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  1. I am using a 2.8 two core machine with 4GB memory win 7 64bit . The quick scan runs but the full scan fails part way with the message stopped locking the machine solid. Please help as my only though is a new motherboard. The kaspersky version is 2014 (e) revision. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...efcbb9c7626edbe Thanks in advance
  2. Are all the problems associated with KIS2014 and IE11 now solved? Can I remove my system blocks that prevent IE9 being upgraded to IE11 by microsoft or should I await patch E? I am using win 7 64 bit
  3. Some years ago the forum 'approved' of running webroot windows washer and Kaspersky together on the same machine as there was no overlap. Kaspersky still has no product that does a similar task to the webroot offer but the webroot product is now replaced by Secure anywhere which runs I understand in a similar manner. Has anyone any experience of running the two together?
  4. I think you may have misunderstood me in my use of multiple scans but testing this morning has shown a possible flaw in patch d that also potentially explains several correspondents problems. The default automatic update appears in KIS 2014 to be released every 2 hours. If it is released and a user is running an older machine like my twin core E7400 there appears to be a potential conflict. I had always assumed that a scan running should stop/delay the upgrade. I have altered the settings so I only get the upgrades once a day immediately when I switch on in the morning. The full scan then worked perfectly. My two I7 units do not seem to have this problem. I am sure if I am wrong someone will tell me.
  5. Im using a twin core Asus P5Q with 4G DDR and find that if I try to run multiple full scans in one day then the machine falls over when the scan is running. I have narrowed it to when the next update is received from Kaspersky during a scan. I have used KIS for many years and multiple full scans has always been my standard practice. Is my practice of multiple full scans the root of the problem? I am sorely missing the user control of previous versions I know and understand why you changed but it did allow so much flexibilty.
  6. Every year for more than ten years I have used Kaspersky and every year I always have to remove the first variant in September and revert to the previous year The new product is always like new cars at the Frankfurt Messe rushed to meet deadlines. So with KIS 2014 it is no different in fact it probably a vintage year for not being ready. Too much effort to make it user friendly pity the installation is still very weak doesn't auto detect a previous version and keep the settings in line with the Don Pelotas good practice. So again I have reverted to 2013 probably until Jan or Feb next year as 2014 may actually be usable then. What causes the weaknesses is bad testing process. The trouble with user tests is they actually can cause errors to be put in as code is modified to meet a testers perception of a problem. Each year the code get flabbier and the concept of a base machine is forgotten So here is a suggestion:- the code must run on a machine running the environments XP, 7 and 8 , the processor minimum should be specified and the minimum amount of memory. Testing should not be done by customers but be a skilled 3RD party team contracted to Kaspersky. A deadline to stop supporting XP should also be set.
  7. This was done the first time as more than ten years experience of Kaspersky products has shown without doing this problems always happen. So I still say (g) does not finally fix the problems of (f) it is better but not a total fix
  8. Whilst running KIS2013 (f) the root/idle scan problem was solved by turning off those features. Since the whole point of (g) was as I understood the solution to this problem, I was happy to turn back on the root/idle features. However after a few days the problems associated with those features has returned. I am using Win 7 64bit with all fixes up to date. As the problem is not immediate and happens during a full scan I am assuming that the fix testing may have missed an important set of circumstances. It is not the initial root/idle scan that causes the lockup it is the allowing of either routine updates during a full scan or routine root/idle scan in this scenario. The problem is resolved again by turning off the root/idle scan features as was necessary in version (f).
  9. Just rebooted and problem is resolved. But why wasn't the reboot tagged onto the update like Microsoft do or even a message during the update would have been a starter to ask people to action this.
  10. Slightly confused this morning one machine auto updated to fix (g) and another stayed on(f). Both running win 7 64 bit. Any reason for this
  11. Having had the problems of KIS 2013 rev (f) hanging on two win 7 64 bit machines. I tried the solution of switching off the root and idle scan on one and a clean install from the UK Kaspersky web site on the other. The results were at first different as the UK site did not download rev (f) but rev (e) which actually worked perfectly. However when the next update came from the European servers it upgraded the (e) to (f) and the problems returned. The switching off of the root and idle scan seems to work but not happy with running any machine without the two segments in place. I also keep seeing references made to conflicts with the Malwarebytes products. However, they are not noted in any of the Kaspersky conflicts lists in any language. I personally think also that the conflict problem may only occur with the paid version which is like Kaspersky 2013 a resident product and not the free version which is non resident and only in effect a 3rd party scan. Comments welcome on my personal opinion.
  12. Videolan.org along with many other companies practice a good release process in that the new version always removes the old version prior to installation of the new version hence the need for the unistall. Videolan has recently released its latest version for customers to install however currently KIS users I dont believe can install it unless they turn off the KIS security for Videolan product before trying. However, I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.
  13. Many thanks for the response I have cleared the bits of favorit and the whole of spyware blaster but the defender signatures are proving a real pain in the neck. I can find no entry in the start sequence and no enries elsewhere except in the registry. I have now done a second GSI and there is still reference to the signatures . Advice please as I dont like just playing with regedit without some prior guidance ans the only reference to this problem I can find is in ehow and covers vista only GSI data after clearing the first two suggested areas
  14. As I have deleted the items found on the first scan I only attach the GSI report for suggestions on why the scans take so long and any improvements I could make http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9af2377eada9269 edit: clickable link.
  15. I have on three previous occasions installed KIS2011 in line with the recommended process on a windows xp 32bit machine only having to revert because of problems . Prior to installation I did a full scan and had no reported problems. after installing 2011 556 I found had multiple instances of the two virus trojan banker win 32 banker Bcvm and trojan psw win 32 delf fuf vitrtually all in the system restore files or in purchased packages. KIS gave only one alternative which was to delete. Once again the new installation is still taking many hours to do a full scan and still seems to hog resource on my single core machine 2.66 chip. Has anyone come up with a good set of efficient settings for KIS2011?
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