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  1. and you should not if you start uninstallation from windows control panel and no error occured during the removal
  2. the normal behavior of simply start the tool is showing all the product it is able to remove choose one to proceed
  3. 专业人士还真是不一样 我现在才知道小米路由器后台叫小强!
  4. 您试试把有线网卡禁用了,退出卡巴,启用网卡,打开卡巴 会有变化吗?
  5. which kind of start-up are you referring to? the shield icon in lower right task bar which indicate that kaspersky service is loaded or the kaspersky program interface UI opened after you boot up your system without your mannul click the program icon in the desktop? (this is a bug)
  6. 流氓软件还敢来这里大放厥词
  7. why not try to restore the settings of your broswer? and do not use any extension in your broswer. or re-install your broswer?
  8. 首先 卸载杀软首先使用控制面板卸载,卸载完后需要尽快重新启动系统再进行别的动作。 安装杀软完成后 更新一次之后,也建议你重新启动下电脑。 win8及以上系统,默认开启快速启动功能,需要重启 而不是关机在开机。 如果你遇到了报错信息,我建议你贴上截图或日志,要不然也不知道你说的问题点到底是什么引起的。 建议你更详细的描述的你的问题。
  9. you can ask support if there is a global version to obtain and activate. it is the best idea to get an english language version which also comply with GDPR.
  10. you need to contact K support and change the region of your my Kaspersky account. after that the installer you download from my kaspersky website will get right language. not only the language of the website.
  11. Strictly speaking, K has such functions As for whether it achieves the design goal, it depends on your test results and how you understand the test results.
  12. It looks good🙂 the max protection is that you type in a password input box via K‘s virtual keyboard in safe-money protected broswer. the password input box should be automaticly indentified by K and you will be suggested to use the virtual keyboard. a small lock icon will be displayed beside the input box.
  13. try to type in a password input box, try to type in password input box via K‘s virtual keyboard. SpyShelter may use kernel driver to intercept your input under R0 that way an AV program can hardly do anything. it is more important how to prevent a malicious driver from loading into system kernel. I have seen many times that K's PDM block malicious driver load into system. (detection name is PDM:Suspicious.Driver.Installation.b.4)~in your test, SS is a trusted program.
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