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  1. Йо, не могу подключится через Украину. Надо оплатить бател пас в genshin, через Украину в 2 раза дешевле. Что-то изменилось в законодательстве или тех. работы, нечего не нашел на просторе интернета.
  2. Dear Community. I have a problem installing the Diraclive speaker calibration software I had installed it once, but I forgot I installed it So I installed it a second time Halfway through the second installation process Kaspersky detected virus from diraclive-lastest.exe The message is PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic I think this is a false positive But I'm still a little worried about some security issues Hope the community can help me out with these questions Thanks.
  3. 1.Версия windows 22H2 ( сборка 22621.525) 2.Версия программы Kaspersky Anti-Virus (j) 3.После переустановки windows не могу активировать программу , выдает такую ошибку , есть код активации который брал подпиской в МГТС .
  4. Here's an interesting article I have read recently regarding "malware hiding inside images". https://gizmodo.com/malware-images-virus-photos-pictures-how-block-antiviru-1849572516?fbclid=IwAR0bD94-LvGKCbznJ0Dh2wNH3xb_BFz0F-sJDAX92MKtqfY7UiKtUcQHHlo I personally did not know about this until recently. I didn't know that this was possible. But of course, this technique makes sense because images are clusters of data and there's data within the data. My question is simple, as the heading implies. Can Kaspersky security suite of software scan images for malware? I've kept website scans of all URLs enabled and I want every website that I visit to be scanned by my Kaspersky antivirus. I want to know, do Kaspersky's anti viruses also scan images along with the URLs on elsewhere on a website? If not, are Kaspersky working on this feature right now? If not, then my request would be to work on this. Thanks.
  5. selam, çizim ve excel dosyalarımın sonuna .aabn diye bir uzantı geldi. virüsmüş bu. çok denedim ama kaldırmadım. bilgisi olan varmı. tşkler..
  6. Al iniciar el Kaspersky Total Security muestra ese mensaje. Estoy usando Windows 11 rama 22.H2 Alguna idea de cuáles son las funciones no disponibles y además como solucionar este problema. Saludos y gracias
  7. Недавно через ESET я сканировал ноутбук на вирусы вышел это, ваши программы не находят его, не пойму как его можно удалить ? переустановка виндовс не помог
  8. TR: Merhabalar. Direk konuya giriyorum Tarama da veya anlık olarak virus uyarsı vermiyor, karantinaya almıyor. Sadece raporlar da gözüküyor ve "işlenemedi" yazıyor. Fakat bir virus bulursa direk silerken bunlara hiç bir şey yapmıyor ne yapmam lazım bunlar bozuk dosyalar mı yoksa bunlar bir virus mü lütfen yardım edin. - Translation English:Hello. I'm going straight to the point. It doesn't give a virus warning during scanning or instantaneously, it doesn't quarantine. It just shows up in reports and says "failed to process". But if it finds a virus, it doesn't do anything to them while deleting it directly, what should I do, are these corrupt files or are they a virus, please help. Not: Raporları txt olarak atmak istedim: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fihR-n0klil7s90t-lDhKpy-M2mj2oDE?usp=sharing ENG: I wanted to export the reports as txt
  9. Há alguns dias o Kaspersky vem bloqueando o acesso a internet em alguns apps do PC, como no Spotify por exemplo. Assim que eu pauso a proteção a conexão à internet nesses aplicativos retorna. Não encontro nas configurações aonde pode estar ocorrendo os bloqueios. Utilizo o Kaspersky Internet Security. Minha licença está ativa.
  10. Hello to whoever this may concern; I've recently been getting a window pop-up (from svchost.exe) that temporarily freezes everything that is focused on the desktop, even while gaming, and basically alt tabs whatever I'm focused on for about a millisecond and then re-focuses back on whatever I was on. It's super frustrating mid-game because it stops everything for a split second then tabs back in. I did extensive searching throughout my PC, didn't do any suspicious installs recently, I just bought this PC last week and only installed my games and necessary trusted software. Went on Task Manager and looked at the file path for svchost and all that I saw was filepaths in System32 (so no signs of malware). I ran multiple malware software and not one has fixed the issue yet. I get a notification ~ 5minutes telling me about the Trojan from svchost from Kaspersky. I'm currently on Microsoft Windows Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.918) Using Kaspersky Premium version (a) I'll also attach a log of the report I get regarding the trojan. I'd like to know a fix to this problem, as I don't want to get a notification every 5 minutes about it (I have notif's disabled, but still annoying seeing svchost.exe pop up as malware every 5 minutes)
  11. I have got a virus from this https://github.com/Pantera112/League-of-Legends-Ayaya-Script-2022/pulls, it deactivated every antivirus and if i dont disable my internet on computer, bluescreen will popup after a minute
  12. I currently use Kaspersky Plus, version Windows 11 home 64-bit. Under Windows Security-->Device Security-->Core isolation-->Memory integrity (should this setting be on or off ? ) It is currently on. Thanks
  13. Добрый день. Windows11, Kaspersky Security Cloud Работаю с локальным сервером OpenServer. При попытке перезагрузить сервер получаю ошибку, что файл hosts занят другим процессом. При отключенном антивирусе - все нормально. Через Настройки - Защита - Контроль программ - Управление ресурсами - Системные файлы - Критические настройки - hosts выставил все разрешения для Open Server Panel. Но ошибка все равно появляется. Подскажите, пожалуйста, что делать?
