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  1. +1000 pour Coyoteman. Devant l'inertie du support technique et des responsables chez KL, les usagers comme nous, ne sachant plus à quel Saint se vouer, tentons de mettre de la pression sur KL via les forums, en s'imaginant que les "spécialistes" du forum bénéficient d'un certain respect de la part de ces responsables chez KL, lequel respect devrait permettre aux spécialistes des forums de passer les messages de mécontentement des usagers et de sonner les cloches à qui de droit. Malgré tout le respect qui est dû à la majorité des mods et intervenants réguliers des forums, il semble évident que vous non plus ne faites pas le poids face aux actuels incompétents chez KL. Comme on dit par chez nous ... KL se câlisse de ses clients. Alors, après plus de 7 ans de fidélité, j'ai crissé ma licence de Pure 3 à la poubelle. Ils ne me reverront jamais plus. Bonne chance tout de même à ceux qui attendent patiemment en se rongeant les ongles.
  2. Hi, Fort what it's worth, after saving a copy of my password database, I completely removed Pure 3 from my computer ( kavremover ), restart, installed the Sticky Password Pro free 30 day trial, imported the previous database with the import/export feature, and all is fine. I will now have time to search for a new password manager solution. I threw my Pure 3 into the garbage, even thouh I had renewed my licence for another 12 months ( big mistake ). I personally do not trust Kaspersky Labs anymore, as they now show complete customer disrespect and obvious lack of technical competence. I opted for free AV and firewall products, which are actually performing quite well. Good luck to all ... Bye !
  3. KL is selling a product ( Pure) which is only partly functional ... that is called misrepresentation and plain theft. OK, lets end this right away ... a vegetable would definitely be more receptive and customer oriented. And you can ban me if you want, I'm leaving anyway ... Adios Kaspersky ! One former idiot KL customer.
  4. You are simply avoiding the problem, which is, in my opinion, KL unwillingness to really put adequate resources to make the necessary corrections to the program. How do you explain that the original program, Sticky Password, is always updated within a fraction of the time it takes KL to do the same. If KL cannot successfully integrate that password manager to its Pure program, well just let it go and stop selling a program that does not work properly. Two words : respect and integrity. Add them to KL's dictionary.
  5. Regardless of the ridiculus frustration generated everytime a user posts a "when" question , I ask any KL representative reading this post : Do you really think it is normal, for a supposedly high tech company like KL, to tell users to wait weeks and now months for a patch for the password manager in Pure, and furthermore with an attitude that shows that you figure that it is absolutely normal. Like it has been said plenty of times on many KL user forums, people pay good money for your software and we are entitled to get a fully functional program for the duration of the licence, not only from time to time. Like Marvolo said, your customers are not idiots ... and I too am considering opting out. KL people do your job and do it fast for a change ... before it is too late ... good reputations take years to build, don't jeopardize your's.
  6. Hi, When I write about " a joke ", I mean to be a bit sarcastic about the PWM update frequency in Pure 3 ... we're not talking days or even weeks, but months waiting for an update to make it compatible with Firefox ! As a matter of respect towards users, KL should stop eluding the PWM / Pure 3 problems, it should be adressed openly and honestly. Again, we're talking months here ... patience has it's limits ... Thanks.
  7. Is this a joke or what ? See http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=260928 The PWM updates in Pure so far have been mostly done through patches that had to be downloaded seperately. Furthermore, the above mentioned thread simply proves that PWM updates are a mess and a nightmare for Pure users, and forum mods as well, as they have to deal with user's questions and growing unsatisfaction. So an upgrade to Pure based on it's superior handling of PWM is pure nonsense
  8. Hi Venze, Guess what, your solution did work on my computer and the FastMM error message is gone when I start System Mechanic ! Thank you ! Will you be the person that will prove me, and many other users, wrong about KL Tech Support's apparent lack of efficiency ? Even though I really don't understand how Password Manager comes to interfere with a program like System Mechanic, I thank you again and I sure hope that the other Password Manager problems will also be settled soon. Good work !
  9. I contacted System Mechanic support a few weeks ago and even without knowing that I had Pure installed, they did confirm that it was a Kaspersky Pure related issue, but they did not have a solution. I did not insist, as their customer support rivals KL's in terms of weakness ...
  10. Hi, Same problem, in my case it happens only when I open System Mechanic. If I close Pure, System Mechanic opens without the pop-up error message. And no, I haven't bothered to contact tech support on this problem either ...
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, but like so many others, I'm fed up and i'm throwing in the towel as soon as my subscription ends in a month or so. Thanks to the mods on this forum, too bad your good work can't compensate for KL's lack of respect.
  12. Hi, Considering the unacceptable waiting time to resolve the PW Manager issues, which are understandably not Forum resolvable and definetily not a priority for tech support (no intelligent reply after 2 weeks, only automated response ), does somebody know if there is a way to go over tech support to file a complaint directly to someone in charge and customer oriented at KL, taking for granted there is such a person ??? I could not find any link besides the tech support link. Thanks.
  13. Well ... despite the great work by the mods on this forum, it seems that once again, KL upper management has erased one important word from it's dictionary, and that word is "RESPECT". I too am getting fed-up with all this waiting and I really don't know how much of my respect towards KL will remain when my subscription expires in a couple of months. Not good ...
  14. Hi, I must agree with Rondoval ... I too just upgraded to Pure 3 and I too do need the portable PWM option for exactly the same reason. We are getting less for our money ... totally unacceptable.
  15. Hi, In Pure 2, if I forgot to disconnect a protected vault, it was automatically disconnected when the computer was shut down, so the protected vault had to be re-opened with the proper password when the computer was powered-up again. In Pure 3, if not properly disconnected, the protected vault remains unlocked even if the computer is shut down, so my data is easily accessible to anyone able to bypass the windows login screen. I searched for some configuration options, but found nothing. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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