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  1. Hi, I am running Kaspersky Internet security 2018 at version (d) on a Windows 10 desktop. Kaspersky updates automatically as does my browser. I get blocked with "Threat of data loss - Heuristic analysis" message when I try to open https://support.1password.com/one-time-passwords/ When I go to https://virusdesk.kaspersky.com and paste the 1password link, it says the link is safe. I see that there are other forum users raising similar issues. Can anyone please advise?
  2. Hi danielocdh. Thanks for the response. I tried that, and it worked! Now time to admit my mistake. After I made packet rule changes as you suggested and successfully did a bluetooth transfer, I realized it might have been user error. I opened the Bluetooth icon on the task bar and clicked "receive a file". I can't remember having to do that - my recollection was that transfer was driven by the phone with a "is this ok" prompt from Windows - but I don't use bluetooth often, so .... crappy memory !! I regressed the packet rule changes back to "blocked" with reboot - and BT transfer still works. The other change I had made was KIS settings -> Protection -> Firewall -> Bluetooth properties from Prompt to Local Network. I find I need that - when I regressed it to Prompt as a test, BT transfer fails. I'm on Windows 10 Home build 17134 with KIS 2018. Hope this helps someone else, and sorry for wasting your time ! Edit: fixed readability of a sentence
  3. Hi, I am trialing KIS and ready to buy a licence. I'm in Australia, and the download link offered the 2018 version to trial. If I buy a licence key for this version, do I have to pay again when the KIS 2019 is available for download ?
  4. Hi rudger79 I tried changing the network properties in KIS from "Prompt for Group - Network not identified" to "Local Network" and then to "Trusted Network" with a reboot after each change - neither worked. On my phone, when I click to share the photo with Bluetooth, the phone shows my Desktop PC under "Paired Devices" - from previous transfers before installing KIS. It does not list the PC under available devices.
  5. To add to my post: The "Select Bluetooth Device" screen on the Android phone shows my PC under "Paired Devices", but after it searches does NOT show it under "Available Devices" On the PC: "Settings -> Bluetooth and Other Devices" shows the PC as discoverable. Screenshot attached.
  6. Hi. I hope I've posted this in the right place - new to the forum. I'm running Windows 10 Home on a desktop PC. I've have just installed a trial of KIS 2018 after my Norton subscription expired. I now cannot Bluetooth photos from my phone to my PC. Is there a setting in Kaspersky Internet security that I need to change to allow Bluetooth? I don't absolutely know that KIS is the issue, but suspect it is, as I have done this before the KIS install. Sorry for the newbie question, but I am not yet familiar with the KIS interface. Any help is appreciated.
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