-to-be-expired license (top) and my newly bought license (bottom).


    Picture 2: The detail of my new license, which is activated on my phone (already in effect), and also activated on my laptop as "additional license" (waiting for the current license to expire to be in effect).


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