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  1. OK sorry but what i should say is one day the antivirus is there normally the next day its just a picture it doesnt do anything its like just an image you cant use it you cant uninstall it you click on it and its like its froze up not working. As for Globeinsta.com check their site on there it says kaspersky support and kaspersky reseller. fixes computer issues and gets rid of viruses.
  2. Well tell me this then my kaspersky antivirus in Oct 2017was no use to me because it was just an image someone completely destroyed it. Remember i had the antivirus for five years no problems. then in oct it couldnt uninstal nothing and when i contacted kaspersky by online support I was refrered to a globe instal Remember i had the antivirs for 5 years never had to contact them by phone or online. I dont use the phone so dont refer to calling a wrong number or pop up thats a different scam theres is no random calls at home. I was trying to contact kaspersky for the first time for their tech support.somehow was turned over to globe instal the only fix they suppose to be a kaspersky reseller or partner according to their website. Still to this day no one can tell me why the kaspersky antivirus was rendered usesless or replaced by an image any answers to that question. I was also told if i sign up for priumium service that this sort of thing wouldnt happen again???????? Woudnt happen again is exactly globeinstals slogan ???????
  3. ok people i have been a long time customer NEVER HAD TO GO TO THEIR LOUSY TECH SUPPORT., UNTIL oct2017 the antivirus i know the numbers i usually do it by chat i dont like the phone beacause they always use this excuse it was them that phoned or connected by chat I never googled anything i keep all my records and phone numbers i never fall for that phoning so they can say you phone the wrong number. Iknow its all bs because its always the same i phoned a pop up message whats the error message its just double talk. somehow the antivirus got turned off how many timesdo i have to repeat. kaspersky tech support said it was a network virus someone snuck in under their weak radar.by stealing my ip address. Aside from that depending who you talk to at kaspersky things are this way one the the next way the next. first thing the tech guy said was well you phoned these people ( globe instal) after i told no it was you people then dead silence ok we can fix the computer now. How can there be one time ok then the next trying stuff. and if its fake kaspersky where they come FROM i didnt phone them oh maybe the kaspersky live chat is fake too. IM SAYING IS IF SOMEONE CAN SNEAK IN AND TURN OFF MY ANTIVIRUS THEY CAN PROBABLY SNEAK IN WHEN ITS ON. sounds like a inside job quit blaming the victim. Kaspersky is well aware of this issue sorry for the por service i know its been a inconvience. NO BUT THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT HAS i always use a link , live chat etc.online
  4. After reporting this obvise SCAM all i get is sorry for the inconvience. Trust its been more than an inconvience. You wake up a sleeping giant and prepare for armagedin. wasnt born yesterday you know
  5. Listen i dont know who the heck you think you talking to but how in hell is talking to kasperky tech support a windows issue The only issue is there are criminals working in their tech support has nothing to do with window Give me a breaks' ive caught them putting crap on my desktop or i suppose malwarebytes are wrong. then answer me this smart guy who is globe install or pc support everybody wrong but the tech support if you scare them enogh eventually they fix it but this time they left the evidence behind and i have it as proof on malwarebyes scan
  6. To put this another way is tech support is jeykle and hyde or acting like a double agent. When i phone kaspersky to tell them this All i get is silence, denials , I can talk to tech support hang up the phoned phone back and they have no idea what im talking about. Im really not a very happy customer right now with these unfair practises. All i get is silence at the end of the line
  7. When ever I am transferred to kaspersky tech support they refer me first to micro soft but they always way more expensive. What they mean or try to strongly imply is these are kaspersky partners or microsoft partners do same thing at a fraction of the cost like a securirty software maintenace company associated with kaspersky and microsoft
  8. When ever there is a problem with my antivirus i get referred to a so called third party to fix these issues and now after speaking to kaspersky they have no knowledge of this.
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