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  1. Здравствуйте! У меня Windows 11, версия программы антивирус Запуск сервера осуществляется корректно, но при нажатии на кнопку "перезапуск" вылазит ошибка со скриншота (приложен), а после сервер не отвечает. (Загорается желтый флажок и не работает ЛКМ и ПКМ). Добавлял в доверенные и исключения, но проблема никуда не исчезла. При отключении антивируса всё работает корректно.
  2. 🛡️ Según Bing, Kaspersky Free es gratis por toda la vida, pero al entrar a mi cuenta dice que acaba el 14/01/2024, al contrario de malwarebytes free, ¿La versión gratis de karsperky Free es solo un periodo de prueba largo de la edición standard?, no entiendo muy bien esto. 🛡️ Al iniciar la computadora comienza con un analisis en segundo plano, el cual junto al proceso System provoca que mi disco duro este al 100% Mi HDD es de Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200RPM, que según crystaldisk, esta en buen estado, Bing me recomienda que baje la prioridad del proceso de Karsperky, que no reduce su eficacia en protección en tiempo real, pero prefiero verificarlo con ustedes jeje. 🛡️ La mayoría son en un juego de Steam, Counter Strike GO, indicandome que estan dañados y luego otro con un archivo PDF que esta sin procesar ¿Que significa esto?, ¿Tienen algún problema? 🛡️ Se activa y desactiva aunque lo tenga activado en las opciones.
  3. Я скачал касперски, чтобы проверить ноутбук на вирусы, так как он начал тормозить в последнее время. Проверка не обнаружила вирусов, я решил посмотреть еще функции в касперском и увидел "Поиск небезопасных настроек". После нажатия виндовс выдал ошибкупотом полетели ошибки, связанные с таскбаром. Диспетчер задач не открывается. Я решил скачать kavremvr, чтобы удалить этот "хороший" антивирус. Проводник пару минут грузил и выдал следующие ошибки: (нет, я не вставил случайно 2 одинаковых ошибки, он выдал мне три таких). Помогите решить проблемы. Восстановление просто не работает.
  4. Eu tive que iniciar uma vez o Windows em modo de segurança para fazer pequenas alterações Agora sempre que eu inicio ou reinicio o Windows, o Kaspersky Free me mostra uma mensagem dizendo que a inicialização anterior do aplicativo falhou, o que não é verdade já que o antivírus está abrindo e funcionando normalmente Eu já cliquei em "Enviar" relatório mas sempre que eu ligo o meu notebook o Kaspersky Free pede para eu enviar o relatório de novo e de novo... Como eu faço para o aplicativo parar de me mostrar essa mensagem?
  5. ОС - Windows 10 Pro 22H2 Kaspersky Free Забыл пароль и попытался используя Kaspersky Lab AllProducts Password Reset v1.8 сбросить его, однако получил ошибку 404, причём неважно находиться ли компьютер в безопасном режиме или нет. Я переустановил его заново с помощью KAV Removal Tool и официального установщика, однако это совершенно не помогло решить проблему. Прилагается скриншот самого KLAPR:
  6. https://cyberspa.kaspersky.com/api/status/share/?status=47704cb3-9920-4aa2-bfac-12109c69d278
  7. I got two critical errors in one of my full scans but for some reason, when I click the error to show me the logs, it shows nothing. It still says there's 2, but it doesn't show the specific objects. It shows me the "Task has started" and it's showed me critical errors before, so I have no idea why it's not showing them now. The "Save Report" button also does nothing. It brings up a "save as" window, though, it doesn't actually save the file- nothing actually appears. Is this just a bug or something to be concerned about?
