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  1. Quando a tela de digitar a senha aparece eu simplesmente não consigo mais digitar a senha. Só consigo digitar a senha através do teclado virtual. E enquanto essa tela de digitar o PIN do Windows Hello aberta através do Google Chrome estiver aberta eu não consigo digitar nada usando meu teclado (nem o teclado conectado na USB e nem o teclado do meu notebook). A única forma de digitar qualquer coisa enquanto essa janela para inserir o PIN do Google Chrome estiver aberta é usando o teclado virtual.
  2. Producto: Kaspersky Total Security Quise ingresar como siempre a mi cuenta de Airtm, y como hacía mucho que no cambiaba la contraseña, Airtm me redirigió a la pantalla de cambio de contraseña, la cual fue bloqueada por Kaspersky. Consulté con soporte de Airtm y me confirmaron que el URL que reporta el antivirus es legítimo. Podría poner el URL en el whitelist, pero por las dudas quisiera la confirmación de Kaspersky. Muchas gracias Roberto
  3. So my Kaspersky Protection extension seemed to be lagging (I changed my Data Collection Blocking settings in the app, but nothing changed in the extension, even after I had turned my PC off and on again), and I decided to uninstall and then reinstall it. The problem is that the extension is no longer available for installation in Chrome Web Store, while in Kaspersky Plus app the indicator says the extension is working, so I can't install it from there too. In this case, how do I get it back?
  4. This problem began occurring in the past few days on two separate devices running KSK (an older Samsung Galaxy S10e, and a brand-new Galaxy S24): when performing a simple Google search in the Chrome browser, the search results page keeps reloading constantly in an endless loop. When pausing the KSK app, the problem goes away. This video shows what is happening: https:// tali . com/shared/Kaspersky_Loop.mp4 (watch until the end). Is this a new bug? Any way to fix it? It's driving my kids crazy. Thanks.
  5. I am using this Chrome / Edge Extension called Harpa AI and Kaspersky seems to be messing around with it across all my machines using Kaspersky (different versions). Steps to Replicate problem: 1) I have to EXIT Kaspersky FULLY for Harpa AI Extenstion to work with the paid version of ChatGPT. Remember, I have to EXIT Kaspersky and not just "pause protection". 2) VERY Strangely, with Kaspersky enabled, Harpa AI is working fine with the FREE version of ChatGPT but not with the paid version. Which leaves me in a quandary. What setting do I tweak within Kaspersky? @Flood and Flood's wife Any advice my friend? I want to use it with the PAID Version of ChatGPT.
  6. Olá. O Firewall do Kaspersky Internet Security começou a bloquear o Chrome sem razão aparente. Não alterei nenhuma configuração nas regras de aplicativo, pacote ou rede. O Chrome está liberado nas regras de aplicativo. O Firefox e Edge conectam normal. Quando desativo o firewall, a navegação no Chrome volta ao normal. Versões: SO: Windows 10 22H2 / Compilação 19045.4170 / ExpPack: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19054.1000.0 Kaspersky: 21.3.10391 (k)
  7. I'm creating this topic since I haven't found any information about it. For some time I'm having problems to login in my Crunchyroll account using my Windows 11 machine with Kaspersky Antivirus installed. I've noticed that every time I access the login page, my browser goes unresponsive until I finished it using the task manager. Investigating further, I saw that when I access the page https:// sso.crunchyroll . com/login kaspersky blocks a javascript lib called dg.js, then the page tries to send it again (and blocked again). This behavior generates a loop which make browsers (both chromium based and firefox) to memory overflow to the point where's necessary to finish it by using windows task manager The only workaround I've found is to exit Kaspersky and access the login page (which possibilities the download of the lib) then activate again after login. So it is a case of false positive or there's something wrong about this specific lib? I think this case should be investigate, since causing browsers to memory overflow is problematic and this page is accessed by many users. To reproduce the problem, you only need to access Crunchyroll's login page (it isn't necessary to have an account) and the blocking behavior can be observed by opening the browser's inspector.
  8. Good day, dear Kaspersky team! My site users began to complain that they were getting a pop-up window that the site was dangerous and contained “phishing.” We carried out an analysis and cleaned the site of old data, although it did not violate anything, but just in case. I think this is an accident since we have a large audience and we have been working for more than 3 years without problems and no data has been leaked anywhere. I ask you to help me understand this case. My Site: https : //mw-essence.com/en P.S I also add an error in the quality of the photo attached, but there is nothing described there as to what the problem is so that we can solve it, people say that sometimes sites accidentally end up in the database.
