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  1. Interesting..I know there was a major Chrome update pushed out today. Could this have been a Google problem all along?
  2. I have this issue too. Can anyone else confirm that you get disconnected from the internet every once in a while too? I've seen this for the computer that has the issue but the connection doesn't affect the wifi so it's not the router. Hope this gets patched soon! Edit. Thinking of reverting to a 2018 version...
  3. This worked. I uninstalled completely and installed the latest KIS 2011 and inputted my 2010 code and it was accepted. Thanks a lot for your help!
  4. Honestly, the version I have (if there is a separate trial version) does not have what you're talking about. There is only "purchase license" at the bottom right corner. No other places has information regarding license keys. When I click purchase license, it takes me to a check out webpage.
  5. Where is this? I can't find a spot on the software that has a place for any key let alone an "x". I will try uninstalling completely and reinstalling and inputting the code. I'll report back w/ results. Thanks.
  6. I have about 12 days left. When I click on "Purchase" license, it just takes me to a check out website, no other option to say "no". I tried to reinstall (on top of) the current KIS 2011 but it recognized a "trial" license and gave me no option to input any license key. I think this might be a new thing in KIS 2011 where it could prevent anyone from using an old code. But then again, even if I had any KIS 2011 code, I wouldn't even know where to put it. The instructions from the link basically says to install the software again. I contacted customer service here in the US and am waiting to hear from them. I was hoping there was an easier fix.
  7. Unfortunately, I don't see the activate option. I have KIS 2011 already installed as a trial. The only thing that's on the bottom right corner is "purchase license", which takes me to the website. There is not obvious way that I see where I can input any activation code.
  8. Hi, I just realized I mistakenly purchased KIS 2010 but I really wanted to purchase KIS 2011. I am using a trial version of 2011 on 2 computers and am really happy with the way it's been performing. I don't want to downgrade. I purchased 2010 from an email "special" so it was at a discount. I am willing to pay the difference for 2011. I'm hoping the moderators can direct me to the right place or tell me if this is possible. If not, I will use the 14 day money back policy. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes. One computer was on "local" so I switched it to "trusted". The other was on "public" so I switched that to "trusted" and it all worked out. Thanks.
  10. Sorry, I figured it out while I was typing the question. I had to change the network to "trusted" from "public".
  11. I installed a trial version of KIS 2011 to test on both of my computers (#1-Win & x64, #2-Win Vista x32). Ever since I since I installed the software I can't get either of the 2 computers to connect. They see each other on the network but I just can't connect. I get the "windows cannot access \\etc" window. The error code is 0x8007035 "The network path was not found." I played around w/ the firewall settings but nothing was too obvious to me. Any help? Thanks in advance.
  12. I installed a trial version of KIS 2011 to test it on my machine. I noticed that the safe run for applications does not show up in either the main menu screen or when I right click on a file. How do I turn this feature on? This computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. Incidentally, I installed a 2nd trail version on my other computer and it DID show up. I wonder if it's a glitch in the install process. This computer is running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
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