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  1. @Alexey Todirash, This is an excellent addition to the English Forums. Thank you. I am a new Kaspersky Premium customer (May 2024). I went to import passwords in .csv format from my Siber Systems password manager product only to find out that Kaspersky Password Manager only supports, if I remember correctly, importing from only four other products, and my current PM was not among those four. I have over 180 passwords and safe notes in that other product. I am not prepared to add each one individually to KPM, so KPM is useless to me. I would suggest enhancing KPM to accept imported passwords from more password manager products with a significant market share. Thank you again for this new pinned KPM topic. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  2. @Flood and Flood's wife, Thank you for your reply. It is much appreciated. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  3. @nickfl, Welcome to the Kaspersky Forums. I purchased Kaspersky Premium in early May 2024. Before that, I had been using a competitor's product for almost ten years. As @harlan4096 has stated, that is normal RAM consumption for Kaspersky (150 to 250 MB on my computer). The old product I formerly used liked to consume a minimum of 850 MB of RAM! As @nexon has stated, there will be fluctuations depending on what you are doing and what Kaspersky is doing in the background to keep you safe. I have used many AV products since 1988. Kaspersky is, BY FAR, the least resource-intensive AV solution I have ever used. I recommend Kaspersky to everyone. I wish I had "found it" sooner. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  4. @miguel1983, Welcome to the Kaspersky Forums. I am sorry to hear that it is under such bad circumstances. Thank you for sharing your warning; it might help others. This information might also help: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/407147/answers-to-common-security-questions-best-practices/page-2#entry5581340 There are also preceding posts in that topic about ransomware. A robust backup and imaging strategy is the best defence against data loss from ransomware. Regards, Phil
  5. @Flood and Flood's wife, Thank you and @harlan4096 for your replies. I logged in today without an issue. I had my FastStone Capture software all ready to capture the screenshot. Is there any possibility that we in the English Forum might have a dedicated subforum for website issues and questions? I only posted in the K paid antivirus software subforum because there was nowhere else, and I have K Premium. I am glad that I had not contravened any rules, so all is well that ends well. Have a great day, and thank you. Regards, Phil
  6. I don't know where to post this. In the last few days, when I entered the forum address using Chrome (forum dot kaspersky dot com), I am presented with Captchas. There is a message about "automated addresses." I have to enter the Captchas two or three times, and then I can log in. I am not using VPN. The device is my Windows 11 Pro, Dell XPS 8930 desktop computer. I have been a Forum member since May using this same device. This never happened before. Any ideas? Thank you, and have a great day. Regards, Phil
  7. @Berny, Thank you for your reply. Like my previous AV product (BD), I had to uninstall MBAM to install or repair that product over my ten years with them. K was the same. After K Premium was installed, I reinstalled MBAM Premium, and activated all four protection modules, with suitable exclusions in both products to eliminate conflicts. Both K Premium and MBAM Premium coexist nicely and always have, as long as you also stop MBAM from registering in the Windows Security Center. With both active together, they use less RAM than BD alone formerly did. I am glad I saw the light and finally moved to Kaspersky. Yes, I have an "incompatible app" warning as well. I did write to K Support complaining the warning could not removed, but they stated the warning is designed not to be ignored or dismissed. I think that is a bit territorial, but I can live with it, since K is the best AV product I have ever used. I was just curious how K would have been able to be installed if it detected an "incompatible app." I did not see any alternative but to temporarily uninstall the other product, install K, and then reinstall the other product. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  8. @Berny, I don't wish to hijack this topic, but would it be possible for the customer to install K without uninstalling what K identifies as "incompatible apps?" I only ask because I could only install Kaspersky Premium after uninstalling what it considered to be an "incompatible app" in May 2024 following my switch from another AV product. https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/malwarebytes-considered-incompatible-with-kaspersky-44946/ I am still learning about K, so I am just wondering . . . Sorry if it's a stupid question. 😟 Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  9. @cybercrone, And the solution was . . . ? It might help someone in the future. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  10. @Stevex, I regularly get a similar warning for TeamViewer from Kaspersky Premium because it permits remote access to your computer. The program is not infected and presents no danger when properly used. Kaspersky is simply notifying you of a potential vulnerability. I installed that program to assist my clients remotely. I am wondering if, at some time, you activated or used Chrome Remote Access. https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1649523?