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  1. It does fix it however. I had a similar issue and upgrading fixed the issue.
  2. Is this information available for public view? 2175104?
  3. GSI reports contain a lot of info not meant for the public viewing so I'd rather not. thanks
  4. On screen notifications is disabled yes because it constantly nags every few seconds. IT management does not want this. They want end users to be notified that a device is blocked when they insert a CD/DVD like it does on Kaspersky MR3 version. I created a new policy. Ive also created a new and copied settings from previous policy doesn't seem to matter.
  5. If you have device control enabled to block USB and CD devices, you get a notification when you plug in a CD/DVD or USB that pops up saying this device is blocked. This is normal behavior. Since upgrading or installing fresh Kaspersky SP2 the notification for CD/DVD device keeps popping up every few seconds. Our previous kaspersky builds MR3 do not do this, only when a device is plugged in does it pop up with a notification. Has anyone else noticed this and been able to fix it? Turning off the notification is not what IT management wants so this option will not work. The behavior should perform the same way as previous builds. Unfortunately it is a constant nag for our users and distracting them. Kaspersky Endpoint 10 SP2 PF3015 O/S Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
  6. can you upgrade SQL from 08 to the latest by running an install over the top of the existing one or does kaspersky security center need to be reinstalled?
  7. I performed an upgrade on the KSC to 10.3.407 about three weeks ago and it's been very sluggish since. As you can see from this screenshot it's only been up for a day and constant high CPU If I set the storage time to a lesser amount on events from 180 days to 30 days will it flush the old data out? The database is around 4 gigs in size right now
  8. Our laptops they cannot connect to our console so they show up in our reports as not connected for a long time. Is there a cloud solution for business users that we can still manage the policy on the endpoint and provide them protection as well.
  9. Support said that option doesnt work. lol So what is it there for then?? The last six months have been disappointing.. several thousand dollars for a program that only works 30% of the time.
  10. I can get to the folder if I browse to the admin$ share \\computer\windows\temp\packagefolder\exec\VAPM$14383\ and you can see the MSI installer in there.
  11. Yes. The package doesnt install. Op the actual task it just says File not found.
  12. KSC 10.2.434 Agent 10.2.434 b, c, d Endpoint 10, SP1 MR2
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