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  1. I'm trying Kaspersky Security Center with trial license and I'm trying to use function send event to SIEM system, but I realized this function is limited function. I'm also trying to search function list of Kaspersky Security Center is in scope of trial license, but I cannot find it. Can anyone help me, thank you very much.
  2. to day i will purchase licines but i will not recived licines cod
  3. Die Preisgestaltung bei Verlängerung bzw. Neukauf von Lizenzen ist für mich nicht mehr nachvollziehbar. Im Abo Service von Digital River sollen mir für 5 Geräte für zwei Jahre 160 EUR abgeknöpft werden. Beim Kauf auf der Kaspersky Homepage sind es lediglich 60EUR für 2 Jahre. Bereits der unrabbatierte Preis von 120 EUR ist billiger als das "Angebot" von Digital River!! Als zufriedener, langjähriger Kunde würde ich den hassle mit der Löschung der Verlängerung, Kündigung des Vertrags, Neukauf und der dami verbundenen Registrierung der Geräte und der Lizenzen gerne vermeiden... Gibt es da einen anderen weg als von KlemensK beschrieben??? Verwendet noch jemand - unter diesen Bedingungen - den Digital River Update Service?
  4. Hi every one, I just have been confused!! my license is Kaspersky endpoint detection and response Expert but I can add this into KATA platform(KEDR section). KATA platform is OK. In Endpoint Agent part of product I can not use it to activate KATA component in KES. It only activate Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response Expert but I can see this client in KATA platform! Can you help me?🙏
  5. Greetings to the community! Recently, I have enabled a secondary KSC console on my network and integrated it into the server structure of my main console. I am planning to move some devices to this secondary console, but I have some questions regarding license and activation key management. Is it necessary to transfer the license from the main server to the secondary console? My goal is to deploy devices from the secondary console, however, I am not sure if the activation should be done from the main console or how can I perform the license relocation correctly, respecting the terms of the service agreement to avoid possible license revocations. Could someone please tell me the correct procedure for the main server license to be recognized on the secondary console? Thank you very much for your help.
  7. Tenho uma licença para 3 máquinas, todas em utilização. Essa semana formatei meu notebook, e quando fui reinstalar o anti-virús não foi possível, sempre aparece que todas as contas estão em uso. O que fazer para solucionar esse problema? Já tentei utilizar o meu código de ativação e diz que não é mais suportado.
  8. 1、question 卡巴斯基全方位安全软件在2023年第四季度中国大陆卡巴斯基新版plus更新后能否继续使用,即密钥可否免费升级到卡巴斯基plus 2、question 目前我已经有一个卡巴斯基标准版,我现在还有一个线下的盒装卡巴斯基全方位安全软件2021,我能否把激活码先暂存到我的卡巴斯基,等待这个标准版使用结束在使用kis的激活码
  9. Eu tinha a versão que foi descontinuada do kaspersky, comprei a atual (premium), porém, já reinstalei 3x e eu não consigo logar.
  10. добрый день , возник такой вопрос, Endpoint Security и KSC 13.1, закончились количество лицензии на машины, так как количество машин увеличилась, а на новые машины при установки через KSC пишет что не активирован (нет лицензии). Вопрос, можно ли "вытащить" лицензию с других машин и установить на новые, хотя б на время (обновить политики касперского на машину) , Машины все на win 10
  11. 希望得到帮助: 目前,卡巴斯基中国区为MacOS系统提供下载的还是三年前发布的KIS v21版本,与最新MacOS13和一些软件早已不兼容。 请问,如何才能得到中国区正版激活码可以激活使用的最新版本Kaspersky Plus安装包下载链接或dmg文件?
  12. Hope to get help: At present, Kaspersky China still provides the KIS v21 version released three years ago for MacOS system, which is already incompatible with the latest MacOS13 and some software. Please,How can I get the genuine activation code of China region that can activate and use the latest version of Kaspersky Plus installation package download link or dmg file?
  13. Dear Team, Previously, the active period of Kaspersky Total Security was active for 2 years but today it changed to 9 days remaining and it says the activation code is blocked. And the activation code matches the email I received for a period of 2 years. Please advise about this matter as soon as possible.
