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Found 7 results

  1. Is my computer infected and something is preventing Kaspersky from working properly? It never been like this before. It show how many files had been scanned but the percentage stuck at 1 and then just jump to 99 and doesn't show calculated remaining time either.
  2. I just wanted to start VS Code on Windows Subsystem Linux but VS Code updates automatically. The issue is a certificate which VS Code wants to access but it is blocked by kaspersky. Kaspersky is installed on Windows 10. I have the Total Securiy Version. Does somebody have a hint? What should I change? I have already installed ca-certificates without any Problem.
  3. Hello everyone Yesterday kaspersky detected a threat in my pc. Threat was detected by heuristic analysis. HEUR:Worm.Win32.Generic then I went to reports to see how kaspersky detected the virus. But I saw Threat level high Precision heuristic analysis Reason machine learning I was unable to mean this. This also raised a question on my mind : which technology really detected the malware. Please let me know which technology was used to detect the malware
  4. In meiner Inbox (des Spam - Ordners) waren vermehrt Email für einem 500€ Gutschein der "Firma Lidl"... Die Absender Email-Adresse ist so schlecht gestaltet, dass dieses Email bei jedem größeren Anbieter sofort in den Spam-Ordner umgeleitet wird. Aber der Inhalt ist in fehlerfreiem Deutsch verfasst und lässt (leider) wenig Zweifel zu. Auf meine Kontaktanfrage mit dem Lidl Kundenservice kam in der Antwort hervor, dass schon Mehrfach danach gefragt wurde und es völlig ausgeschlossen ist, dass Lidl so ein Gewinnspiel ausgeschrieben hat!!! (Es gibt diese Email Aktionen zu jedem größeren Anlass dadurch ist es nicht ausgeschlossen, dass es damit bald wieder losgeht...) Ich habe dieses Email in mitlerweile in 3 verschiedenen Versionen bekommen: zum Black Friday, dann zu Weihnachten und jetzt das mein "Gutschein" jemand anderem geschickt wird wenn ich nicht Antworte oder auf den Link klicke... Der Grund warum ich das hier poste ist, dass diese Aktion einen sehr großen Schaden anrichten kann da sie: gezielt auf Smartphones zugeschnitten ist. Reale Namen als Kundenkontakt auflistet (also Personen die wirklich bei Lidl arbeiten) Fehlerfreies Deutsch verwendet wird um den Eindruch zu erwecken das ganze sei von Lidl selbst. Schnell eine größere Reichweite hätte nur durch das Ändern der Email-Adresse. Deshalb VORSICHT, denn es gab schon mehrfach ähnliche Beiträge zu solchen Spam Aktionen dazu im Kaspersky Blog.
  5. Windows 10 KIS 2021 Hello everybody ! The files of my computer have been encrypted by a ransomware dvju and now, all of them have the extension .ttii Please, if someone has a solution to help me reset them back. They are very important for me. Thanks
  6. When playing game, I noticed that sometimes when I alt+tab there's a program that quickly closes almost as soon as I actually see the window switching screen. I can't get a good look at it, but I'm pretty sure it has no logo nor any name. It also doesn't have any sort of "body" (the window is just thin and transparent). I haven't really installed anything since I started having this problem. The only things I have were Vortex (a mod manager from nexusmods) and the Bethesda launcher, both of which, I think, had proper digital signatures and Kaspersky didn't pick anything up when installing. I also downloaded a .jpg or .png, but I don't think those contain malware (I can see file extensions/whether a file is an .exe, so I would've been able to tell if it was a program). Lastly, I did around 2-3 scans with Kaspersky SC Free since this started and it found some files it couldn't process in WinSxS (both are in a microsoft edge first time installer, which has a digital signature), but nothing malicious. I've been checking Glasswire (an internet connection monitoring software) from time to time. I don't see any suspicious programs connecting to the internet at the same times the window appears and closes, nor any seriously suspicious programs. I did notice my internet degrading at times for no real reason, but that could easily just be my bad inernet. My only idea was that it could be Wallpaper Engine, since I remember Steam asking whether I wanted to use local data or cloud data randomly, I chose local data. I don't remember if I did this before or after, but it was at around the same time the problem started occurring. I have no idea if WE is actually the culprit or not though. No one's tried to log into any accounts or anything either. Is it malware or something else? Is there any way to find out? I also did a scan with a second opinion scanner and it only got some tracking cookies, nothing malicious.
  7. Using Kaspersky (latest) for Windows 10, I get conflicting reports from Scan and System Watcher for this application: FastestVPN for Windows 10 “https://fastestvpn.com” Scan says 0 objects detected, and the Threat Intelligence Portal's (opentip.kaspersky.com) analysis says it's Clean, but System Watcher identified the background service (fastestvpnservice.exe) as a Trojan (PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic). Should I trust this application and add it to System Watcher exclusions? Or should I consider this application a threat and uninstall/disinfect? I submitted for re-evaluation a month and half ago but didn't receive results. Application: FastestVPNService User: ***** User type: Active user Component: System Watcher Type: Trojan Name: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic Threat level: High Object type: Process Object path: c:\program files (x86)\fastestvpn Object name: fastestvpnservice.exe
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