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  1. The issue happens, when we use a java-applet from logics (www.logics.de), which allows our users to connect to our mainframe. When you request a document to print, the java applets downloads a file (xyz.lwf) xyz is a random name an then tries to execute this file. Then the startup-control denies it ... if you just double-click the file, everything works fine. The .lwf File is just a text document which defines the printoutput ... nothing spezial. By the way, the same thing happens when you close the java-applet, a logjava.html is downloaded and executed, with the same error from the startup-control As already mentioned these files are only textfile, containing no meta-data or something unusual. I hope this helps you for the research.
  2. Hier die output from the tool : http://www2.dreamland.cc/GSI6_ATTWIN10T10_...16_09_11_27.zip
  3. I postet the screenshot an the export for der Security-Center-Policy in this file: http://www2.dreamland.cc/Mr3-Diagnose_Screenshot.rar Can you help me please, what do you mean with gsi 6.0 report?
  4. I was recommended from Kaspersky Germany to post this issue in this Beta-Testing-Forum, because it is abviously a bug in the "Startup-Control" which could only be fixed in a MR not in our version. Now I created your requested logs, where can I upload them?
  5. OK I'll send you the requested logs ... as this problem also happens in the current stable releases, I've allready posted all necessary informations to your helpdesk in Germany Kaspersky Lab Support - ID INC000006159117
  6. When a JAVA-Tasks tries to run a File with the help of the shellexcute command, the Application-Startup-Controlls analysis it. We configured the startup-control in the way so it scans everythin in the user-temp-folder (= %temp%) If the runned file is an exe everythin with the excelution handling works fine, but if you start a non executable file (Data-File) eg. .html the startup-controll blocks it without the chance of a exclution. This only happens when you start the file from java, if you just doubleklick it, everyhting works a suppost. Can you please help me!
  7. Genau das habe ich gemacht. Die Lösung war leider nicht so ganz war ich mir vorgestellt habe: Einfach die Selbschutzwarnung zu deaktivieren ...
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