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Jacqueline D

Internet stops after installing KTS

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  January 2018 I did a fresh installation of windows 10 with KTS2018 on it. No problems with it.

Two weeks ago I did a fresh installation of windows 10 and installed kts 2018 on it but after about 5 minutes my internet connection stops. First the browsers, chrome, firefox and edge, and then the other connections such as windows store, whatsapp and dropbox. Only my connection for torrents will continue to work. :rolleyes:

I used all possible combinations to get it working again. Windows without updates, windows with all updates up to the last major of October 2018, KTS 2018, the May 2018 update of KTS 2018 and KTS 2019.
And every time the same happens . I also tried the various solutions that circulate on the internet. And these also did not help.

System file and information sent to support and they come with the answer that mailwasher causes it because it would not be compatible with KTS. Weird because I use the combination KIS / KTS and mailwasher for more than 10 years :wacko:

Meanwhile I am afraid that there is no solution because I have already read a lot on the internet but no solution has been found. I have also just renewed my license and there is no prospect of a solution. So I hope I find an answer here.

I upload a folder withe screenshots and the systemfile from kaspersky to my own webspace because they are more than 4 mb www.incrodesign.nl/screenshots and systemfile kaspersky.zip

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Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the second (2nd) pinned topic. 

Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message.

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Jacqueline D hello,

Please tell me you INC number?

Does pausing protection help?

Does exit from the product help?

Try also to disable scan of encrypted connections in product (Settings - Additional - Network), then reboot and retest the issue. Tell me about the results.



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Mefodys I tested all weekend and you gave me the sollution :D.  I disabled the scan of encrypted connections and the internet is back. I will give the Dutch support this outcome to so they know it for the next time.

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