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  1. i already re-installed Network Agent but no good i'll keep you posted on the GSI #of affected host: ~67
  2. Hi, after re-creating the update task - still getting the same problem Event name Completed with error Severity: Error Application: Unknown Version number: <N/A> Task name: Computer: <host_name> Group: Default Policy - Web Control OFF Time: Friday, March 11, 2016 12:14:50 PM Description: Connection failed, physical error
  3. i just saw it during my test - but so far, i don't think i'll make huge impact I also notice that once the user received temporary access to a device and tried to use different device - the temp access is not carried out.. heehehe...anyways, many thanks on this..big help cheers mate!
  4. Big thanks on this, by the way this is a RWE access to the device right? Is there a way to modify access to Read Only? thanks
  5. can i upload this to the KSC so i can run this executable as a TASK? Also, do i need to run this every time i update the host?
  6. Hi, yes can generate the access code (from Access to the Device and Data) but how can I generate the access code (*.acode) from the server?
  7. HI, KES - KSC - 10.1.249 screenshot: <see attached file>
  8. I trying to run update-database task from Kaspersky Security Center (for machines with database outdated status) but task failed due to following reason(s): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event name Completed with error Severity: Error Application: Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Maintenance Release 1 for Windows Version number: Task name: Update - Database Group: Default Policy - Web Control OFF Time: Wednesday, March 9, 2016 5:21:05 PM Virtual Server name: Description: Connection failed, physical error ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I tried reinstalling the Network Agent but that didn't help. Connection from the machine to server is working (i ran the klnacghk.exe tool and result is ok) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Starting utility 'klnagchk'... Checking command line options...OK Initializing basic libraries...OK Current computer is '' Network Agent version is '10.1.249' Reading the settings...OK Settings verification...OK Network Agent settings: Administration Server address: '' Use SSL connection: 1 Compress traffic: 1 Numbers of the Administration Server SSL ports: '13000' Numbers of the Administration Server ports: '14000' Use proxy server: 0 Administration Server certificate: available Open UDP port: 1 Numbers of UDP ports: '15000' Synchronization interval (min): 15 Connection timeout (sec): 30 Send/receive timeout (sec): 180 Host ID: Location(s) of update agents: Attempt to connect to the Administration Server...OK Attempt to connect to the Network Agent...OK Network Agent is running Receiving the Network Agent's statistical data...OK Network Agent's statistical data: Total number of synchronization requests: 2 The number of successful synchronization requests: 2 Total number of synchronizations: 2 The number of successful synchronizations: 2 Date/time of the last request for synchronization:3/9/2016 9:17:59 AM GMT (3/9/2016 5:17:59 PM) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- any thoughts? thanks
  9. Hi Team, We are trying to test the Temporary access to Device control:= (I already enabled Allow request for temporary access) But when trying to grant access, no option available under the Computer Properties > Task > Device Control (no Grant access button on Computer Properties window) Any thoughts?
  10. Hi Sorry for the late response. I kinda interested to participate on your Beta Testing but on the instruction from the link you provided, it says: 2. Install the administration plug-in for Kaspersky Endpoint Security version Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 2 (Beta). If your computer is managed by Kaspersky Security Center, you must install the administration olug-in for Kaspersky Endpoint Security version Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 2 (Beta) from Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console. Use the Kaspersky Endpoint Security administration plug-in to create a policy and distribute it to computers on which you intend to install application updates. Where's what we are trying to achieve, some of the machines in our company is starting to upgrade to windows !) and we would like to deploy KES on it. Machine should still be manageable by the KSC since we use the Device Control for USB/MTP/etc blocking many thanks,
  11. yeahm sorry about that, i already posted this in the Busniess Section.. My mistake,.
  12. Hi Team, How can make a installer package for a machine running with windows 7 with the following requirements: 1. machine is not managed / connected to the network (Workstation) 2. will not apply any policy from the Kaspersky Security Center 3. will not download any update from our Update Agent, but instead, download from Kaspersky Update Center Also, can we use our existing license to activate the software? Many thanks.
  13. Hi, My company is starting to issue machines running in Windows 10. I would like to ask if the version KES already supports Win10 thanks
  14. Im getting this detection on ~50 machines. last night, i got ~1000 detection from one machine and the path detected were on located on Programs files Temporary Internet Files ~mostly located on normal and when i manually check those path, none of the file/s detected were in there any thoughts? Im getting atleast 5-10 machines a day with this type of detection
  15. Hi, just want to ask if there's already kaspersky endpoint security for Windows 10. thanks mate!
  16. Hi Kirill, this is my fault. i found out that the Kaspersky on that machine doesn't synchronized policies from the KAS mngt Console, and all components were turned off. So i advise my team to reformat the machine. Also, i keep on getting this detection from some machine: Event type: Probably infected object detected Result\Description: Detected Result\Type: Hidden object Result\Name: HiddenObject.Multi.Generic Result\Threat level: Medium Result\Precision: Heuristic Analysis Object: C:\Windows:nlsPreferences Object\Type: File Object\Path: C:\ Object\Name: Windows:nlsPreferences Action is always : Disinfection impossible what does this means? thanks mate'
  17. no files under the: ----------------------------- you can click on "reports", then tab "quarantine". ----------------------------- and when i logged on to Kaspersky Security Center Mngt Console, under the Repositories > Quarantine, files are not there. in addition to this, i got a machine with multiple detection with same threat name, see details below: Critical event: 8/12/2015 4:50:31 AM - 4:52:38 AM Event type: Probably infected object detected Result\Description: Detected Result\Type: Hidden object Result\Name: HiddenObject.Multi.Generic Result\Threat level: Medium Result\Precision: Heuristic Analysis Object: C:\Program Files\Websense\Websense Endpoint\tfiles\1008318a78f1fb18FFFFFA801DB16B50.Identifier:$DATA Object\Type: FileObject\Path: C:\Program Files\Websense\Websense Endpoint\tfiles\ Object\Name: 1008318a78f1fb18FFFFFA801DB16B50.Identifier:$DATA number of detection: 631 Issue: we already include to the folder %ProgramFiles%\Websense\Websense Endpoint\ under the Exclusion rule, we dont want file on this application be scanned by kaspersky, and still it was scanned on one of out machine (creating multiple event). any thoughts? Do you have like a technical report about this kind of threat detection (HiddenObject.Multi.Generic)? ive been getting alot of event on this and most of the files detected were normal file or legit.
  18. what do you mean by "create policy"? i tried to sync the machine with KES (SP1) to the KSC (via KNA 10.1.249) . i wanted the policy we set on the server will be acquired on the machine as well while running the upgraded version of KES. synchronization is successful but some components were disbale
  19. Also, i think upgrading to (SP1) wont work too because i tested it to one affected machine and it ruined the AV (policy is not taking effect and some components are not running)
  20. hi guys, another issue im having with Kaspersky web control is that, when ever the user access out internal sites (which is white listed in terms of web contorl), they will receive blocking from Kaspersky Web Control but it shows on the report that its not the internal site being blocked (facebook.com) I need to clear all browser (to default), run klnagchk.exe (to check synchronization) then restart the machine then it will work. after some time, it will start blokcing our internal sites again. any thoughts? cheers,
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