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  1. With regards to the first part of your question, I had the same thing happen in Windows 10 following the Automatic upgrade to KIS 2019. I noticed I had both KIS 2018 and KIS 2019 listed on the Start Menu and under Program Files (x86) > Kaspersky lab. However Kaspersky has sorted itself out. I did nothing and now only have KIS 2019 listed both by Windows 10 and Revo Uninstaller, so with any luck you should find the entry for KIS 2018 will disappear too. I was not given a new Licence when Kaspersky Auto-renewed my subscription so I presume once you have paid your money the Licence will be validated for another year, or whatever time period you have renewed for. The Automatic Upgrade from KIS 2018 to KIS 2019 happened after the Automatic subscription / Licence renewal but that may just have been coincidental. Hope this helps.
  2. It is certainly a very nice feature so long as the upgrades run smoothly. In the past I have been advised to uninstall the previous version before installing a new version. Am hoping that with this new system as KIS updates itself in the normal way with virus signatures and application modules, it will lay the foundations for a smooth upgrade to the next version.
  3. Ahhh thank you, that would explain it. Must be something new as have never had that happen before.
  4. Had a surprise when I booted up my PC this morning, Kaspersky Internet Security updated itself from the installed version KIS 2018 v (k) to version without any intervention from me First time this has happened!!!
  5. After reading your experience Lowton_red I think I will leave well alone at the moment and wait till Kaspersky irons out the glitches.
  6. I also received this message (screenshot attached) and followed the instructions to download the file, thinking it would just update my KIS to comply with GDPR It downloaded a 2441KB file named startup.exe which at first I thought would just add the necessary privacy statements to my software, saving too much hassle in the installation process, but then noticed the file descrition KIS( Must admit my heart sank as this means a going through the whole procedure of uninstalling KIS 2018 and then to install the 2019 version KIS 2018 is working just fine. Is it necessary to upgrade to 2019 right now because of these GDPR regulations?
  7. Hi Mike, First off, to add a Signature to your posts, click your user name, top right of this Forum page, choose Account Settings then under Signature you can entered that you are using Windows 7 etc and format it how you like. My signature is the bit in purple under my posts. Windows Updates for Windows 7 will not be the same as for Windows 10 as they are updating a different operating system and I believe they are also delivered to suit the readiness of your machine to receive them and in the case of the Meltdown Spectre fixes it is also dependant on the processor you have. Mine is an Intel and I believe you have AMD. I have attached a clipping from an article re Updates for PC’s with AMD processors which I hope will help. //Edit: Eight (8) posts about where Windows settings are, and forum signature. I am closing this now for a little while, to let off-topic cool off. Kaspersky Lab personnel are free to add important content anytime. Please send me a private message if anyone has on-topic important content that they wish to add.
  8. Hi Mike, Then if my memory serves me correctly the settings are all under the umbrella of the Control Panel in Windows 7. Windows 10 has changed things a bit as you have guessed Add your Windows 7 and KIS version to a Signature on your profile in this Forum, that will save typing what you have with every post.
  9. Hi Mike, Have attached a screenshot to show you where to find the settings cog once you click the Start Button on Windows 10. In fact, once you have found it, right click it, select More, then Pin to taskbar then as you will see in my screenshot it will always be to hand you can drag it to which position you prefer on the taskbar itself. If you cannot see the settings cog on your start menu, press Start then type Settings that will give you the link to open the Settings App. Now, once you have opened Settings open Personalisation click Settings then Start Scroll down and click Choose which folders appear on start then in the Window that opens make sure Settings is switched on Hope this helps
  10. I have this question too. if Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities are exploited by Hackers, does KIS protect against this?
  11. The (e) patch to KIS 2018 gave me a heart stopping moment too, the K icon on the taskbar had a yellow exclamation mark, Windows Warned me Kaspersky protection was not working and when I launched the program there was a red bar with the warning that my subscription had expired I knew this was not right as I had over 300 days left, so clicked Subscription, bottom right of the program window, was very worried to see Key status listed as Expired, clicked Verify Subscription Status and calm was restored, Key status then showed Active with the correct number of days remaining Very relieved it was so easily sorted.