  8. Hi! 🙂 As mentioned in the title, I got a real late-at-night Windows 11 update last night, and I usually do them on the spot. After a system reboot, I got an error which mentioned something along the lines of "Kaspersky limitations on this current version of Windows" . I don't have a screenshot sadly, but I was redirected to this page https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/kav21/limitations/15513 . I didn't get the warning again after another system reboot, due to other Core Isolation problems possibly linked to the new Win11 update, which I did solve in the end. But I wanted to make sure anyway that things are fixed for Kaspersky AV as well, since I don't know if they are yet, or if there's a way to check, or at least that the issue is known and being worked on for the next update. My OS version is 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1635) The Kaspersky app I'm using is Kaspersky Free and the version number is Thanks in advance for the help! 🙂
  9. I recently noticed some suspicious behaviour on my mobile device (I got told that an app I had programmed was a trojan) so I did a full scan. It finished very quickly: It took 3 seconds to scan 5916 files, which is certainly not nearly what I use to get for a full scan Then I get a popup that says "We scanned everything, but... We found some unprotected spaces on the device" I would like for all the spaces on my device to be protected, particularly so I feel comfortable using my phone again. How do I do that?
  10. Hello, I am using Kaspersky Free Korean version. When will the new version of Kaspersky Free be available in Korean? Looking forward to a positive answer.
  11. I've recently just downloaded Kaspersky a few days ago. My account stayed logged in for 2 days on my computer but however on the 3rd day when I was conducting a scan I was logged out of my account and had to log back in which compromised my device'ssecurity. Is this a bug or a hardware/software issue.
  12. So I just activated Total security and Internet security, and I thought the internet security would only be activated after my total security expire? Anyway, after a crashed windows update caused by the application, both my KTS and KIS became Kaspersky Pure (picture below), and my android phone is still the free version of Kaspersky? Is there like a mobile and pc version of KIS? Also, the Security cloud application seems to be activated with a 3 years protection for 3 devices but my subscription is listed as free, and my current device seems to be expired. I'm lost here folks. What's the difference between Total security, Kaspersky Pure and Security cloud free? Is KSC better than Kaspersky Pure, or is it like Kaspersky SC Paid>Kaspersky Pure>Kaspersky SC Free>Kaspersky Total? What are the differences and capabilities? TA
  13. Boa noite, Num telemóvel com SO Android 10 com Kaspersky Free apareceu uma mensagem que nunca vi, nem soube o que fazer. Acho estranho a verificação só ter demorado 2 segundos e aparecer esta mensagem. Sendo o anti-vírus, seria suposto ter logo acesso a todo o sistema. O que devo fazer? Obrigada
  14. Hi, How can i disable reading, creating and editing .RTF files using Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.0.0 For Windows. here is the graphical interface of my Kaspersky
  15. Dear, Kaspersky i have seen a lot of test videos and websites that have tested your product but what all the tests show me is that pup detection is not soo good so please improve the pup detection for any kaspersky products please.
  16. Hi forum is it normal that when I use my windows 11 laptop with i5-10210u CPU, and Kaspersky lab launcher use 11% of the total CPU when I launch any Microsoft office apps or any adobe apps, but also any game my laptop can handle and when I just use my browser it use 6% of total CPU usage and the ran on the new 22.9 version is a bit higher then on Kaspersky free 22.3 version what is the thing that make Kaspersky free 22.9 use so much CPU and RAM then your older 22.3 version
  17. Hello, Something new as appeared with the last update of Kaspersky. I had never any issue with it, I was very happy, but until recently, Kaspersky window opens up without notice on my desktop for no apparent reasons. I tried to deactivated all notifications etc, through Kasperky app and windows, but it still opens up obstructing my desktop, which is fairly annoying. it usually happens after launch like 10-15 minutes after booting the PC. The new UI/UX of Kaspersky is less clear than the one before, and I can't find that option to let Kasperky running in the background without showing up. I'm strating to think to change to another antivirus if I can't solve this issue. Does anyone have a solution to that? Thank you.
