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  1. Open Firefox Certificate Store and remove exsisting AO Kaspersky Lab Certificate. Then click on Import and add C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP18.0.0\Data\Cert1.cert, select first or all three checkboxes. Report status after please.
  2. Workaround for this issue if you don't want to disable HTTPS scanning is to open about:config in Firefox and set security.enterprise_roots.enabled to true. Then Firefox will not display certificate error and HTTPS scanning will work.
  3. Open Kaspersky window (click on K icon in tray) -> go to Support -> Support Tools -> click on Disable traces and click on Delete all service data and reports.
  4. Same here with KAV After installing KB3013769 Windows 8.1 Update 1 x86 crashes during boot (BSOD) with following message: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION kl1.sys. I will post GSI if necessary. Now we will probably have to wait for new kl1.sys or KB3013769v2.
  5. I've deleted folder C:\test and KVRT 2015 cannot restore file that was placed in that folder. It should offer dialog where to save file.
  6. I'm using KAV 2013 (HTTPS scan enabled, HTTP instead of SPDY disabled) on XP and since Firefox 26.0 update when I attempt to load HTTPS sites (Facebook and VirusTotal) sometimes I get following message: I've tried reinstalling KAV and removing-readding certificate into Firefox but problem still appears randomly. All other applications like Thunderbird and Skype works without this certificate problem so I would like to ask other users who enabled HTTPS scan if they have similar issue with Firefox 26. Just to be sure if is it problem with KAV or Firefox or both.
  7. It is such a shame that Kaspersky employee wrote this. Windows Firewall should not be disabled if KAV is installed and no 3rd party firewall is installed. If it should be disabled it would be disabled during installation like during KIS installation (because KIS comes with firewall and KAV don't). Those who uses KAV use it for many reasons and I doubt one of them is not "not so active person in internetworking to be needed in Firewall". Yes they use same AV engine but KAV don't have firewall. Learn difference between KAV and KIS: http://www.kaspersky.com/compare 3x0gR13N wrote excellent explanation. @fretless You should add exclusions (Trusted Applications) in KAV (Do not scan network traffic) for programs you want to blocks network access with Windows Firewall. Scanning port 80 should not be disabled in KAV.
  8. That feature has been removed in 2014 version. Or at least, I haven't found it.
  9. At least Kaspersky could add Advanced Mode like one in ESET product. If not, I will to continue to use KAV 2013 until my bought license expires or until support end. After that, if Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations would not be available for home users, I will be forced to use EAV. And not only me, it will do anyone who used those removed advanced settings. I will also write this on Kaspersky Facebook page but it will probably be deleted. :b_lol1:
  10. I that case, you will have to click on KIS 2013 "Allow" when you try to visit malicious site from virtual machine.
  11. KAV/KIS 2013 ignores "Do not monitor network traffic" as far as I know. I have already partially solved it with interactive mode.
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