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  1. I am an old user of KIS. It recently got changed to Kaspersky Standard on my MacBook Air 2017 (MacOS12) during my 3 year license. It is now about to expire, and I would like to know, if I want to shift to Kaspersky Premium (I like premium more as it is much more feature rich), will I have to reinstall Kaspersky, because we would like to continue to use it without interrupting the existing setup, and can we add the premium key in the activation page so that it activates itself once the existing standard key expires in the same software so that it updates itself to premium automatically?
  2. Bilgisayarı uzun zamandır kullanmıyodum ve sıfırladım siteye baktığımda 152 gün kaldığı yazıyo ekte atıcam fotoğrafı neyse siteden aboneliğin yanından indir dedim uygulamaya girdim ve ekranda *****@*****.tld için aboneliğiniz bulunmamaktadır yazıyo onuda ekte sundum problemim bu yardım eden herkese şimdiden teşekkürler. :)
  3. Merhaba aboneliğim mevcut her şey güzeldi daha sonra net framework hatası aldım uygulamayı sildim tekrar yükledim bu sefer aboneliğim gitti cihaz görünüyor ama abonelik aktif olmuyor.
  4. I still have 293 days of KIS subscription if this product is discontinued. Will that mean my computer would be unsecured and susceptible to threats? 293 days are almost a year so what to do now?
  5. I am so frustrated that Kaspersky has no real customer service! I am reduced to asking my fellow consumers for help about how to stop Kaspersky from fraudulently charging me a yearly subscription for a subscription that is not even active anymore. The year 2020 is when I cancelled my subscription and so for the last 3 years they have been fraudulently charging me!!! Now I try to tell PayPal to stop paying them because it is a fraudulent charge and now I have to provide proof that I canceled and exactly when it was cancelled. I went to my Kaspersky profile and found nothing but a free subscription begging me to upgrade and some VPN asking me for an upgrade. There was no past anything about my last license or anything in the past!!!! How am i supposed to find something that isn't even there!!!!!! Proof!!! I'll show you proof! Proof I can cancel my PayPal account close my bank account and close my credit card linked to PayPal and report you to the better business bureau!!! What do you think about that for proof! You will not hold be financially hostage!! I digress..... Hopefully going this route will resolve this problem and I can finally be free of Kaspersky charging my Paypal account $86.39 every year. There is obviously an error in their subscription database that is toggling Digital River to charge me yearly. It makes me wonder if there is a hidden subscription linked to my PayPal account that I can't see looking it up under my email address. I would really be nice if this company would have a representative to help me with my issue but I am realizing all the representatives are existing customers. Thank you
  6. Buenas. Tengo actualmente Kaspersky Plus (migrado desde un KTS) pero en la renovación me voy a pasar a Kaspersky Premium. ¿Vale con añadir la clave de licencia y se activan los componentes que tiene Premium que no tiene Plus o tengo que descargarme otro instalable? Gracias
  7. I bought the software the software and have been talking to their support by email for several months. They did not help me at all and their answer at the end is to reset Windows. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it. The problem: I can't install the software. Every time I try to install it is stuck like this, like in the picture. I tried running as administrator, tried changing DNS, created GetSystemInfo and it doesn't show any particular problem. If anyone has a solution, then I'd be happy to hear it
  8. I activated a 1 year protection for my kaspersky internet security application in 7th January of 2024 in my home country and it worked perfectly, then i moved to Moscow, Russia, my application was working fine. after couple days i decided to reinstall my windows. Therefore i had to reinstall and reactive my kaspersky application. However i couldn't reactivate it and it told me it is invalid for this region. Is there any other way to activate my kaspersky application without buying another one?
