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Found 11 results

  1. Após instalar o Kaspersky Password Manager, o mesmo trava na inicialização. Tentei reiniciar o computador mas o problema persiste e eu preciso forçar o encerramento da aplicação. Alguém sabe como proceder? Já abri chamado no suporte e até agora nada, também. Desde já, agradeço.
  2. hello i use kaspersky premium on mac and enable feature webcam protection and enable kaspersky notification on mac setting webcam protection feature is very very good but every open my other app notification webcam protection show too excessively such as - App store, - Preview, - Browser, - VLC player And so on. I agree that a notification will be displayed when a virus or malware is detected. But for webcam protection, notifications are too frequent. You should notify only once or you can choose to turn off notifications for just this part. I definitely want to turn on notifications overall to see and hear if. Kaspersky has detected a virus or malware. But the notification for webcam protection is very annoying when opening other apps. Every day I open and close the app a lot and keep getting annoying webcam protection notifications. I would like to send a message to the developer team to improve this. sorry if my english isn't good i use google translate. thank you advance.
  3. bonsoir tout le monde ,je viens d'acheter un deuxième abonnement Kaspersky pretium pour mon MacBook Pro Sonoma ,je viens de voir qu' il est déjà active ,alors que j'ai le premier abonnement toujours en cours d'utilisation ,il n'expire d'après 80 jours , comment faire pour stopper le 2 eme abonnement jusqu'à la fin du premier abonnement ,merci
  4. Merhaba, Kaspersky deneme sürümüne sahibim. Kurulum yapmak istediğimde Şifrelenmiş trafiğin incelenmesine izin ver diyor ve ben izin ver butonuna basıyorum. Şifremi girdikten sonra herhangi bir hata mesajı almadan tekrardan izin ver diyor yani bir şey değişmiyor. Hi, I have a Kaspersky trial version. When I try to install it, it says 'Allow inspection of encrypted traffic' and I click the 'Allow' button. After entering my password, it asks for permission again without showing any error message, so nothing changes.
  5. Hola que tal No se si alguien le pase el mismo problema tengo Kaspersky standard y si habilito la navegación segura y el bloqueador de ataques de red, el servicio de traducción de safari deja de funcionar mostrando la leyenda "No se pudo conectar con el servicio de traducción". Si deshabilito esas dos funciones vuelve a funcionar.
  6. I purchased Kaspersky premium antivirus, and I wanted to use my Kaspersky VPN that is included. This VPN is giving me some serious issues. First Issue: The VPN didn't even work when I first tried connecting it. It turns out (from reading support), if you are running macOS and you have Kaspersky Internet Security/ Security Cloud installed, the kill switch won't let it make a connection. That took me HOURS to figure out. Anyway, I uninstalled the antivirus portion (which is the reason I bought the product) which then led me to my second major problem. Second Issue: After uninstalling the antivirus, I can connect and use the VPN, but the kill switch DOES NOT WORK. The VPN disconnects when I am away from my laptop, and my IP Address is exposed. This is a major issue, I feel, coming from such a reputable company. The only piece of software I am using on my Mac from this company is the password manager at the moment, and I am seriously considering changing that. Conclusion: We should be able to use the kill switch with our premium and plus antivirus (Other VPNs let me do this) on our Macs. If the kill switch cannot be fixed, at least give us a SOCKS5 server or something so we can actually use the VPN without leaking our IP address the way it is intended. Kaspersky, you guys have a great antivirus, but I am seriously bummed since I purchased Premium when it is giving me issues using it with the VPN. 🙁 EDIT: I am running macOS Sonoma
  7. I've just updated macOS to 14.1.1. Kaspersky Standard was open and requesting a reboot when I performed the update. The application name in the menu bar is no longer "Kaspersky Standard" but now reads "Nëw Application" (note the umlaut on the E). What's going on? Is this a known bug?
  8. Hey, guys! We have reports of issues on Sonoma-upgraded MacBooks that KES is cutting the network connection. After stopping the KES for Mac service, the connection is reestablished. Do you know if there are any compatibility issues?
  9. Hello, Kaspersky password manager is not working sometimes in all the browsers supported by kaspersky on mac. I have tried to disable and then enable the plugin, quit password manager and then open again, nothing seems to fix it. It happens randomly and i have to manually copy and paste the passwords.
  10. Добрый день! В macOs Sonoma 14.0 (Apple M1 Pro ), после того как хранилище паролей автоматически блокируется, невозможно работать за компом. Все клики нужно делать дважды. Просьба исправить этот баг.
  11. "There is no application set to open the URL kpm-agent-product-action:?action=DoNothing;isStartupAction=1." message constantly appearing since I updated my Mac OS to Sonoma. Multiple popups obscuring all my work. Kaspersky how do I stop this happening Pat
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