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  1. ftp://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/produc...omeuser/kpm5.0/ This is where i got mine.
  2. Go to "Settings" -> "Update" -> "Settings" -> "Additional" -> "Copy updates to folder" -> "Browse" select the target folder and when you want to update from there, just set the location as an update source.
  3. Yes that hack is Namesproofer isn't it? I also play Warcraft III. But Maphack (mh) and the other tools are not detected. Why? Only Namesproofer is a malware?
  4. Don't forget there was Christmas time and New Year. At Russia they celebrate Christmas on Januar 7... I don't think they will write any emails under the Christmas tree.
  5. Ok, I am sure that MP!L is compatible with KIS. Millions of users have both programs installed without any problem. Btw, did you tried to update your network driver? That issue has red code, MP!L "only" orange.
  6. You cannot solve the problem, the 4 computer have the same IP address so google receive more requests in the same time.
  7. Maybe you live in a house there are more computer than one? If you have one IP address on all computers and google receive requests from some of those, that can cause this alert. (I hope you understand what I want.)
  8. KIS blocks the downloadable file. It is: "Trojan-Clicker.Win32.VB.alu" They just need to install KIS/KAV2009.
  9. Hi! Do you have some system "rewriter" tools like Deep Freeze or Shadow Defender? If you install another program will it be there after restart?
  10. I think 80 Mb is not enought, please free up some place on you systemdrive.
  11. I also noticed that, but not just with java. At many installs/setups.
  12. If you have active treats on your system and you choose "Ok" when asked to disinfect your computer will auto-reboot after scan completed. Maybe your infection cannot be removed and it always restarts? Have you got any messages/popups before reboot?
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