  9. Eu tenho a assinatura do kaspersky plus e o aplicativo constantemente fica reiniciando. Todos os dias ele deve reiniciar umas 3 vezes sozinho e nesse intervalo o computador fica exposto e dai eu recebo notificações da segurança do windows para ativar a proteção. Além disso, quando isso acontece, a extensão do kaspersky protection no google chrome para de funcionar e me deixa exposto.
  10. Good Day: I am running Kaspersky (j) on Windows 10.0.19044 x64 on a Core I7 @ 3.4 ghz. 16 gb. 500 Gigabyte free. I am using Firefox 104.0.2 and Brave 1.43.89 Chromium 105.0.5195 Google announced a vulnerability with Google Chrome recently. I noticed that I had an "older" version. I tried to update it, but could not do so. I needed to shut off Kaspersky to perform an update I updated to 105.0.5195. Since I performed an update Kaspersky seems to be blocking Chrome. I say this because if I turn Kaspersky totally off, I can use Chrome. If I come to a site while Kaspersky is off, I can see it. Sometimes either Chrome or Kaspersky "remembers" the site and will let me see it while Kaspersky is on. Normally I get the following displays on Chrome for "unlearned" sites.
  11. Hello! What is this service? It consumes a lot of CPU usage. How do I deactivate it?
  12. Подскажите какой компонент спамит тучей реквестов даже на пустую страницу гугла на адрес https://gc.kis.v2.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/********* я не устанавливал расширение в браузер и не давал разрешения спамить мне в девтулсах, какой компонент защиты выключить чтоб этого не происходило ?
  13. was doing some research for work, which involved visiting different companies websites. I was using Google Chrome when I was doing my research and when I was viewing this website I received 11 notifications in a row saying Malicious Object Detected from chrome.exe, unluckily all of them were allowed by Kaspersky. I performed a quick scan, restarted my computer, and did a full scan and all came out cleaned. . Since the results of all my scans are clean I was wondering if I have to be worried about anything. I'm not sure how to send reports, but I've attached screenshots of my Kaspersky reports:
  14. Good evening, I ended up receiving a notification that the antivirus prevented two attempts of the same thing I mentioned in the title. I did the full check more than 15 times and nothing unusual appeared, that is, everything among the parameters. But I end up worrying, because I'm very new to this and I have tremendous paranoia. I subscribe to the premium plan and I would like someone who works on the team or someone already experienced to tell me that everything is ok. I just need confirmation that everything will be ok, I have serious problems with that. Thank you very much in advance
  15. No puedo entrar a un sitio web ni a las pestañas que vienen después. El antivirus Kaspersky Standard no me deja. Primero, cuando quiero entrar, aparece una pantalla donde me avisa que “Se ha evitado que visite un sitio web que no es de confianza”. Cuando pulso el botón “deseo continuar” me sale un pop-up que me dice que “No se ha podido establecer una conexión segura con un sitio web”. Y me pregunta “¿Desea continuar de todos modos”? Y cuando pulso el botón “Confirmar” me envía a una página web que da un error. Dice: “503 Service Unavailable. No server is available to handle this request”. Para tratar de solucionarlo añadí el sitio web, y todas las pestañas del sitio que pude, como un URL de confianza. Lo hice entrando por “configuración”, “navegación segura”, “configuración avanzada”, “direcciones URL de confianza”. Sin embargo, y a pesar de que reinicié el ordenador, me sigue apareciendo el mismo error. ¿Qué puedo hacer? Estoy MUY molesto con Kaspersky Standard. Por favor, agradeceré que me ayuden a solucionarlo. Muchas gracias.
  16. Eu acesso o site mas na hora de pesquisar as passagem ele fica com a pagina toda branca trava e não tras resultados
  17. O Kaspersky está barrando um certificado digital de uma extensão, precisamos saber como dar permissão para a extensão (whon), já foi dado a permissão nos navegadores e foi desabilitador o antivírus e nada foi adicionado a URL no kasper foi realizado a limpeza dos caches feito teste e uma aba privada e nada também, nada e achamos que não seja o site.