  9. Здравствуйте! Есть два вопроса по поводу активации Kaspersky Free: 1. Появился вопрос по поводу лицензирования Kaspersky Free для использования в школе на множестве ПК. Необходимо установить на компьютеры в школе Kaspersky Free. Загвоздка в том, что программа для каждого пк требует входа в My Kaspersky, но на один аккаунт можно привязать только 3 пк (а этого явно недостаточно). Кучу почт будет проблематично создавать, а если что-то случится с каким-то одним ПК, то и еще нужно будет определённую почту искать. Как можно решить эту проблему? 2. Также, поискав информацию, был найден ключ для активации Kaspersky Free. Что я делаю: при первом включении антивируса нажимаю кнопку для использования ключа, ввожу этот ключ для бесплатной версии (я так понимаю, что это альтернатива активации программы через My Kaspersky), а после этого он требует ввода почты. Почту можно ввести какую-нибудь несуществующую, а после успешной активации программы выйти из аккаунта, лицензия при этом сохраняется. Вопрос в том, продлится ли автоматически лицензия Kaspersky Free по истечении 1 года действия уже активированной лицензии по ключу если привязанного аккаунта с этой одноразовой почтой уже нет?
  10. Ho installato da anni kaspersky A.V e vpn, ma da settimana scorsa quando ho voluto rinnovare K.i.s. che scade il 26 gennaio, ma mi dice che il prodotto non è più disponibile allora ho comperato una licenza su Nexway con bonifico, ma sono passati 6 giorni e non ho ricevuto niente, nessun codice. Assistenza kaspersky glielo fatto presente ma mi hanno risposto che mi avevano già risposto, peccato che era un ticket di un' altro problema. Ho riscritto mandando tutti gli screenshot e copia dell pagamento alle poste ma niente, La mia casella di posta non c'è il codice da nessuna parte, nemmeno in spam e nemmeno in MY KASPERSKY non compare nulla di aggiornato nelle licenze Aiuto... se voglio rinnovare ecco cosa mi è apparso, per questo ho pagato kaspersky-Plus con codice sconto PLUS
  11. Hie Prag here I want to install Google Earth Pro in a offline mode initially I tried it but it asks me for signing in but my computer cannot be connected to internet I have found the cache location of Google Earth Pro and it is replaceable with the latest also increasing its size by multiple folders now I want to see the earth or sign in in some other way in offline mode can anyone please help me out
  12. Всем доброго. У меня два компа дома под Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, на которые я хочу установить антивирус. В разделе "Для дома" я не нашёл версий под Linux, но нашёл KES в разделе "Для бизнеса" из чего у меня вопрос: "Как мне купить лицензии для него?" Всё что вижу, так это варианты для организаций. Или же я не могу использовать KES на домашнем компе с Linux? Или, поставим вопрос так: "Есть ли версия под Linux для домашнего использования?" Заранее благодарен за ответы.
  13. Atualmente quando realizamos a instalação de um novo equipamento seja notebook ou desktop ele conclui a instalação normal, mas não ativa a licença automaticamente, mesmo ainda possuindo licenças disponíveis para ativação. O Kaspersky que temos e o Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, não sei se o mesmo esta com alguma problema de conexão com o servidor que utilizamos no caso o Cloud, percebi que isso começou depois de uma atualização depois do dia 18/12/2023, por que na semana anterior tinha sido adicionado mais alguns equipamentos e foram ativados com as licenças normalmente de forma automática. Fiz um teste onde uma máquina já instalada e com licença ativa, desinstalei ela e instalei novamente, foi instalado e a licença ativa, mas quando acesso o Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud o equipamento não aparece em meus dispositivos achei que fosse algum delay, mas depois de um tempo ele continua não aparecendo.
  14. merhaba arkadaşımla kaspersky premium hesap üyeliği aldık bu üyeliğin içinde vpn de dahil ancak beni sistemden davet etmesine rağmen ben vpne erişim sağlayamıyorum bu konuda yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
  15. Здравствуйте! Простите, если не сюда пишу. Windows 7 KSC 13.2 Активируем лицензию с помощью кода активации. Программа пишет: Не удалось выполнить запрос к серверу активации. Resource is unavailable Интернет работает. Буду рад советам по активации лицензии.
