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  1. Yes,this is no problem.But only when I don't exit and remove it, the kav or kis will not ask the password.
  2. Thank you for you help. I'am sure, my operate was no preblem.
  3. Yes,I'm sure.when I want to exit the kis or kav, it will ask me to the password. So I'am sure the password is set successful. Would you please try again? Thanks a lot!
  4. I think maybe this is vista new function. When sleep, please press the power and it will be wake up
  5. when I set the password of KIS/KAV, but remove it not ask me to write the password. I don't understand , why?
  6. description:"Update task complete. Update source not found. This error usually occurs when a connection is bad or unstable, or if network connection settings are incorrect. Recommendations: To troubleshoot this problem, make sure the network connection settings, update source availability, and the update source list are all correct. Then run Updater again. If the error occurs again, send the Updater trace to Technical Support to clarify the problem." ps :At share folder,not file build.
  7. 1. when I startup or check Groups,updates etc.very slowly,as refresh. 2. administration server and administration console ware installed on the same computer. I think,maybe MMC have a problem.when closde this window,show error info "KAV_AK_NODES_HOST:mmc.exe - application error"
  8. OK! Add server is Okey.but this kit is very slowly when I check other option. Closed is window of kit, error info "KAV_AK_NODES_HOST:mmc.exe - application error"
  9. when I add attached regfile. The window is not display full. Attached is this window. when closde this window,show error info "KAV_AK_NODES_HOST:mmc.exe - application error"
  10. yes,I apply regfile already.but not appeared dmp file.
  11. add reg file in the REGEDIT. run kit ,but not occur the error.so no new dump file to creat. OS: windows XP language:GB2312 Attachend is run adminkit,but not use
  12. one file is upload finish.but why other file is not upload.
  13. this file is OK.dmp658.tmp and dmp954.tmp.they are about 60.9 and 61.1MB. I open ftp://partner.kaspersky.ru,but no folder in there. I think I not username and passwd. what should I do?
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