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  1. Ok, I am going to set up a test pc with our base build on. No extra software. I have done this before and still experience the issue so it will be ideal for the logs. Please allow a day or two for me to get this done. Thanks.
  2. Good Day The logs are one right after each other with the problem replicated (while web av is on) and the same with web av off (problem not happening) . I have to manually disable the web av through policy via server. Please let me know if you would need me to run everything again. I have attached a GSI log HERE I appreciate your efforts.
  3. These logs are quite big, don't know if I can get past the 300k limit. Can I dropbox it ?
  4. Hi Here are the log files. The whole environment runs on Win 7 x64 Enterprise SP1 (Build 7601) KES. KES.
  5. Has anybody had to run these two applications together? The Web interface to the production web server(SCADA) is very slow with Kaspersky running. After trial and error testing, disabling the WEB AV module fixes the problem. Even if I put the server IP in the exclusions list and re-enable the module it's slow again. Something in the web av module is not liking what the SCADA is doing. Siemens was no help what so ever " Sorry, Kaspersky is not supported" Basically saying screw you. Our software retailer connected after I logged a call at Kaspersky and they said everything is set up correctly and cannot say why it's not working. I have tried opening ports in the FW and its not working. If it was ports the application won't work at all. I have also excluded the application .exe to no avail. I cannot disable the Web AV module for obvious reasons. The clients also needs to access the SCADA system so I have a problem. Anyone have any ideas I can try please? KSC : 10.2.434 KEP : (mr2)
  6. Will this still get its policy from the Admin Server? How come when we bought this, it was said you have one installer for all your systems?
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