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  1. See, i have noticed that there are many topics that have ended with the Moderators/Helpers comment. So.. why don't you make this - When you come on the forums, this appears "Welcome *nick* you have *number* answer(s) on your topic. Click here to go to it" Or something like that..
  2. if u use Malwarebytes turn off the Real protection off..... It Will Conflict with Kaspersky. 2) its SKYPE and AVP(kaspersky) procceses... So it isnt any kind of malware.
  3. Hello, i whas just openning Kaspersky Keyboard to see are there any changes.. Okay i started To Type But Whats This? Suddently When I press Any Letter Or Number one time it types it three times! Why? Like This I press The A And It Types - AAA Is This A Bug Or Something?
  4. Hi, Dont Use Malwarebytes With Kaspersky Use Malwarebytes as demand(scanner) only! Cause It can conflict and cause errors later or now.
  5. Cause BETA Testing Is Over There Is A Full Release Of Kaspersky 2012 Like Allways 30 Day Trial
  6. Hello, I Have Kaspersky Anti-Virus (b.c.d).. So My Question Is This: Is It Normal That I Dont have (a.b.c.d) but i have (b.c.d)? At First When I Deleted 1.400 And Installed 2.556 i haved only ( But When I Updated it Now i have (b.c.d) :/ Hope U Will Help Me As Usually, Regards
  7. 1) Uninstall kaspersky old version (1.400) (if u buyed kaspersky save activation code(or something like that) it will be in the uninstallation) 2) go kaspersky.com download the newest version 2.556(i guess) save it to desktop, when downloaded install. and enjoy the full protection of kaspersky Regards
  8. k thx, but welll actually i didnt buy the license. My PC Whas Infected while re-installing (fixing it) They Buyed it sooo..... Yeah thx
  9. Hello Everyone So I Have Buyed Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011 License From Your Website, (no i dont have the box) I haved the trial and i liked it! And I Forgot Where I Saved The License (Or Even If I Have It) So I have The Version (a.b.c.d) And If I Delete This KAV 2011 1.400 And Instal the newest version of KAV 2011 will i still have my license? Hope U Will Help. Regards.
  10. thx Its Really Good + I Have My Old License 130 Days Left ))
  11. Oh, Never Mind I Forgot To Uninstall Norton Fully... Everything is okay
  12. Hello, I Whas Using Kaspersky Anti Virus A Long Time Ago, Then The Trial Whas Ended, I Uninstalled it with the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, And I Installed Norton, Right Now I Wanted To Install Kaspersky AV 2011 Back But When It Whas About To Complete Its says: Rolling Back Action, And Then A Permament Error. So Now I DONT Have Any Anti-Virus.... Please Help, P.S I Have Registered At GSI but i dont recieve the email to Log in :@
  13. Umm.... How do u know ur infected ? Can U Take An Screen Shot for the Kaspersky Lab? If u Have paint 1) Print Screen 2) Open Paint 3) CTRL+V ......
  14. Its Kasperskys 2010 internet browser addons (anti-phishing filter or virtual keyboard) i think... its like Website Checker. i gues sits good.. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=129892 <---- And http://www.pallab.net/2010/04/24/what-is-k...lbar-component/ <---- Hope I helped... Good Luck.
  15. Sorry... But I Do Not Know So Much... Can U Take An Photo? Open Kaspersky Then Reports or quarantine. or something... then active threats or detected threats. press Print Screen Go To paint press CTRL + V and send the picture maybe somebody will help.... Try Downloading Malwarebytes or hitmanpro 3.5 free.... If u can maybe they will gonna detect it Good Luck
  16. hmm........ Well If Its Green (when u open kaspersky) Then its okay... maybe some problems on gadget? .... I dont know.. Try To Restart The PC?... If The Gadget is still red or yellow try to update or scan the computer i dont really know..
  17. Yeah Open Kaspersky ... Then Loook Is The Kaspersky *gui* Green *Safe* Yellow *needs update or something* Red *viruses or needs an update* .....
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