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  1. Thanks for the reply. Any idea when KSC 10.5 will be available?
  2. Hello, When trying to view the current version of Kasperky Lab Applications in KSC10 (10.4.343) I get a scripts error come up, which I can either click yes or no to. Which ever I click, I then get a blank box where the latest applications would normally be shown. The exact error is attached, along with the line in that file I think it refers to. Any help appreciated
  3. Hi Nikolay, I am happy that this can be marked as solved.
  4. Hi Dmitry, All working now. Thank you all for your assistance!
  5. Hi Konstantin, Ooops, I hadnt spotted that. :dash1: I'll change that, rebuild the package, and try again on monday. Thanks Stephen
  6. Hi Nikolay, I am one step closer, the package now installs, but still fails to reach the KSC. I have attached the log for that. The strange thing is, if I ping the server name SRVCHELTENHAM, I get a response, albeit an ipv6 address. I have attached the KLNAGCHK.log file. Thanks, Stephen klnagchk.log
  7. Hi Dmitry, Not that I recall. Would it be best to rebuild the package and try again?
  8. Hi Dmitry, KSC - 10.4.343 KES - KNA - 10.4.343 Thanks, Stephen
  9. Hi All, We recently migrated our Kaspersky estate to a new server, with a new name. I backed up the settings from the old server, and restored them to the new one. Then ran a task to get the endpoints to contact the new server. That part is all working as expected. The issue I am getting is when I install a newly created KES package (from the new server) on an endpoint, it fails at the point 'Checking admin server for connection.' After this, the installation stops. I have attached the install log file in the hope that you might be able to see what I am missing? Thanks, Stephen _klpkinst.zip
  10. KSC 10 freezes after start up [Solved]

    Well the reboot has cured it. Thanks guys.
  11. KSC 10 freezes after start up [Solved]

    Hi Adam, That certainly sounds plausible. I just checked, and I can click on any of the menu's, like help etc, and that all works fine. As soon as I click on any of the management area's in the console, it freezes. In the MS management console, it lists the SQL server for KAV_CS_ADMIN_KIT. I have restarted that session, but it still freezes. I may try a server reboot tonight then.
  12. KSC 10 freezes after start up [Solved]

    Hi Kirill, The problem only started today. Sorry, by launching, I mean double clicking on the console icon. I believe the KSC version is:
  13. Hello, Whenever I launch the KSC on our server, it starts normally, but when I try to select anything on the screen it freezes. The only way out is to kill the process. I haven't rebooted the server (as I consider that a last resort with servers). I have uploaded the ~dump folder here: dropbox.com/s/kh99tjgadmsmpds/%7Edumps.zip Regards, Stephen
  14. Hi Kirill, Thanks for the response. I think I have cracked it thanks to your 'hint'. Rather than blocking programs that access zip files, I created a protected resource rule for .zip files, so nothing has access to them: I am beginning to understand the KSC tools a bit more now :cb_punk: Thanks again.
  15. It looks like I am able to block 'other' zip programs, like jZip and Winzip, however if the user just uses windows explorer to open a zip file, there is no way to block that, as I would be blocking far more than just the ability to open zips. I suppose the only other option is to install winzip on each PC as the default handler for zip files, and then block it....ouch!