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  1. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am5VxbugtT5qi7kCHBmTdnOQ1g6BHQ - From the KSC Server.
  2. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    Which machine do you need that file from? I assume the KSC server, but wanted to check. Let me know!`
  3. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    When a Windows Update installs I wouldn't expect it to have anything to do with Kaspersky. I checked in the Network Agent Policy and WSUS is unchecked. So if you can't undo it what do you do, reinstall KSC? if so... what do I do about all my Kaspersky Clients?
  4. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    ok so I think the root of the problem might have something to do with a WSUS integration at one time. How do I remove all integration with WSUS from the KSC? Today the LDF files are growing again and I just saw a machine that was updating and Kaspersky popped up wanting to reboot, so I think they are still integrated. We don't want them to be.
  5. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    Howdy! Thanks for the link. I wasn't able to follow the exact steps because I am using SQL Express, which doesn't allow for Local Publications to be configured via SQL Management Studio. However, I was able to use the following to fix the issue. USE master EXEC sp_removedbreplication @dbname = 'KAV' GO All the space has been reclaimed. Any idea what might have caused it?
  6. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    As far as I am aware, no. We have a separate WSUS server just for this purpose. If you think that could be a factor, let me know what to check to confirm. Appreciate it!
  7. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    Howdy! After the backup finished, I ran the db maintenance job. It took over 24hrs to finish the backup, it was around 900gb. So that means KSC was not running the whole time. Doing another backup would cause KSC to be offline for another 24+ hrs. Any tips? Here is the error: Generic db error: "3023 'Could not adjust the space allocation for file 'KAV'.;Backup, file manipulation operations (such as ALTER DATABASE ADD FILE) and encryption changes on a database must be serialized. Reissue the statement after the current backup or file manipulation operation is completed.' LastStatement='DBCC SHRINKDATABASE(0) WITH NO_INFOMSGS;'"
  8. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    I think that might be it. I noticed the backup failed because it ran out of disk space. I think the backup job and db task are run too close to each other. Once this backup finishes I will run the task. Problem it, it's about 700 gig, so the backup will take a while
  9. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    Howdy! So I thought this was resolved. I have the Shrink task running, but the LDF file is still almost 1tb. So I run the shrink task in SQL Management Studio, and while the task was running the space was recovered. However when the task was finished, the space was take up again. Any idea why the ldf would be so massive?
  10. I just deleted and recreated the task. I manually ran it, and it appeared to run ok. Tomorrow when it run automatically we will see.
  11. The last path was 10.3.407 B. IIRC, this behavior starting after or roght about the same time as the patch was installed.
  12. Here is the export of the report task. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am5VxbugtT5qi7UPD9yp2c19lGx69Q
  13. Howdy! Within the past week, I have noticed a problem. Everyone morning at 7:00am I am flooded with reports from the KSC Server. The emails are continually repeated till 8:00am in the morning. Before this started happened, the reports started at 7:00am, and I would get 18 emails which I consider normal. Now, I am getting those same 18 emails over and over until 8:00am. It stops at 8:00am on the dot. Looking at the Report Delivery task: starts at 7:00am Runs every day Runs all reports (all boxes checked) I am running KSC 10.3.407 patch B Ideas?
  14. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    Howdy! I ran the DB maintenance job, and that solved the problem. Thanks for the tip!
  15. KSC MDF/LDF File size [Solved]

    Thanks for the explanation. To be honest that might be enabled. We don't need it for Windows Patches etc, but for other items like Chrome, and Flash etc, that could come in handy. I took over KSC duties from someone, but I am still getting my head around it. No just noticed the size recently when we were moving the VM to another host. I looked to see why it was taking so long, then noticed the size of the disk. In the General Section of the properties of the server, the listed version is: 10.3.407. Not sure if that is changed when updated to the latest patch. I haven't done anything to install it, but if it's auto patched then it might have it. Here is a link to the data - https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am5VxbugtT5qi7UDvypM7Ty9NjkVgA Thanks, appreciate it!