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  1. I looked around and finally stumbled on the How to Reinstall instructions, so I''m doing that. Got it uninstalled. Now PC is rebooting. I already downloaded the update I hope it's the right one. Fingers crossed.
  2. Windows 8.1 Kaspersky version 19. It's acting up and seems crashed. I can't stop the scan that started on 3/3/19. I think I had a virus. I had a phising email for an Apple App Receipt that I clicked on the Attachment but not on any links. So I started a scan. It is real slow to open I guess because it's thinks it's still scanning. The program is not listed in my bottom Toolbar Hidden Icons anymore. Last December I was having all kinds of computer problems and my pc would not shut down. I had old version 16 and it was crashed. I was able to uninstall it and install the new version 19 and my computer is like new now and faster! But Kaspersky is crashed again. Where do I go to get the latest download?
  3. If I reinstall will I need a license #? I can't open my program to get it or save it. I didn't get an activation code when I renewed 6/28/17 but I have my original activation code from 7/9/15. Will that work? My renewal email has an Order Number and Original Order Number.
  4. Update, just saw the announcement to ignore the 7 day expiration email. Whew, on that one. But like I said my program is stuck.
  5. And when I try to open Kaspersky it crashes. I have Total Security (1-3 Devices, 2 year subscription) on 6/28/17 so it should be good until July 2019. Which is another question. I just got emails saying I have 7 days left, etc. But it should be good until July. So when I went to look up my subscription status in the program it crashed. So should I reinstall it? How do I download it again? I have WIndows 8.1 and think I can remove it Is this email legit?
  6. Windows 8.1 64bit. When I just renewed for the first time I got a screen with 2 choices...New Kaspersky Total Security (said Upgrade on it) and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 (said Renew). They were both the same prices for the same years, etc. What is the difference? I picked Total Security. Now I just noticed that Total Security says 1-3 DEVICES and Internet Security was for 1-3 USERS. How does that work? Can I install my version on another computer? My husband has a desktop and a notebook. Did I pick the right one? Hope I got it installed right. I just read your sticky about first uninstalling the old version which I don't think I did.
  7. I'm new so I don't know if it's ok to add to this post since I am getting the same message flash by every so often. I did just renew Total Security 2015 for 2 years (1-3 devices). I got it installed and activated ok (I think). It seems to be working ok and updating the virus data base. But once or a couple times a day it flashes up Can Not connect to Kaspersky Portal and I can't find where to display it or find in the program where to fix or update it. I have Windows 8.1 64bit.
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