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  1. Little side note on your old 'illegal' license. As long as this license key or information is still available on your PC it might prevent you from activating a new license. So when you install the new license, make sure to REMOVE the old license information first, if it is still in your license manager window
  2. From past experience, learned that on NT4 localized systems, it could sometimes be a problem if only the name 'KAV' is used as name for the database. So change it during setup and name it KAV1 (so numbers and letters), or maybe even only numbers. Don't know what your character set (chinese) could affect to the authorization on your MSDE database.
  3. A bit off-topic, but for those who would like to know: Seems that from new admin kit version, there will be support for Novell environment too.
  4. ..Due out in June.. As in: Commercial release in June? On the beta server there is a new version of Admin Kit and Release candidate of workstation / fileserver online. But it seems those are still some steps away from release versions. Might want to download and testdrive them though Oh, and yes, these should support 64-bit to some degree. Most probably only the file anti-virus will work.
  5. If your tasks start with 'Automatic ... somthing', this is an automatically generated task. And it is true, you cannot delete it. To remove it - right-click on the (sub)group where it is located in, select 'properties' from the menu that appears. - Go to the tab 'Computers', - Remove the checkmarks at the 'Automatically install this application to computers in this group'. - Press Apply/OK to modify the settings for this group - Take a look at your 'tasks' folder again. It's like magic
  6. Well, it seems this is not about installing the right plugin, but might relate to the language locale of your system. Just to make sure, I've copied the screendumps of a european language set policy next to the one you posted. Results are in the pictures below. It seems that the width is the same for both policies, but there is something happening to the height of the policy field. Do you have this offset problem on more pages when admin kit is displayed?
  7. To add to that: As soon as your task for running the deployment is finished, you could check the 'History' button of that task. And probably you will see that it says 'Waiting for Reboot' for many of your deployments. This is absolute normal behaviour for a KAV WKS or FS upgrade.
  8. Can't go in to too much details here, but the bug reported for the considerable slowdown of fileservers was only reported a short while ago (approx. 1 month.) Solution was made and tested on a 300+ server array within 2 weeks after initial report. Then again.. KAV for FIleServer is a business product. Do you want new releases for this every month? And also require a restart after every upgrade? It'll be good for your servers uptime
  9. Have you attempted discussing this with your reseller, or the technical support team for Kaspersky business products in your county? Or you might want to use the Kaspersky online helpdesk page to get you the right assistance. It even allows you to upload certain memory dump files, or dr. watson crash dump files to the Kaspersky servers, so developers can check out what is going on.
  10. Just for your reference: KAV 6 on Vista is already discussed in the version 6 beta forum on this thread: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=16104 And it works (though not flawlessly)
  11. For those still looking on a solution/description for a solution.. Here's one: - Create a 'Virus Activity Report' on your admin kit. It will show you the exact location of your VNC installation and the riskware definition. Most of the time this looks like: Definition: not-a-virus-Win32-VNC.3240 Location: c:\program files\tridiavnc\vnc\ Now, write down, or copy these definitions to the 'Threats and Exclusions' in your workstation and/or fileserver policy. Please note that there might be some extra spaces in the file path. e.g. C:\<space>Program Files\<space>Tridiavnc Make sure to remove those spaces. After adding the Riskware exlcusion to your list, make sure to 'lock' the setting with the little locker on the 'Threats and Exclusions' tab, and wait a few moments for the workstations to synchronize to these new settings.
  12. Open KAV by double clicking on the KAV icon in your system tray in the bottom right corner, next to your time indicator. Go to the tab 'Settings' Click on 'Configure Real Time Protection' Click on 'Troubleshooting' Check the mark on 'Disable Real-Time protection Against Network Attacks' Click OK a few times to confirm these new settings. Reboot your computer and try this telnet again.
  13. When using a corporate environment... wouldn't it be easier to add the exclusion from a group policy on your domain? How to do this? Here's an interesting read: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  14. Hmz.. a 100% reply to these questions is tricky.. A good answer would include a survey of the products and their actual performance. But nevertheless, here's a go at anwering : 1) No. KAV 'Network Protection' is really only IDS on a basic level. It's no customizable firewall or anything. Basically, it can perform an action like: - detect intrusion attempt - block intrusion - take further action to make PC 'stealth' on the network. THe intrusions are detected on a 'known database of intrusion types' 2) Are you sure? Two real-time anti-virus products only bogs down your system. And for IDS / firewall it can be a similar story. With products taking over more and more functions, and covering similar areas in protection, it's not always a good choice to have a 'multi-vendor-policy' on 1 workstation. 3) Continued on question 2: Yes, you probably would be better off, since it offers a single interface for managing all settings, and limits chances of colliding software operation. Though I have to be honest that I'm not sure about the anti-spam component and how it stands up against SpamBayes 4) Which product do you mean exactly? Corporate firewall environments most of the time run on an already installed firewall system at your network, e.g. ISA server or Checkpoint firewall. Hope this covers some of your questions
  15. Administration Kit version 5.0.1150 had some 'issues' with software upgrades of workstation version. So it's advisable to update to admin kit version 5.0.1152. Then deploy the network agent v5.0.1152 again to your clients. And please make sure to create a correct installation package for the workstation. The software you download from the internet is 1 .exe file. But if you start the installation (just start the .exe), the first thing is ask you 'where do you want to extract files'? Normally this is in c:\kav\workstation\english\ When the files are extracted to this directory, you can use it to add a new distribution package to your administration kit 'Remote Install'.
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