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  1. Just did a quick web search for Error 2771. There seems to a lot of reports saying the same thing but with little or no answers for a solution. Seems like a generic error message basically saying........................."somethings wrong with your Kaspersky". I really don't mind paying for a full version of this software providing I know it works (with W7), also, it will not cause me any problems. So far, 0 out of 2. However, I'm reluctant to spend one penny if the thing will cause me grief. I would have thought that with the imminant launch of W7 and the importance of showing a good 'fit' between the 2 products Kaspersky would be going all out to make sure this runs smoothly. If I don't find a solution within the next 2 days........ kaspersky is coming off the HD.......... probably for good!
  2. Yup...... been there....... done that. Do you also get the message that the db is uptodate, or, doesn't need updating, BUT, the error sign (Red circle with white cross) is still showing against AV6?
  3. Many thanks for the prompt reply. I just tried downloading/installing from the link you gave me and got the following message. Internal Error 2771 - AdminKit Connector. Needless to say the installed failed. Any ideas what just happened?
  4. I must say I find the Kaspersky Website very hard to vavigate. From Saldrin's comments I decided to go look at the site to see if there was an update I could apply that would correct the Red circle "error" I'm getting. I originally downloaded the recomended version of AV6 for Windows 7 from their site when I installed Windows 7 about 2 months ago. The version I have is Windows Workstation I can't find this version mentioned anywhere on their site, not even by using the search pane. I am aware this is a trial version, possibly beta but can't find any record of it on the site. From my short time using Kaspersky (this is the first time.....ex Norton user) I quite like it, but this little experience is slowly making me rethink the whole thing. Does anybody have any advice.... should I wipe and reinstall, wipe and try one of the other trial packs..................... or simple wipe and go back to Norton?
  5. What you described Saldrin is the exact same problems I'm having. I'm thinking wipe-re-install. Maybe I should give the update route a go first. Thanks Guy's for the help so far. I'll report back with results
  6. I'm a little confused using this site in terms of ........ if I'm in the right forume etc. Also, because I'm using Anti-Virus 6 for Windows Workstations.... if this reported problem will even be looked at. I have readt that I will receive no support at all...................... In the hope that all the above is OK - Here is the problem. I've been happily using AV6 for approx 2 months with no problems. I have noticed though that I was having using Cubase and ASIO drivers. The problem seemed to be one of CPU resources...... in other words, I didn't have sufficient to run it properly plus AV6. So, I started to turn off AV6 when I wanted to use Cubase. All went well for approx 3 weeks until 2 days ago. I turned off AV6, used Cubase but when I turned AV6 on again I had a small red circle with a white cross in it in the tools tray indicating a problem. AV6 needed to be updated with new a database. This I did as before except now the red circle remains and Kaspersky will not update. Downloads happen but are not being installed, instead the whole computer freezes requiring a re-boot. The red circle remains and the virus definitions have not/are being updated. Any ideas anybody??????
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