  12. Have manually updated the databases then it did another one itself Pleasantly surprised how quickly it installed.
  13. That was heart in the mouth stuff deleting 2017 THEN downloading / installing 2018 It all went smoothly thank goodness. Safe Money now has the green border back yay!! and KIS-2018 is performing a full scan. I now need a drink!!! Thanks for your quick responses to my questions Indio appreciated.
  14. mmm its the same sized file as the one I had downloaded from the Forum post, which suggests you have to be online to actually download the full program, so when can I safely uninstall KIS 2017 as don't want to go online without protection.
  15. My mistake, I was using Don Pelotas's post for the download link https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/344419-download-the-latest-kaspersky-product-updates/ Have done the PC clean up in readiness
  16. Have posed another topic as can't seem to find the full version of KIS 2018 to download as an upgrade ....
  17. Hi I am running KIS 2017.0.0.611(h) on a 64 bit Windows 10 PC, and my licence covers me for another year As the upgrade of Windows 10 to version 1709 with the Fall Creators Update has now stopped Block capturing screen shots in Protected Browser from working in Safe Money I have been advised to upgrade to KIS 2018. https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/382805-safe-money-not-giving-full-protection-after-w10-fall-creators-update/&tab=comments#comment-2753963 When I checked the post in this Forum which offers downloads of upgrades all I could find was a link that downloaded a 2287KB file named startup.exe How do I go about upgrading? I normally uninstall the previous version of KIS before installing the new one so would like to have downloaded the full program before I start. Is there a way to do this?
  18. Thanks Indio Option 2 looks like the answer for me as don't connect wirelessly, but will have to face that another day now. I have a two year licence for KIS=2017, about a year remaining, so assume I can use that to activate KIS=2018 and Hopefully 2018 has no issues with 64bit Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ...... This warning is on the downloads page with regards to Safe Money on 64 bit Windows 10 machines, does this mean that there is no protection against screenshots in KIS=2018? Protection against screenshots Kaspersky Total Security 2018 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 do not provide protection against screenshots on 64-bit Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 if the On-Screen Keyboard is open, but Safe Browser is not running. Hypervisor-powered protection against screenshots is not available on 64-bit Windows 8/8.1/10 if: A third-party hypervisor, such as VMware™, is running. While a third-party hypervisor is not running, protection against screenshots is available. Your CPU does not support hardware virtualization. You can find out whether your CPU supports hardware virtualization in your computer’s technical documentation or on the manufacturer's site.
  19. Hi, I am using KIS on a 64 bit Windows 10 Home machine, which has just updated to version 1709 (The Fall creators Update) Safe Money worked perfectly on the previous version of Windows 10 (1703) but since this latest update from Microsoft, Safe Money launches with an orange border and a warning message KIS is not providing complete protection for your data. Driver protection against screenshots is disabled. I did note when the Fall Creators Update finished installing there was a warning message headed Kaspersky Internet Security, which read Windows 10 adaptation completed successfully. There may be some feature limitations when running on Windows 10 Checking the compatibility of KIS with Windows 10 I see that "KIS 2017 with patch H installed fully supports Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone 1), Creators Update (Redstone 2) and Fall Creators Update (Redstone 3) I do have patch h installed on KIS 2017 so am a bit concerned by this shortfall in protection in Safe Money. I have checked the KIS > Settings > Protection > Safe Money and Block capturing screenshots in Protected Browser IS selected. Also checked in Windows Task Manager > Google Chrome > Performance Tab and Virtualization IS enabled. Is there a known issue with Safe Money in KIS 2017 and the Fall Creators Update which is yet to be sorted in a future update of KIS?
  20. Thanks richbuff. Have always been under the impression that I needed to create a new Rescue Disc for each upgrade to a new version of KIS Will continue to check the .ISO file more closely in future
  21. Have just upgraded from KIS 2016 to KIS 2017 and wonder if it is necessary to create a new rescue disk using KIS 2017 as the kav_rescue_10.ISO file appears to be exactly the same as the one I used to create a rescue disk for KIS 2016
  22. Sorted. I have realised where I went wrong previously. After running the Uninstall option under Programs and Features I was rather too over zealous about removing all traces of the earlier version of KIS and had then used the Kavremover tool. This time I didn't and all the settings and entries in Safe Money were still there in the new KIS 2017 installation
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