  18. Operating System: Windows 11 Name and Version Number: Kaspersky Plus - (a) When I go to an instagram page, Kaspersky starts doing thousands of requests per minute. Might be causing issues with instagram reported below. Main Url is: https://gc.kis.v2.scr.kaspersky-labs.com/ then some codes that might mean something so I decided no to post and the rest of the url is in the print. I was having some issues where Instagram would say something on the lines of "We limit how many times users can follow other people to protect the comunity" I figure this might have something to do with it. Those requests still happen when Kaspersky is set to Disabled. If I let it run loose it will crash the browser overtime.
  19. Please make some options like Spyhunter 5 such as url checking and deleting hidden malware such as from recent urls and edge preferences
  20. Kaspersky Standard блокирует работу сайта https://payment.mts.ru/cyber#Steam При нажатии в графе Сумма пополнения идёт бесконечное подключение к kaspersky-labs.com и сайт пишет "Ошибка расчета комиссии, попробуйте снова". На другом устройстве где нет Kaspersky Standard всё ок.
  21. Just now the antivirus detected HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic, from what i saw it was from a website that appeared in Google searches, I didn't even click on it, so I didn't understand. Was it the Kaspersky Google extension checking all search sites and revealing that it blocked this object? Am I safe? Evento: Download negado Usuário: ARTHUR\brazu Tipo de usuário: Iniciador Nome do aplicativo: chrome.exe Caminho do aplicativo: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Componente: Navegação Segura Resultado da descrição: Bloqueado Tipo: Trojan Nome: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Precisão: Análise Heurística Nível de ameaça: Alto Tipo de objeto: Arquivo Nome do objeto: jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=3.4.1 Caminho do objeto.: https://www.zoommagazine.com.br/wp-includes/js/jquery MD5 de um objeto: FD4C47AAC748DE54C1BC6963397E8BA7 Motivo: Análise especializada Data da versão dos bancos de dados: Ontem, 15/11/2023 19:36:00
  22. Hello, 11 days ago kaspersky started notifying me that a malicious object was detected, backed up, and then deleted. It has notified me of this about 3 times in the past 11 days, the first on June 5th and the most recent today. Event: Object deleted User: LAPTOP-NQ100NIH\batre User type: Initiator Application name: chrome.exe Application path: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Component: File Anti-Virus Result description: Deleted Type: Trojan Name: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Precision: Heuristic Analysis Threat level: High Object type: File Object name: f_000058 Object path: C:\Users\batre\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\Cache_Data MD5 of an object: 13E507433D208C297782573B8FA5DA8B This is the most recent report I have received from Kaspersky. Event: Malicious object detected User: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM User type: System user Application name: avp.exe Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky 21.9 Component: File Anti-Virus Result description: Detected Type: Trojan Name: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Precision: Heuristic Analysis Threat level: High Object type: File Object name: f_003699 Object path: C:\Users\batre\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache\Cache_Data MD5 of an object: 48DFC046584EA8CACF123D5E61AE082B Reason: Expert analysis Databases release date: 5/18/2023 9:06:00 PM This is one of the first reports I got from Kaspersky regarding this. so my question is, should I be worried about this? Is it a virus or just a false positive? If it is a virus, what can be done to remove it from my computer? I am not very knowledgeable about computers so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Hello, Kaspersky password manager is not working sometimes in all the browsers supported by kaspersky on mac. I have tried to disable and then enable the plugin, quit password manager and then open again, nothing seems to fix it. It happens randomly and i have to manually copy and paste the passwords.
  24. Arkadaşlar Kaspersky basic aboneliği alacağım lakin kart bilgilerimi girince adımı kabul etmiyor, sinir etti iyice aldığım hata bu; Geçersiz kart sahibi adı (yalnızca latin karakterler) koskoca şirketsini siteye Ö ve Ü harflerini mi tanımlayamadınız Ö yerine O, Ü yerinede U yazdım bu seferde satın alım gerçekleşmedi yardım edin ayar oldum
  25. Здравствуйте, В последнее время я использую AdGuard и Kaspersky с их стандартными настройками на моем компьютере. Но я заметил, что страницы в браузере стали открываться гораздо медленнее. У вас нет случайно каких-нибудь рекомендаций или советов по настройке, которые могли бы решить эту проблему? У меня Windows 11. Спасибо
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