  14. 🛡️ Según Bing, Kaspersky Free es gratis por toda la vida, pero al entrar a mi cuenta dice que acaba el 14/01/2024, al contrario de malwarebytes free, ¿La versión gratis de karsperky Free es solo un periodo de prueba largo de la edición standard?, no entiendo muy bien esto. 🛡️ Al iniciar la computadora comienza con un analisis en segundo plano, el cual junto al proceso System provoca que mi disco duro este al 100% Mi HDD es de Western Digital Blue 1TB 7200RPM, que según crystaldisk, esta en buen estado, Bing me recomienda que baje la prioridad del proceso de Karsperky, que no reduce su eficacia en protección en tiempo real, pero prefiero verificarlo con ustedes jeje. 🛡️ La mayoría son en un juego de Steam, Counter Strike GO, indicandome que estan dañados y luego otro con un archivo PDF que esta sin procesar ¿Que significa esto?, ¿Tienen algún problema? 🛡️ Se activa y desactiva aunque lo tenga activado en las opciones.
  15. A.A


    İyi akşamlar. Ben şu anda Azerbaycandayım ve Türkiyeye döneceğim için kasperskynin Türkiye sitesinden satınalma gerçekleştirdim, ancak bulunduğum bölge ile ilgili, program çalışmamakda. Lütfen yardımcı olur musunuz?
  16. Hi there, quick question, I read that If I have bought a Kaspersky product, the activation will start at the moment of instalation, but my question is, for how long can I keep it stored in My Kasperky account? I want to store it so when my other AV expires, I can switch to Kaspersky, I also want to take a limited time discount but I'm with another AV solution at the moment.
  17. I still have 293 days of KIS subscription if this product is discontinued. Will that mean my computer would be unsecured and susceptible to threats? 293 days are almost a year so what to do now?
  18. Продлил Лицензию на год Kaspersky Internet Security ещё 1.5 месяца назад, но Касперский даже после продления на год продолжает слать уведомления с рекомендацией продлить лицензию со скидкой(скрин пролагаю). Вроде такая крупная организация, не первый год на рынке а нормализовать работу своего программного обеспечения не могут. Неужели и в правду все IT-шники сбежали? Я теперь сомневаюсь что Антивирус Касперского сможет защитить мой компьютер, если не могут наладить работу своего программного обеспечения.
  19. So I just activated Total security and Internet security, and I thought the internet security would only be activated after my total security expire? Anyway, after a crashed windows update caused by the application, both my KTS and KIS became Kaspersky Pure (picture below), and my android phone is still the free version of Kaspersky? Is there like a mobile and pc version of KIS? Also, the Security cloud application seems to be activated with a 3 years protection for 3 devices but my subscription is listed as free, and my current device seems to be expired. I'm lost here folks. What's the difference between Total security, Kaspersky Pure and Security cloud free? Is KSC better than Kaspersky Pure, or is it like Kaspersky SC Paid>Kaspersky Pure>Kaspersky SC Free>Kaspersky Total? What are the differences and capabilities? TA
  20. I am using a laptop (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.71 GHz) with Windows 10 Pro ver 21H2, OS Build 19044.2728 running Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows ver The license has expired and I wish to change to Home Premium plan for 1 to 3 users for one year with VPN and Password manager. I did the Eligibility check but it gives me an option to only renew the existing product/license and not to change to a different plan. Kindly advice as to how this change can be made at the earliest. Srinivasan
  21. Reinstalled the application after upgrading the operating system on computer. When activating the application, I got the error message "You have exceeded the maximum number of activations allowed for the entered activation code".
  22. Comprei Kaspersky Premium, paguei com pix, Recibo saiu como Kaspersky plus.já tinhaInstalado o Premium e agora não ativa.
  23. Saludos, estoy intentando comprar una licencia de VPN y de Antivirus pero el pais donde resido Venezuela no figura en la lista de paises en el formulario de compra para Latam, que puedo hacer? es realmente necesaria esa info? puedo poner cualquier pais con mis datos y hacer la compra a traves de mi tarjeta de debito?
  24. Kaspersky Premium üyeliğim mevcut fakat kaspersky vpn premium üyeliği kullanılmıyor yardım edin
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