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  1. I figured out why some of the endpoints would not upgrade. It was down to the encryption type. The old version was using lite encryption, the new version is 256. I believe the only way to get around this is manual uninstall the lite encryption, reboot, then install the new version.
  2. Thanks Ivan, however whenever I create a task to install a new version of KES, it always fails saying that it is already installed (I guess because it sees the older version).
  3. And KSC 11 is here: https://support.kaspersky.com/ksc11#downloads
  4. Thanks Kirill, Is there anyway to create a task to update the devices running that old version to the latest v11? Can the task do it without any user intervention, and will it require a reboot between removal of old version and installation of the new one?
  5. Hi Dmitry, Yes, this is in the Policy section, as per screen shot below:
  6. Hello, We have KSC 10.5.1781 installed with 275 end points. For a while now I have had a section of 'Unknown' applications, which I assume is an old version of KES I have installed, but don't have a plugin installed for. Can anyone point me into how to find the version of the plugin I need to install?
  7. Hi Khaann, Click start, type 'cmd.exe' right click on the command option and select run as administrator. You might then be prompted to enter the administrator password. I then normally type the following commands in. cd\ cd program files (x86) cd KasperskyLab cd network agent klmover -address <serverIP> -logfile klmover.log
  8. Hello, When trying to view the current version of Kasperky Lab Applications in KSC10 (10.4.343) I get a scripts error come up, which I can either click yes or no to. Which ever I click, I then get a blank box where the latest applications would normally be shown. The exact error is attached, along with the line in that file I think it refers to. Any help appreciated
  9. Hi Konstantin, Ooops, I hadnt spotted that. :dash1: I'll change that, rebuild the package, and try again on monday. Thanks Stephen
  10. Hi Nikolay, I am one step closer, the package now installs, but still fails to reach the KSC. I have attached the log for that. The strange thing is, if I ping the server name SRVCHELTENHAM, I get a response, albeit an ipv6 address. I have attached the KLNAGCHK.log file. Thanks, Stephen klnagchk.log
  11. Hi Dmitry, Not that I recall. Would it be best to rebuild the package and try again?
  12. Hi Dmitry, KSC - 10.4.343 KES - KNA - 10.4.343 Thanks, Stephen
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