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  1. Well, seems I'm the only person that has this problem...LOL!
  2. I am running more and more into a strange thing when running Kaspersky Rescue Disc. Here is the problem. When I boot up a computer and run Kaspersky Resue Disc and start it scanning a computer those scans sometimes will take from 30 minutes to several hours. After about 10 minutes Kaspersky blanks the screen out, a screensaver function I assume, and after pressing any key to get the screen to come back up I can no longer read the screen...the screen is scrambled. It looks like how a computer use to look when you tried setting the screen resolution to a resolution the video card couldn't display back in the Win 98 and XP days. I can still make out the colors of the Kaspersky Rescue screen, but cannot read anything. Is there a fix for this? Is there anyway to turn off the screensaver? On computers where I have had this problem if I sit here and move the mouse about every 5 minutes and prevent it from going into the screensaver mode then I am good...but I can't do that everytime.
  3. I am using Kaspersky 10 rescue disc and the screen is fine and I can view everything. But if the screensaver ever starts, then once the computer comes out of screensaver mode the screen has lines all over the screen and I can no longer read the screen. I have to do a hard reboot because I cannot read anything on the screen. Is there a fix for this problem? Again, everything works fine and I can see the screen until to the screensaver starts.
  4. When I run Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 from boot and update the signatures and it starts the scanning process it lists like auto delete infected files = off...etc. Is there some way to run the rescue boot disk and have it to auto deal with infected files so you don't have to press L each single time to delete an infected file?
  5. I am running Kaspersky Resuce Disc 10 and each time it finds an infected file it stops the scan and prompts to either disinfect, quarantine, or delete. Is there not some way to make it run that boot up scan and make it auto fix the file? Whether that is disinfect, quarantine, or delete? That would be great! Because right now, it requires me to sit there at the computer and make a selection each time of what to do. Thanks for any input.
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