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  1. Hello everyone, since recently I cannot open PDFs from my E-Banking site anymore. Here's my procedure: Open E-Banking via Kaspersky ( k) Safe Money in Firefox (62.0.3). Call a PDF download from my E-Banking site. Decide to open in Acrobat Reader DC (19.008.20074), as shown here: Acrobat Reader fails to open the document, as shown here: This translates to: "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has stopped working. A problem has prevented the application to run correctly." I have figured out this problem does not exist when I use Firefox in the normal, "non-Safe Money" mode. So I assume this is caused by a recent Kaspersky update. Also, it seems independent of the OS. I have one machine running Windows 7 Professional and one machine running Windows 10 Pro, both with latest updates. I am reading negative reports on Kaspersky 19, so I'm hesitating to update. I'd be grateful for any help!
  2. As Firefox 57 is coming closer, I have received an update from customer support: Good news!
  3. I stumbled upon this post via Google and wanted to share what customer support answered me: That's good news! Thank you, Kaspersky!
  4. Funny to see my post still alive after almost 8 months have passed. I just logged into my my.kaspersky.com account to see if there's any news regarding this issue, but there's only the reply which I got back in October 2016: As far as I understand, Firefox 57, scheduled to release upcoming November, will only support addons with the latest architecture (WebExtensions). WebExtensions should be multiprocess-compatible already, so I assume the Kaspersky addon doesn't match that standard. I'll update my support ticket with this information, maybe this will urge them to come up with a solution.
  5. Any word from the developers on this? Or is there an official way for posting feedback/feature requests?
  6. Hey Galileo, thanks for your reply. Altough I'm by no means a programmer or coder, how does the about:performance tab indicate Firefox is running with e10s? So far, I've checked this by going to about:support and looking for "Multiprocess Windows". When the Kaspersky plugin is enabled: (= e10s deactivated due to addons) When it's disabled: (= e10s activated) Maybe you can check about:support - maybe it's just a 64bit problem, since the x64 plugin was just released for Kaspersky 2017...
  7. Hello everyone, I just wanted to know if Kaspersky is planning to support e10s "Electrolysis" for Firefox in the near future? The problem is, Firefox users won't be able to benefit from this performance boost if only one single add-on he uses isn't compatible with this new feature. Right now, this is the case with the Kaspersky Internet Security plug-in for me (using Firefox x64). Very satisfied with Kaspersky so far, but as a loyal Firefox user I don't want to have to decide between security and speed. Greetings, an anonymous panda
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