  16. I recently purchased 5 Kaspersky Plus sealed Activation Cards. When I tried to create a My Kaspersky Account and enter the activation codes, I was advised that the codes were already activated on another My Kaspersky account. I tried a second new sealed Activation Code and this was also registered to another email account. I didn't recognise either of these email accounts. After trying to Activate the 5 newly purchased activation codes from a reliable supplier, I was only able to successfully activate 1 of the 5 activation codes. After over a week of trying to get some support with these activation codes, Kaspersky at first they though I was trying to con them, I was finally able to convince Kaspersky that I didn't activate the codes, and after they did some checking, realised that 4 of the 5 codes where Activated before the date of my purchase invoice. I'm still waiting for a response from Kaspersky saying they will replace the 4 Kaspersky Plus codes for me. All I am getting is to return them, opened, to my supplier and ask for a refund. If I can't get Kaspersky to believe me in under a week, I'm sure that a supplier isn't going to believe me without proof. Only Kaspersky has the proof. They are not fourth coming in sharing it with me. More importantly, how do Sealed Activation Code Cards get used by someone else. Again no expiation from Kaspersky. Gnomie.
  17. Hi every one, I just have been confused!! my license is Kaspersky endpoint detection and response Expert but I can add this into KATA platform(KEDR section). KATA platform is OK. In Endpoint Agent part of product I can not use it to activate KATA component in KES. It only activate Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert but I can see this client in KATA platform! Can you help me?🙏
  18. Hello, although I mainly use Windows and not a frequent Linux user, I believe there are many Linux users out there who would appreciate having access to your products. Expanding your product range to include Linux could cater to a broader audience and enhance your user base. Thank you for considering this suggestion!
  19. Adquiri recentemente o produto Kaspersky Premium para proteção de 10 dispositivos com 10 contas My Kaspersky. Gostaria de saber mais sobre como criar estas 10 contas, não encontrei nada no fórum e nem na ajuda. Pelo menos uma conta foi criada corretamente, pois na própria instalação, caso não tenha uma conta My Kaspersky, ele cria uma nova, até ai tudo bem. Consigo visualizar a Assinatura e já vinculei o meu dispositivo a esta conta. Gostaria de saber como posso proceder, pois tenho outro usuários a serem instalados, mas não sei se tenho que vincular estes novos usuários a esta minha conta My Kaspersky ou cada um dos meus usuários vai ter uma conta My Kaspersky independente da minha, para não haver relação de nenhuma informação. Estou meio perdido, pois não encontrei nenhuma informação a respeito. Grato a todos.
  20. No se porque ultimamente mi kaspersky de Android se anda desactivando solo. Estoy siendo hackeado? Siempre mi cuenta se desconceta del antivirus. Se desactivan todas las funciones del android (proteger sim, bloquear telefono, desactivar instalación etc etc).
  21. How do I "uninstall" KIS from this machine, then, after restoring my OS, "reinstall" using the same key? I have tried to read the Kaspersky instructions. I've searched this forum, but I am just not certain I won't lose my key due to "too many installations." I have linked my license (activation code) to my My Kaspersky account. I have recorded my activation code separately so I won't lose it. I have not yet reinstalled (clean) my Windows 11 OS. What do I need to do next? How do I "uninstall" KIS from this machine, then, after restoring my OS, "reinstall" using the same key? I don't need a lot of details,. I just need to know what step is next before wiping my machine.
  22. Hello, I entered the wrong email instead of the correct email. Can you help me on which issue I should send an e-mail to support? I turned on support with my password. Will they help me?
  23. Buenas tardes estimados, mi requerimiento es el siguiente. Tengo una licencia de antivirus, ya pasaron los 3 años desde que la adquiri, ahora que quiero renovarla me sale el lema que no se puede activar fuera de estados unidos no recuerdo cuando la pague la primera que me haya indicado ese mensaje, que puedo hacer para poder pagar la renovacion, estoy ubicado en latino america en especifico Nicaragua. De ante mano, gracias por la ayuda
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