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  1. Hi, Sorry to be a little bit out of topic but I can not cancel my subscription to this forum. I receive about 20 mails a day and find it finally preferable to read them directly on the forum. Could someone please explain me how to do? I tried in different ways with no success. Thanks in advance, and have a good day
  2. Thanks Don, it helped. Just a question: what about the layman that has no help from this forum and bought the product? He would have had to contact the technical support?
  3. Hi all, Glad to be back after months I've an error message (in loop) while trying to update since this morning (see pictures). Does anyone have the same problem? 1. Update now 2. Update running 3. Same window but closes after few seconds 4. System tray notification: program unloaded 5. And again, in a new loop: update now... Have a nice day
  4. Hi Wordmonger, I uninstalled the .msi fix, install it again, got no windows or instructions but as I've sad the patch is done, wmfhotfix.dll is in System32 directory. I rebooted (said nowhere because I can't see any window during install, just you did) and ran WMF Checker with KIS temporarily disabled. Result: No vulnerability has been detected You System seems to be invulnerable to the WMF exploit. NOW I'm sure, thanks to you! I did the same test with KIS enable and got the same result. Thanks again
  5. Hello, I got the patch from http://isc.sans.org/diary.php?date=2006-01-03, but in .MSI installer file. Now I've both. So I patched with the .MSI installer file. Nothing happend, but I can see it's installed and wmfhotfix.dll is in the Windows\System32 folder. I downloaded the wmf_checker_hexblog.exe file to control I was secure. Here's what happens: I ran wmf_checker_hexblog.exe and got from KIS v6.0.0.253 this advertizing: Suspect action: Buffer overrun The process (PID: 3696) C:\Download\wmf_checker_hexblog.exe Action: Accept / Deny 1. I first denied and got the error message (frequent on my PC) wmf_checker_hexblog.exe - Erreur d'application L'instruction à "0x00174t8e" emploie l'adresse mémoire "0x0000003c". La mémoire ne peut pas être "read". Cliquez sur OK pour terminer le programme. Cliquez sur Annuler pour déboguer le programme 2. Then I did accept to see what would append and got this message: Erreur Your System is vulnerable to WMF exploits! Please visit http://www.hexblog.com and install the hotfix! -> SO my question is: how to know what to accept or not? Here I know I shouldn't had accepted it. I applied a patch done for WMF and I'm not supposed to know it has something to do with "Buffer overrun", so in real situation I would had accept it. Secondly. On Post #91, Smokey gave a command line for a silent WMF Hotfix Installation: wmffix_hexblog14.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES I did it with the WMFHotfix-1.4.msi: WMFHotfix-1.4.msi /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES with the hope to reboot (a proof the patch was active) but nothing happend (no screen). -> So my second question is: do I have to patch with the .exe and ABOVE ALL, what to do to be sure I AM secure? Difficult to say it in English, hope you understand! TIA PS I found better to do a PrintScreen after typing the error message PPS Y a-t-il un Français dans la salle ? (Is there a French guy in this forum?)
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