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  1. This is a strange / confusing naming as well: https://i.imgur.com/jdM0KdD.png
  2. Kann ich bestätigen. Gestern bestellte Select-Lizenz meldet sich so in KSWS: Finde ich gut :bf:
  3. Nicht direkt auf jedem Server, aber bei jedem Kunden mindenstens einmal. So häuft sich das dann... Aber klappt, man muss halt auch bei A wie Administrationskonsole gucken und nicht nur bei K wie Kaspersky. Danke!
  4. Hallo, gibt es eine Möglichkeit die alten Admin Tools über's KSC zu deinstallieren? Ich hab jetzt testweise die ersten zwei Server mit der KS4WS und den zugehörigen Admin Tools aktualisiert. Die WSEE8 verschwindet logischerweise beim Update auf die neue Version, die alten Admin-Tools bleiben aber natürlich da. Was ja auch durchaus gewollt sein kann, wenn man von der Maschine aus verschiedene Versionen administrieren will. Trotzdem wäre es schön, wenn man die "alten" Admin Tools zentral vom KSC aus deinstallieren könnte. Gruß
  5. Hi, ticket INC000005355289 created last week. Waiting for response or further instructions.
  6. No agent policy on top-level. Only for KES10 and WSEE.
  7. Hi Artem, done it right after your post, but no change at all. But found something strange: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oy1eyk9hq5c4asl/2...sky%5D.png?dl=0 Some computers are having WUA-Status redirected to admin server. But only if no agent-policy is in force, with agent policy in place this status-flag disappears. Maybe this is the problem? Regards, Jens
  8. Hallo Helmut, bitte einmal Anleitung schicken, danke!
  9. Still no luck, folder size remains big. No agent policies at all, no Windows Update sync-task.
  10. Hi, deleted the top-level agent policy, stopped service and edited the reg keys. Again no change or cleanup of wsus files. But I have nine virtual admin-servers each with an agent-policy. Could not delete these policies due to an outstanding configuration change. Have to wait until noon to push the configuration to the majority of the computers. Thanks!
  11. No change until now, nothing happens. Waited already some hours. After the service (re-)start both keys set back to 0, so I think they are at the correct place. Maybe it's a problem that the original sync-task is not existent anymore?
  12. Can you please clarify what disable server service means? Should I disable or stop the "kladminserver" service, add the reg key and start it again? Thank you.
  13. FTServer.txt Screeshot, change of disk space when starting the update-task: http://i.imgur.com/dLVwmLa.png I know it will take a lot of space, when using KSC as WSUS. Therefore I don't want to use it as WSUS. It was just a mistake to activate the task this way... and now I want to get rid of these files.
  14. Hi, unfortunately not, already tried this yesterday. You mean this setting, right?: http://i.imgur.com/j1XPSJn.png I've also deleted the update-sync job, the files remain. Another strange thing is, that the clients formerly configured for the (meanwhile stopped and deleted) update task are still loading data from KSC. And they are connected via 1,5 mbit WAN connection... big problem. Is there any way to stop this from client-side? Reboot did not work.
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