  14. Application name: CircuitMakerSetup_2.2.1.6.exe Component: File Anti-Virus Result description: Detected Type: Trojan Name: HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Havex.gen Precision: Heuristic Analysis Threat level: High Object type: File Object name: VaultExplorerDownloader_SimModel.dll Object path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Altium\CM2\System\VaultExplorer Reason: Machine learning
  15. I found myself without a working keyboard or mouse after installing Kaspersky Free. LUCKILY, the mouse worked when I unplugged it since it's wired and wireless. I scoured the internet for a solution to my problem and quickly learned that has been an issue with Kaspersky since as early as 2016!? I saw that while keyboard input seemed, blocked, I was still able to communicate between PC and keyboard adjusting volume and opening calculator, for example. Moving forward, I tried uninstalling the devices multiple times and reinstalling them (after system restart), I tried modifying the registry, I tried running several different scans... ZERO luck. Then I thought, "Maybe disable Kaspersky?" Still nothing. I uninstalled, restarted, nothing. Windows troubleshoot was unable to fix my "driver error". I caved and called Kaspersky - this seemed promising since the rep sounded friendly! Alas, they told me the problem was not due to Kaspersky (I KNOW it was since that was the only significant change I made to my system), they could not help me and that I might need to contact Microsoft (ROFL, no)... Solution: Hold the shift key and restart the PC. Select a restore point from before installing Kaspersky. Wait about 10 minutes (will vary by system). Thanks for nothing, rep! ZERO effort. I hope you are shown this and not reprimanded, but at least LEARN to apply yourself to help customers. Call Ref #: 14316475
  16. I've just download my Kaspersky to my new laptop and found a message that says Windows 11 limited. Can anyone tell how that will affect me?
  17. 情况如图,系统是Windows 11 21H2,硬件虚拟化支持应该是没问题的?但卡巴斯基防病毒软件里的硬件虚拟化的保护却无法使用,请问这是否是我有启用HyperV的原因?
  18. 看了报告,显示“未处理对象,已跳过”,也不告诉是哪个文件,哪个进程释放的病毒。
  19. Kaspersky Hardware Virtualization not working with windows enabled > core isolation < 1. Just disable > corre isolation < (Google How to disable > core isolation < . it’s basically couple clicks in settings security section) 2.restart computer and problem will disappear promise 💯%
  20. Hello, Version of the operating system: Win 11 Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000, 708) Name and version number of the Kaspersky application: Kaspersky Plus I am having issues connecting to the servers from the game clients (Call of Duty: Warzone, League of Legends). The issue started a couple of days ago when the Kaspersky Security Cloud updated to Kaspersky Plus. The games work fine when I pause the protection.
  21. Buen día disculpen, hace 2 días que kaspersky no me deja abrir paginas en google chrome y mozilla firefox (que son los exploradores que e probado), desactivo el antivirus y puedo navegar, podrían ayudarme a resolver el problema? Tengo Kaspersky Total Security (i) De antemano gracias.
  22. Bom Dia. Tenho um notebook Dell G15 5511 no qual esta instalado o kaspersky total security. Esta semana verifiquei no msconfig, m serviço estranho chamado AltruistcsService. Tentai desabilitar, porém ao clicar em aolicar o serviçovoltava a ficar ahabilkitado automaticamente. Pesquisei na internet e encontrei informação tratar-se de um virus. Considerando que mesmo com o kaspersky total security instalado o mesmo não foi identificado nem eleminado, o que posso fazer para eliminar este virus?
  23. Versão do sistema operacional: Windows 11 PRO 22H2 build 22621.105 Nome do aplicativo Kaspersky: Kaspersky Total Security Eu realizei a instalação do Kaspersky Total Security em meu Windows 11, o programa instala normalmente, atualizo o banco de dados, porém depois de um tempo ele tenta atualizar novamente o banco de dados e crash em 21% da atualização, não sendo possível nem abrir o aplicativo, ficando praticamente sem utilidade alguma. Mesmo reiniciando o computador ele aparenta estar normal, porém depois de alguns minutos ele faz a mesma coisa. Não consigo abrir ele de jeito nenhum, apenas reiniciando o computador, porém mesmo reiniciando o computador depois de um tempo ele faz o mesmo erro de crash.
  24. audio doesnt work after using kaspersky recovery tool
  25. I'm unable to connect to the domain "https://www.hotstar.com/" when Kaspersky VPN is active. I'm connected to the "India" server yet facing the issue across windows, android and iOs Error trace: An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #219.65ad4d68.1655475046.1117b31b
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