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop#:~:text=Access a computer remotely,select which computer you want. If not, then I am not sure why you are getting that warning. I will defer to my colleagues here who are far more knowledgeable than I am to respond to your query. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  11. @john10212, Thank you for posting back. I am glad that you are happy with your new product. It is YOUR computer, so it is always YOUR decision. AV-Comparatives Lab has just released its latest test results, which you can find here. https://www.av-comparatives.org/tests/real-world-protection-test-february-may-2024/ I hope your new product scores well. Having a robust backup strategy is even more important than the choice of security software. No one product can prevent all malware attacks. It is important to be able to quickly recover from any attack without data loss. Stay safe in cyberspace. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  12. @Flood and Flood's wife, Thank you for the clarification. That was what I was seeking. I am still finding my way around here. Each Forum has its own dynamics and rules and it takes time to get the "lay of the land." My confusion arose from being advised by a Moderator that "live" links were not permitted, as I explained in my first post of this newly split-off topic. I have to say with admiration that the Moderators are very efficient here. I was actually gratified that @harlan4096 posted a live link to a product that could solve the user's issue. That was not permitted in my old Forum. I always thought I and my colleagues here (and there) were to help people, not restrict them to a single company/app if it could not do the job. Believe me, I left that Forum with NO regrets, and I am NOT looking back. K-Premium is a vastly superior product. Since I have my "own" topic now, and just as an observation, I first posted here about the warning on the main K-Premium GUI that could not be dismissed because I had another app providing a complementary layer of protection. I am getting on in years, but it struck me only today that K Android does not complain about the Android version of that security product installed on both my Samsung Galaxy S21 and S7 phones . . . Go figure . . . This topic can be closed/locked as resolved. Thank you, and have a great day. Regards, Phil
  13. @harlan4096, I remain confused. 🤷‍♂️ Please confirm or correct my interpretation of the Forum Guidelines, which state that posting live links is permitted, provided that they are not to a site or product in competition with K products. I don't profess to know what enhanced rights Moderators have, but my interpretation of the Forum Guidelines is that, as a Member, I could have posted a live link to AdwCleaner in your topic, assuming it was relevant to solving the member's problem . . . ? I also do not see any prohibition in the Forum Guidelines to members posting live links to other posts in these Forums . . . Just to give you some background, I got a warning PM from @Alexandru_BD, the Forum Administrator, of my previous antivirus solution Forums. It was one of the straws that broke this camel's back. I posted there just what you had posted here to assist one of their users. I am trying to seek clarity. I have no wish to be cautioned or banned. My online reputation is very important to me. I need to understand the rules here. Your response did not shed much light for me. Perhaps I am not as quick as I used to be . . . It would be wonderful if you could explicitly spell out the Forum Moderating and Admin Team's expectations. I did receive some good advice from @Flood and Flood's wife, in one of my early posts here, that it would be wise for me to be very cautious until I learned the dynamics of these Forums. I have been a member of enough Forums for long enough to know that there are always "Forum politics," as I term it. I have no interest in that. So, following that sage advice, I seek only clarity to avoid being cautioned or banned. Signing off now for the day. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  14. @harlan4096, I would like to ask a question respectfully. According to the Forum Guidelines, live links are permitted for products and sites not in competition with K products. I saw your recent post in which you included a live link to AdwCleaner. I can provide the link to your post if you request. The live link in your post would be in accord with the Forum Guidelines, as I understand them, since K does not market an equivalent product. You gave that poster good advice. You informed me just after I had joined that live links were not permitted in the Forums; see this dead link: https://forum.kaspersky.com/topic/malwarebytes-considered-incompatible-with-kaspersky-44946/?&page=2#elControls_171948_menu I raise this issue only because it confuses me as a new Forum member. I want to avoid breaking or bending any Forum rules. As I learn more about Kaspersky products, I hope to become a frequently contributing Forum participant. I apologize for "hijacking" this topic. If you would suggest the appropriate Forum, I can open a new topic or do this via PM. Thank you for your patience. Have a great day. Regards, Phil
  15. @john10212, Welcome to the Kaspersky Forums. Like you, I am new here. I have only been a Kaspersky Premium customer for five weeks or so. I actually switched from another major paid antivirus program. I have used many antivirus programs over the years. I am 71. I must say that Kaspersky is the best antivirus software I have ever used. I was not required to provide an ID upon purchase. I think I read somewhere here weeks ago that an ID request only occurs if there is perceived to be an issue with the validity of the account . . . Perhaps @harlan4096 can shed some light on this? Have a great day. Regards, Phil
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