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  1. Hi.....Can you try and login on one of these two and see what happens. http://fsmail01.orange.co.uk/webmail/en_GB/login.html http://email.orange.co.uk/ Both of those can be found in this link below. https://community.ee.co.uk/t5/EE-Home-Broad...s-10/m-p/348493
  2. Hello .....Can you try with Trusteer Rapport uninstalled as it does the same thing as Safe Money. There will always be a conflict with both running. http://www.trusteer.com/support/uninstalli...pport-windows-8
  3. Hello....Your GSI and also the link that harlan4096 refers you to both have something in common. Both of you have Trusteer Rapport installed which does the same thing as safe money in KIS and is always shown in the GSI as incompatible...please try with Rapport uninstalled and see if any better. You cannot have both running without conflicts. http://www.trusteer.com/support/uninstalli...a-and-windows-7
  4. Hello....Trying clicking on the "fix it" in the link from Microsoft. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2730071
  5. Hello....Don't know what country you are in but this is the UK one. http://www.kaspersky.co.uk/kis_lrc_50off/r...dict=KIS_RETAIL The 1 user 1 year shows £19.99 with 50% off but if you have a 3 user 1 year its £24.99 with 50% off If you click on renew in the top link it takes you the the one below. https://store.kaspersky.co.uk/store?Action=...PaymentInfoPage
  6. Hello....Yes next month appears to be correct as you say. The last two lines at the bottom of the link confirm that. The range won’t be officially released until 2nd September for the UK, 19th September for Europe, http://betanews.com/2014/07/09/kaspersky-i...-fi-protection/
  7. Hello....Your date is almost 3 months behind as it shows... 4/19/2014 2:20:34 PM Your Kaspersky Install date: 18/04/2014 Adjust that to todays date/time and maybe reboot and then update Kaspersky. Also do a windows update as there maybe some missing.
  8. Hello....Yes its normal. Applies to all Kaspersky Lab home and small office products ­­Sometimes after updating antivirus databases, you can see that the number of registries (threat types) has decreased in databases. It is due to an optimization of antivirus databases (threat signatures) frequently done by Kaspersky Lab virus analysts. This optimization aims to improve the quality and reduce the size of antivirus databases issued for Kaspersky Lab users. This optimization is always in progress so the number of threat types can be dynamic. At the same time Kaspersky Lab specialists recommend watching that antivirus databases are up to date on your computer. Do not forget to update them regularly.
  9. Hello ....The signatures of 6467874 on yours are exactly the same as on my computer. So that most likely means the day... date...month or year are wrong on yours....please adjust.
  10. Hello.... Try doing the above again and then reboot your computer and see if the K icon shows
  11. Hello....Nobody is asking you to get involved in debugging,but they are giving you instructions for how it will work. Dmitry Ulsky has suggested the following and Marko13 has also repeated it. Just add https://www.national-lottery.co.uk in to safe money and select the option open in protected browser and when you click to open it will open with the green border....what could be easier than that and it works fine here in UK with FF28. Also if you were to Google National Lottery and then on My Account it will also open in Safe Money.
  12. Hello....Running the Pro version of MBAM since 2009 and KIS 2012 was the only version where KIS uninstalled it but you could then reinstall it. The Pro version of Mbam ran along with all versions of KIS without conflict for me including the 2013 version which your using. Apart from KIS 2012 i had no problems d/loading a new version of KIS with Mbam installed. Currently using KIS 2014 and the latest Mbam with no conflicts whatsoever. Best practice is to always put them in each others exclusion list and how to do that correctly can be found in the link below. Apologies but can only answer the first part of your post as i have never used sandboxie. https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=123449
  13. Hello....Don't know whether this is what your looking for. The 2 attachments are from pages 38 and 39 in the documentation for KIS 2014. http://support.kaspersky.co.uk/10620
  14. Hello ....Please check the time/day/month and the year in particular on your computer. Sometimes a power cut can cause it to revert to original date if you haven't changed it yourself.
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