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  1. 恢复下卡巴默认设置 重启电脑再试试
  2. use any installer to complete installation enter key for Plus it will automaticly transform to Plus
  3. 技术支持上报样本可能比较慢 但一般都有回复 你再等等或者再发一封邮件催催 不过现在上报体验确实很差,以前我在opentip上报,可以用关键词触发人工分析,现在也得不到回复了。 不过有的朋友确还是可以得到回复。我也不知道为啥。
  4. 没区别 不可以,反之也不可以 国内现在买KAV可以激活KStandard 国外你就买Standard
  5. 1 既属于也不属于 KART没有文件防护也可以反rootkit 2 可以 3 可以通过只使用一款杀毒软件来解决。多个杀软都会冲突,不算是问题。
  6. that is interesting now I am scanning C drive and I get three avp.exe running two are less memory eaten and have similar command line. the two numbers from the command line is different.
  7. my bad I also have two avp.exe running the less memory eaten one has a command line '-host -hostId=2484719374 -securityCookie=2248 -initParameters=' the big one has no command line the avpui.exe will get -hidden or -splashscreen
  8. sadly I only have K Standard which has no new feature. Yes. before I did not notice such odd two avp processes. will check again tonight.
  9. that is not correct I have not meet such interesting thing highly likely to be a bug I will install K back tonight than try reproduce
  10. 在你选择对移动硬盘执行扫描的那种扫描(比如可选择扫描) 的设置里关闭扫描压缩文件 复合文件 安装包的选项。 在你遇到可以来源的安装包时,可以单独对它扫描之后再使用,没必要混在一起扫描。 卡巴有个毛病 遇到特别复杂的压缩包和复合文件时,会产生过的日志导致近程崩溃
  11. also read this https://www.kaspersky.com/enterprise-security/wiki-section/products/machine-learning-in-cybersecurity
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