  18. Kav free installed, its full of redirect bugs. 20% of app links are broken. Hire me as a QA or rewards
  19. Hello, I am new to hack and penetration testing and want to be assured that I am not downloading malicious files. For context, I am running Kali Linux in a VM and want to update Python. upon running the command └─$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y I became very aware of numerous files blocked by Kaspersky that appear to be malicious, but in reality very well may just be tools that are used to perform Hack and Penetration Testing. Please reference the screenshot below. I also will paste my report if needed, but seeing as it contains minor personal information (name of PC and my username) I don't want to do that unless absolutely necessary. Thank you in advance for the help! -Ghost
  20. Hola, recientemente he formateado mi PC y he instalado Kaspersky, pero estaba muy indeciso a la hora de instalar, y he cancelado la instalación 2 veces antes de instalar el programa completamente. Cuando se abre el primer instalador, genera un instalador con la versión más reciente de Kaspersky en la carpeta ProgramData, luego este se abre y al cancelarlo, este se queda allí también dejando un acceso directo en el escritorio para realizar la instalación más tarde, no me había dado cuenta de esto, y por cada instalación utilicé un nuevo Setup descargado. Debido a que cancelé la instalación, estos archivos se quedaron en la carpeta ProgramData, ya la tecera vez instalé completamente el programa y es el Kaspersky que tengo ahora. Al limpiar los datos temporales en Kaspersky y reiniciar se borró el instalador utilizado, quedando solamente las dos carpetas de instalación anteriores que nunca realicé, las cuales posteriormente borré. Me preguntaba si el hecho de haber cancelado la instalación antes de la instalar Kaspersky podría tener consecuencias o si afectan la seguridad. La verdad es que soy una persona bastante perfeccionista, ya había formateado 4 veces seguidas hace poco y no quisiera hacerlo nuevamente. (PD: Utilicé el instalador de la versión Free, aunque aún me quedan 7 días de Plus)
  21. I found myself without a working keyboard or mouse after installing Kaspersky Free. LUCKILY, the mouse worked when I unplugged it since it's wired and wireless. I scoured the internet for a solution to my problem and quickly learned that has been an issue with Kaspersky since as early as 2016!? I saw that while keyboard input seemed, blocked, I was still able to communicate between PC and keyboard adjusting volume and opening calculator, for example. Moving forward, I tried uninstalling the devices multiple times and reinstalling them (after system restart), I tried modifying the registry, I tried running several different scans... ZERO luck. Then I thought, "Maybe disable Kaspersky?" Still nothing. I uninstalled, restarted, nothing. Windows troubleshoot was unable to fix my "driver error". I caved and called Kaspersky - this seemed promising since the rep sounded friendly! Alas, they told me the problem was not due to Kaspersky (I KNOW it was since that was the only significant change I made to my system), they could not help me and that I might need to contact Microsoft (ROFL, no)... Solution: Hold the shift key and restart the PC. Select a restore point from before installing Kaspersky. Wait about 10 minutes (will vary by system). Thanks for nothing, rep! ZERO effort. I hope you are shown this and not reprimanded, but at least LEARN to apply yourself to help customers. Call Ref #: 14316475
  22. Salve, ho un problema, dopo aver ripristinato Windows ho reinstallato l'Antivirus Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, dopo aver eseguito l'accesso mi dà: "L'applicazione non è stata attivata". Come posso risolvere? Allego le foto del problema. OS: Windows 11 Home 22H2 Versione applicazione:
  23. Hi , I'm Mohamed Ahmed, I'm a new user to my kaspersky Free , i installed The product successfully , now its time to activate the Product ; to enable the protection but , when i try to activate it , it says connection problem ( see screenshot ) for better understanding - I live in egypt , im using win 11 , 22h2 - My internet Connection is Working I contacted Kaspersky Lab Support , but i didn't get any Fix for the problem - I tried to use Kaspersky Security Cloud Free But the Same Problem Hope you Guys can help me . best wishes
  24. Note: I rooted my device. For some reason, my tablet has been turning off without warning or shutting down at weird battery percentages (when it shut down at 83% it now showed off 38%, or even it shut down at 80% and it showed off 0%, not sure if it's a battery issue or the Trojan Is eating up battery, or it even remains at 100% for a long time and then shuts down to 0%).
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