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  1. Thank you. I am not sure what a non-primary language is. English? Bruno was answering in English. I speak only English. I don't think this only boiled down to a language barrier, although I could sense English is not his first language. It concerns me that people with no business offering advice to newbies are allowed to do so. Some people are far too trusting. The first member in this thread took his bad advice. This bothered me. Had this been a more serious issue, he could have done major damage to her computer. I will take your advice is future. I am new to the rules of your forum. My apologies. I should have reported this much earlier.
  2. Are you a software engineer at Adobe, Bruno, or just a self-appointed forum troll? Please go bother somebody else. Could somebody with some real credentials at Kaspersky please confirm or deny this vulnerability.
  3. Bruno, you told us to delete a dll file in Adobe Reader. I do not have problems with my Reader, but if I took your advice, I fear I might. Are you having fun?
  4. In my opinion, tinkering with software is never a good idea. I need to open my PDF documents. I don't want my Reader to crash just because Bruno (who seems unable to understand my original message) says to do it. If this is a real vulnerability, Adobe should be addressing it with an update to Adobe Reader in the near future. It looks like a false positive to me. But the moderators on this site seem to be ignoring us. Time will tell...
  5. May I have a more thorough explanation please. Could I please get a second opinion? From someone else....
  6. If you read what I said previously, I doubt you would have advised that I do it again. If you need proof, here is a screenshot of all my installed Adobe programs. I think you are missing the point: The path for the vulnerability leads to my Adobe Reader. But the vulnerability title is Adobe Shockwave Flash.
  7. I am running KTS The Adobe vulnerability today makes no sense to me at all. See screenshot. I have all the latest Adobe add-ins. (In fact, I uninstalled them all and reinstalled them all, followed by a system reboot, this morning.) Is it Adobe Reader or Shockwave???
  8. KPM ( is such a disappointment. This is my first day with it. The user interface is awful. . I subscribed to Pure 3.0 in August 2014 and loved it - especially the password manager. Now, I am ripping my hair out trying to get my passwords to work the way they did. Separating KTS and KPM into two programs was a very bad decision.
  9. I installed Java 8 Update 25 on October 15. I ran a vulnerability check today and it is returning a vulnerability message for Java 8. I have no idea what is wrong because I cannot get any info when I click Details - I get a page from Kaspersky about Oracle security that won't let me in. The submit button under the captcha is greyed out. Nothing happens when I click it. How do I fix this? Is this a false positive? Java tells me I have the most recent update.
  10. I have done a full reinstallation. Support on this site takes so long, it's easier to start over again.
  11. I have exactly the same problem. I believe it happened because I missed what I was aiming for and clicked Network by mistake when I was creating a backup job. I cannot figure out how to delete this job. Clicking Fix will not help because Kaspersky crashes when it tries to run this impossible task. So, am I stuck with this message forever now? How do I clear the problem? All my other backup tasks are fine. They are saved on a removable drive and "restorable". I want to get rid of this message. Please help.
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