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  1. Regarding the question above, In that case it will work. License is activated the first time when you use it, so it means that when you insert license in your Kaspersky program, license validation happens and if everything is fine program is activated. As soon as you activated license, you can go in different country and you can use your program normally. License region policy exists, and for me it's normal, different market, different price and different policy
  2. Hello everyone, In addition with post above, can someone confirm, because I tried external device with 16 GB, and it is fine, Kaspersky recognize the device and scans the device also. Best regards.
  3. Hello, Thanks for showing GUI window.Currently you have managed subscription license,which will expire in next 40 days.As you said you already have brought license which you will activate after the existing ones expires. Best regards.
  4. Hello, In regarding with the suggestion above,check this link https://support.kaspersky.com/12117#block2
  5. Hello, You can add your new key as alternative one,and he will be the activated when the current one expires.
  6. Hello, In my opinion I will stay on KIS 2016 for next few months and when they release KIS 2018, I will switch to this version. From what I saw on forum, a lot of issues with KIS 2017, people are complaining a lot. Patch will maybe resolve the most of the issues, but waiting for that is too long, especially when you paid for that. I hope that most of the problems will be resolved in 2018 version, otherwise I will change my protection solution. Best regards.
  7. Hello, That's not true,I renewed in December my KIS,got a new license and added as alternative key.After my license expired,it started to count days. Also, new renewal license can be added in my kaspersky portal,and later on can be added to device. Cheers.
  8. In regarding with a post above, I agree that license code can be added when the existing once expires. You can add new code as alternative and it will be activated when existing once expires. Best.
  9. Hello, I am using KIS 2016 version and do not have this problem, but other people have and already report this issue. I will wait for 2018 version,but if they continue with such issues and long time waiting for patch,I will say goodbye and swith to other AV solution.
  10. Hello Stefan, It's known problem in KIS 2017 version.You can wait for patch or you can install KIS 2016 version. Best regards.
  11. Hello, On this url you can find download http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english/homeuser/kis2016/ When you download exe file and install KIS, you need to prevent automatic download of new version.Do you know how to do this? Best regards.
  12. Hello, What do you mean with remote acess,describe a little bit.Do you mean on establish remote desktop connection? Best regards.
  13. Also, It's first time that I am reading something similar like your wrote for KIS 17. I know that has a couple of serious issues and that's main reason why I stayed with a version Please check your settings again about interactive mode, there a lot of settings which you can set to satisfy your needs. About firewall, what you set for your network, trusted network or something else? From what I saw, you disabled a lot of modules, ok you have your reasons for that, but why you choose then Internet Security edition, looks like you need only Anti-Virus Best regards.
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