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  1. But the linked article seems only to be talking about business solutions. It doesn't say whether the home solutions (e.g. KIS, KTS) are compatible or not. It doesn't say they're one of the incompatible solutions but then it goes on to talk about "Other Windows based endpoint solutions for business ... are not affected". What about home solutions, is there another article? As said above, it looks like the correct key is in place with patch f (it is there on my machine), but this particular article isn't helpful.
  2. I'd forgotten about this issue (though it was still blocking me on all versions of 17. But I recently installed version 18, so I thought I'd give it a try. It works! I can finally access my router's admin page, thank you Kaspersky.
  3. Redstone 3 is completely different, that's what will be coming out at the end of 2017. The Redstone 2 build is final, but as I said there will of course be Cumulative Updates, and there is a .11 Cumulative Update which should be coming out today.
  4. ... or you can use the Windows Upgrade Assistant right now to get the Creators Update, in which case it tells you you're not running the latest version if you're on the Anniversary Update (Build 14393, 1607), as per the attached screenshot.
  5. I'm a bit surprised to hear this, because as far as I'm aware the Creators Update *is* Redstone 2 and it *is* released now, albeit via the Media Creation Tool ahead of the official rollout. The official rollout will be the same version as is available via the Media Creation Tool now. Build 15063 is the final build. There will of course be the usual Cumulative Updates to the build, but that's nothing new, that's what happens post-release with all the other builds too. It's done, it's available.
  6. According to the patch notes, this is supposed to be fixed in the (d) patch for the 2017 version: But I'm running the (d) patch and still can't access I get "connection reset".
  7. Well I have now, and it's showing up with the b patch. Would be nice if this software said something sensible like "hey, I've got an update and I need a reboot", like other software that similarly needs a reboot to apply updates.
  8. This posting seems to say that patch b should have hit everyone by last Friday. But I'm still on
  9. Thank you, yes. I had already done a manual update, but it didn't tell me to reboot, so I didn't. After a reboot it showed up as©. Seems there's a certain irony in the fact that, after fixing a problem whereby it says you need to reboot even though you don't, it then has a case where you do need to reboot but it doesn't tell you too ...
  10. I used the green button in the sticky to download the latest version, because I was on and wanted patch C to fix the problem with it frequently prompting that a reboot was required. So I uninstalled my KTS and installed the new one from the download link. It now reports that I'm on version So this looks like the base release without any patches at all, am I right? I hope I'm wrong.
  11. Thank you for the reply. Please could the sticky post be updated? It's confusing to be pointed to the "latest" version which doesn't seem easy to find on the site.
  12. Looks like the link in the sticky points to the right place, but still the main downloads pages on the website point to the old version.
  13. I've read both the sticky thread on downloading the MR1 ( release and also the thread announcing its release. All of the links that I can see there for downloads still point to the initial version. I know that I can directly go to the new version at this link, but I only know this because of a support ticket that I raised where I was asked to try and see if the latest version fixed my problem. My question is this - is there a reason the main download links haven't been updated to point to the latest version, to make it easier to find?
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